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Man Poll Number 1:

If you had to choose a
woman to sleep with other
than your wife or girlfriend,
who would it be?

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Jessica Alba        79%
Eva Mendez           0%
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Should Eliot Spitzer Have
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No        64%
Yes        36%

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Is Barack Obama manly
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No                73%
Yes                  26%

Men Have Weaker Immune
Systems ---Causes and Top 7
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Last updated August 1, 2017, originally published January 12, 2014

By Kenneth Lashway, Contributing Columnist and A. Lee, Editor MangoBoss

If you were trying to mentally visualize someone who
epitomized the picture of health, what would he or she
look like? How about a thirty-ish, well-muscled, tanned
male with six-pack abs and rippling pectorals? You’ve seen
him on the cover of  body-building magazines – the smiling
hunk who looks like he could crack a walnut by flexing his

That Smiling Stud is probably healthy alright, but those
muscles won’t help much when he is attacked by an
invading batch of infectious germs.         

According to a study published in the Proceedings of the
National Academy of Sciences in November, 2013, women
generally have more robust immune systems than men.

the surprising finding from this study is that
men with higher levels of testosterone in their systems
appear to have
weaker immune responses than males with
lower levels of testosterone. Huh?

Drs. David Furman, Mark Davis and others found
, in a
sampling of almost 100 men and women,
that the immune
response from the females was consistently more elevated
than the males when all were vaccinated with a seasonal
strain of influenza.         

Granted, this is a single study, and it is always dangerous
to draw conclusions from such a small pool of data, but
assuming the results remain consistent across future
experimentation, how should we men react to this news?  
What's going on?

The answer to this is not as easy as it might seem.
Scientists have found that it is extremely difficult to
measure any kind of enhancement to the overall immune
system. The reason for this is that there is no segregated
"immune system".  

What we think of as an "immune system" is not a single,
isolated body process that lends itself to close
examination.  Your "immune system" is actually a
complicated group of
processes that varies greatly from
one person to the next, which makes monitoring a small

Think of it this way. Your immune system is not a factory
that produces cars. Your immune system is the "process"
that the foreman and factory workers use to build cars.

All the vitamins, supplements, and
natural foods claiming
to raise your immunity level are
, at present, nothing more
than claims.

However, if you keep in mind that there is no guaranteed
scientifically supported approach to boosting your immune
system, there are some things that have shown promise in
improving health and avoiding disease.

Further study may demonstrate a direct link to immunity
enhancement, but for now they should be considered
good health tips that will at least prevent loss of immunity.

Here are 7 remedies to help you boost your immune


Obviously a balanced diet is a big contributor to overall
good health, and this means getting all the vitamins and
minerals your body needs. The U.S. National Library of
Medicine tells us that a diet rich in fruits (especially those
with high antioxidant levels), vegetables, and whole grains
is best for the body’s overall health, although other
supplements showing promise in studies of immunity are
the probiotics found in dairy products, Echinacea, ginseng
root, and especially garlic.

[Update: Of particular importance is the amount of Vitamin
C in your diet. Vitamin C has been found to be a general
"rescuer" of your immune system and anti-aging,
processes, according to a 2017 study from the University
of Genoa in Italy.]


A 2011 study published by the International Society for
Exercise and Immunology demonstrated some rather
surprising results about the link between exercise and

Yes, there some health benefits derived from vigorous
exercise, but an even greater benefit was evident from the
participants’ sense of well-being following the exercise


Eight hours a night will still not grant you immunity from
all diseases floating around, but literally hundreds of
studies have found direct connections between sleep
deprivation and heart attacks, heart disease, obesity, and


Many times your body will give off detectable signals to
alert you to an internal health problem, but that’s not
always the case. To be sure you’re not missing something
serious, you should have regular check-ups with your
family physician to catch anything before it gets out of


By 2004, Dr. Suzanne Sagerstrom of the University of
Kentucky with the help of colleagues, had conducted
nearly 300 studies on the effects of stress on the immune

Their results, published by the American Psychological
Association, showed that the immune system can be
damaged in either of two ways – a sudden, massive shock
causing an extreme reaction, or chronic, ongoing stress
that left participants irritable, fatigued, and unable to
concentrate. (Read more about
successful strategies to
reduce stress.)


If someone coughs at you or sneezes at you, there isn’t
much you can do to avoid getting infected with whatever
was made airborne.

However, you can control some aspects of infection
avoidance to make things easier on your immune system.

Washing your hands frequently and making sure meats are
thoroughly cooked are simple ways of reducing the body’s
exposure to harmful bacteria.  For men, it is also important
to avoid exposure to  
sexually transmitted diseases and
penis infection.


While it has been difficult for scientists to measure ways of
boosting immunity, it has been readily apparent that
immunity levels decrease significantly with age.

The National Institute for Health explains that the reason
for this is simply that there are fewer immune cells in
senior citizens to fight disease.

Aging can’t be prevented of course, but increased vigilance
at older ages would be a good step toward maintaining
good health. Making a practice of doing all those things
listed above is a good start.

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