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Male Menopause --Symptoms and Top 10
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May 24, 2010, last updated June 10, 2014
By Rory McClenaghnan, Contributing Columnist and Editorial Staff of MangoBoss

As a guy it is always hard to admit weakness. Even more so when that
weakness effects your sexual activity, in effect, your manliness.
Impotence is just one symptom of falling levels of testosterone, the
hallmark of what many call the "male menopause". How do you know if
you are experiencing male menopause? What are the symptoms of male
menopause? Are there any remedies for male menopause?

How many men suffer from falling testosterone levels? And when do
testosterone levels start to fall? According to Dr. David Thomas, a
professor of geriatrics at St. Louis University School of Medicine, one in
every ten men --
10% of all men -- between 40 and 60 in the United
States have low testosterone, and only five per cent of those are being

The scientific name for this is the "andropause". It's also called
"hypogonadism",  "late onset hypogonadism" and "androgen decline in
the aging male" (sometimes referred to as "ADAM"). A non-scientific
nickname for the condition growing in popularity is "manopause".

What Are the Symptoms of Male Menopause?

On July 5, 2010, researchers finally identified the exact symptoms of
male menopause. Led by Dr. Fred Wu, a team of researchers from
Manchester University, University College of London and the Imperial
College of London conducted a study of 3,369 European men between
the ages of 40 and 79. They discovered that male menopause is
characterized by the presence of 32 symptoms. Of these 32 symptoms,
only 9 were related to lower testosterone. Only 3 of the 9 were actually
"sexual symptoms, namely:

The 3 Sexual Symptoms of Male Menopause

1. Absence of morning erections;

2. Decreased sexual thoughts; and

Erectile Dysfunction

You must have these 3 symptoms and low testosterone in order for
your doctor to reach a conclusion that you are experiencing male
menopause, the study concluded. Other non-sexual symptoms of male
menopause include the following 3 physical symptoms and 3
pyschological symptoms.

The 3 Physical Fitness Symptoms of Male Menopause

1. Unable to do vigorous exercise such as running or lifting heavy

2. Unable to Stoop, Kneel or Bend; and

3. Unable to Walk More than a Kilometer (a little over half a mile).

The 3 Psychological Symptoms of Male Menopause

1. Sadness;

2. Loss of Energy; and

3. Fatigue.

But regardless of the title, the loss of libido, nervousness, fatigue,
depression and impaired memory are all real symptoms of decreasing
testosterone levels. Unlike menopause in women, this is not a sudden
change but a slow decline.

But there are things that can be done to arrest this. Here are the Top
10 treatment tips for male menopause:

1. Hormone replacement therapy – just as with the female menopause,
an artificial replacement of the hormones being lost can help greatly
with the symptoms. As Robert S. Tan notes in "Aging Men's health: a
case-based approach", the addition of male hormones, or androgens, is
beneficial for many men.

2. Selective androgen receptor models (SARMs) – also recommended
by Robert S Tan, these are injectable forms of testosterone which can
again fight the natural loss of hormones in middle age. Consult your

3. Other Hormonal Supplements. It's not all about testosterone – In
their paper, "Hormone Modulation, Low Glycemic Nutrition, and
Exercise Instruction: Effects on Disease Risk and Quality of Life
(2001)", Leonardi, Mintz, Dotson and Mukai report that supplements of
human growth hormone, dehydroepiandrosterone, estrogen and
progesterone had beneficial effects on the quality of life of male
menopause sufferers.

4. Oily fish – Dr Susan Jewell, a physician-scientist at the National
Cancer Institute and UCLA School of Medicine, recommends sufferers
eat plenty of oily fish, like salmon and tuna as these are a rich source of
Omega 3. As well as helping your heart it helps offset the male
menopause. As well as fish, supplements are recommended.

5. Fruit and vegetables – as with any condition which affects your
quality of life, you should make sure that your body is healthy in other
ways. The best way to do this, as Dr. Jewell advises, is to eat a
balanced diet of fruit and vegetables. Tomatoes are particularly good as
the lycopene they contain is good for the prostate and male
reprodutive system.

6. Exercise – A 2009 study by the New England Research Institute in
Massachusetts showed that an increase in weight led to a decrease in
testosterone. Therefore it's vital for men of 40 and over to stay active.
Something as simple as a daily jog can have a real effect. (
overweight can also affect your sperm quality. Read more.)

It's especially important to keep up with your strength training, to
avoid developing one of the 3 physical symptoms of male menopause
listed above -- -inablity to run, lift heavy weights, stoop, bend or kneel.

Make lunges, squats, and strength training a regular part of
exercise routine to mainatin erectile health. Make sure that you walk at
least 1 to 2 miles every single day.

New research has found that strength training can boost testosterone
by as much as 20%. (Read more about
power poses and 7 other tips to
increase testosterone naturally).

7. Saw palmetto – the prostate problems that accompany the male
menopause can be helped by supplements of this plant. As Dr Weill,
director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine says: “At least
21 previous controlled trials conducted with men who had mild-to-
moderate symptoms have shown clear benefit from taking saw

8. Soy products – things like tofu and other foods containing soy
protein will help to alleviate some of the signs and symptoms of
andropause, according to Dr Jewell. (But be careful not to overdo it, if
you also plan to father children, because
eating soy can lower your
sperm count.)

9. Avoid caffeine – male menopause can cause hot flashes, just as it
does in women. One way to offset this is by cutting caffeine from your
diet. The long running Nurses Health Study conducted by the Harvard
Medical School has found a link between caffeine and the regularity of
hot flashes.

10. Cranberry juice – as Dr Jewell notes, drinking cranberry juice is a
great way to clear out your urinary tract system. It's also good for the
prostate problems that accompany male menopause.

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