Magnesium Is a Man's Best Friend
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April 4, 2015, last updated February 18, 2016
By S. Callahan, Contributing Columnist

If you are a human, chances are you are magnesium-deficient.
Americans are particularly magnesium-deficient.  You need 400
milligrams of magnesium a day to stay healthy, and only 43% of us pull
our chins over this daily bar, according to the United States Department
of Agriculture.

Why is this a problem? Well, magnesium-deficiency may be the most
significant threat to your overall health that you're not aware of.

Magnesium Keeps Your Heart Pumping

Magnesium is the key to a healthy heart. I repeat -- magnesium is the
most important thing you will put into your body to help your heart
continue working.

What's the evidence? And why aren't we seeing magnesium
commercials all over TV? Why do we know about cholesterol's role in
heart disease if magnesium is the be-all end-all most important heart

The reason you didn't know about magnesium's importance to your
heart is that scientists and doctors are only now starting to realize it.

You see, scientists have been doing studies for decades into all sorts of
risk factors that increase your risk fro heart disease. They've
discovered a long list of them ---eating fatty foods, too much
cholesterol, too little exercise, and on and on.

But what they never really screened for was magnesium levels.
Magnesium is essential mineral. Your body's highest concentration of
magnesium is in the muscle of your heart, specifically the hard-working
left ventricle --your main pumping machine.

Without enough magnesium, your heart's rhythm goes awry. Your
heart and your arteries also develop --wait for it --lesions, actual
lesions. Lesions are injuries, just like the lesions you get when you
scrape your knee on asphalt. Imagine those on your heart.

One study in 1989 conducted by Dr. Mildred Seelig of the New York
Medical College in Valhalla reported this earth-shattering news:
Magnesium deficiency causes cardiovascular lesions in all animals
studied...And magnesium supplementation prevents them.

The amount of magnesium you need is a subject of some
controversy.Remember that the USDA recommends that you get 400
mg of magnesium a day? Well, some doctors think this standard is too
low. They believe that the any level below 700 mg  day makes you
magnesium-deficient.  One such doctor is Dr. Carolyn Dean, who sits on
the Board of the National Magnesium Association. However, before she
re-located to New York and California,  Dr. Dean had her license
revoked by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. So,
yes,some doctors think that you need to double your magnesium intake
but for now, we would recommend you stick close to the USDA's
recommendation of 400 milligrams a day until more academic studies
are done.

Top 5 Sources of Magnesium

Eat Your Greens. Dark green, leafy vegetables.  A cup of spinach  
contains about 158 to 160 milligrams of magnesium, or 40% of the
magnesium you need each day. A cup of cooked spinach only has 40
calories (you may be more familiar with  stats that quote 20 calories
per half a cup --but who eats a half a cup of anything?)

Which is a better source of magnesium , cooked or raw spinach?
Cooked spinach wins out. Raw spinach has  Cooked spinach has  more
-- about twice as much magnesium as raw spinach. A cup of raw
spinach has about 48 milligrams of magnesium.
Kale has 31 milligrams
per cup.

Almonds and Pumpkin Seeds. Nuts are high in calories but some are
packed with magnesium. Pumpkin seeds have more magnesium in fact
than any other food, about 151 milligrams per ounce. But they also
have 148 calories in that same ounce.

Almonds have half the magnesium of pumpkin seeds and more calories:
78 milligrams of magnesium and 164 calories per ounce.

Oatmeal. Cooked Oat bran has 44 milligrams of magnesium per 1/4
cup. A more realistic portion size is half a cup of oatmeal, which has 88
milligrams of magnesium.

4. Quinoa. Quinoa has 178 milligrams of magnesium per half a cup. This
serving size also has 320 calories.

Milk. An 8 ounce glass of 1% or 2% milk has about 54 milligrams of
magnesium. Whole milk ( 8 ounce glass) has 48 milligrams of


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Spinach is one of the richest
sources of magnesium.