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Low Testosterone -- Foods to Eat
and Foods to Avoid

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Does Testosterone Make you Dangerous or a Better Leader?
Last updated August 19, 2016 (originally published April 15, 2011)

By L. Carr, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

Testosterone is so connected to an image of “manliness”,
strength and virility that the very thought of low
testosterone can be distressing. Testosterone deepens the
voice and controls the sex drive. Testosterone builds
muscle and bone, helps hair grow in manly places and
contributes to strength.
Testosterone also may even make
you a better leader, new studies have suggested.

Low testosterone is defined, according to the Endocrine
Society, as less than 300 nanograms per deciliter of blood.
Studies show testosterone levels decline steadily after we
reach the age of 40.

According to the Austin Urology Institute, around 39
percent of men over the age of 45 suffer from low
testosterone. Do you have to suffer from low
testosterone? Is low testosterone a normal part of aging?
If you’re under 40 and fear you have low testosterone,
what can you do about? Does diet play a part? Are there
foods that can help raise testosterone?

Is Low Testosterone a Serious Health Problem?

Low testosterone has been linked to sexual dysfunction.
But, is low testosterone dangerous to your health?  The
answer is "yes", according to a 2010 study from Ernst
Moritz Arndt University in Greifswald, Germany. That study
,which examined 1954 men, found that, men with low
testosterone are more than twice as likely to die from all
causes as men with normal levels of testosterone. As the
study concluded: "
After adjusting for waist circumference,
smoking habits, high-risk alcohol use, physical activity,
renal insufficiency, and levels of dehydroepiandrosterone
sulfate, low serum testosterone levels continued to be
associated with increased mortality

Gels and medications exist to increase the levels of
testosterone in the body through testosterone
replacement therapy.

So, if you have low testosterone, what can you do? Many
men turn to testosterone replacement therapy. But many
men are worried about taking testosterone replacement
therapy due to links with an increased risk of prostate
cancer. Although there is no conclusive evidence either
way, there are also no long-term studies that show taking
testosterone supplements is safe.

Is there another way to increase your testosterone levels?
How about diet and nutrition? Did you know that the food
you eat and the lifestyle you lead can help correct low

How Do You Know If You Have Low Testosterone?

It is worth testing for low testosterone if you have related
symptoms that are affecting your life. Symptoms of low
testosterone include a low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, a
depressed or low mood, fatigue and difficulty sleeping.

Men who are obese or who smoke are at greater risk for
having low testosterone, studies in 2011 and 2009 have
found.  One study in 2011 led by Dr. T.R. Trinick of the
Department of Chemical Pathology, The Ulster Hospital, in
Belfast, United Kingdom, surveyed 10,000 men from the
US and UK and discovered that, of men who had reported
symptom of testosterone deficiency, 29% were obese and
17.3% drank alcohol regularly.

Low testosterone can also cause hair loss, a decrease in
muscle mass and osteoporosis.

What Are The Causes Of Low Testosterone?

Low testosterone levels may be the result of many factors.
Here are of the leading causes:

  • Pituitary gland/hypothalamus. One problem could be
    the hypothalamus or pituitary gland that doesn’t help
    produce enough testosterone.

  • Sexual Disease. HIV and AIDS can inflame the
    hypothalamus and pituitary and affect testosterone

  • Injury. Injury to the testes can cause low
    testosterone, as can chemotherapy and radiation
    therapy, and anabolic steroids.

  • Obesity. Obesity may also be a cause of low
    testosterone levels. Obesity encourages the
    conversion of testosterone to estrogen because the
    conversion occurs mainly in fat cells.

  • Aging. The most common cause of low testosterone is

Who Suffers from Low Testosterone?

Does the so-called “manopause” or “andropause” exist?
Many studies point to a fall-off in testosterone as a man
reaches a certain age, similar to the hormone changes
women face at the menopause.

Scientists estimates for the number of men who suffer
from low testosterone is a subject of great debate.  One
camp maintains that, unlike estrogen levels at the
menopause, testosterone levels don’t drop off rapidly.
According to the Endocrine Society, testosterone levels
drop off at a rate of around one to two percent each year
after the age of 40. This camp asserts that, while most
men after middle age will have lower testosterone levels,
only a small percentage will have levels below which is
considered "normal".

But a different camp of scientists strongly disagrees.

These scientists point to growing evidence of testosterone
deficiency around the world. The 2011 study, led by Dr. T.
R. Trinick of Ulster Hospital in Belfast, UK mentioned
above, is from a group of these well-respected scientists.
They conducted an on-line survey which drew responses
from 10,000 men in the US and the UK.  The survey found
that an astonishingly high 80 percent (80%) of these men
reported symptoms of testosterone deficiency.

Is Low Testosterone Dangerous?

If you’re one of the 39 percent of men who suffers from
low testosterone, does it mean you’re at risk of health
problems along with suffering the symptoms of low
testosterone? According to a 2008 study from the
University of Sydney, Concord, New South Wales,
Australia, you are.

What kinds of health problems are caused by low
testosterone? Men over 60 with low testosterone have a
substantially higher risk of bone fractures. And a 2007
study from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
School of Medicine also says yes.

In fact, here is a startling discovery.
Having low
testosterone may shorten the lives of men over 50
Research over 18 years found men with low testosterone
carried a
33 percent higher risk of death compared to men
with higher levels.

Men with low testosterone are more likely to have markers
for inflammation that contribute to many diseases, larger
waist sizes, and metabolic syndrome. (Learn the
waist size for men.)

However, could it be that obesity actually
causes low
testosterone, not the other way around? Principal
researcher Dr Elizabeth Barrett-Connor said "It may be
possible to alter the testosterone level by lowering
obesity" and that while low testosterone is linked with a
shorter life, high testosterone is not necessarily linked with
a longer life. (Read more about the
connection between
foods, heart disease and erectile dysfunction).

So how does your diet help or hinder your testosterone

Obesity is seen by many experts as a key cause of low
testosterone. A 2010 study from the University at Buffalo
found 40 percent of obese patients studied had lower than
normal testosterone levels. This percentage rose to 50
percent in obese men who also had diabetes. Men with
diabetes, whether they were obese or not, showed lower
than normal levels of testosterone. In this case, a diet that
reduces obesity will help prevent low levels of
testosterone. (Learn the
ideal weight for men of different

For many, finding out you have low testosterone can be
the wake-up call you need to make changes to your life –
lose weight, choose a healthier diet and get active. Which
foods do you need to eat to kick-start your testosterone-
building diet? Which foods do you need to avoid?

Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid

The Protein/ Carbohydrate Debate and Low Testosterone

It seems the Atkins diet craze won’t help your
testosterone levels. Leave the high-protein diet at the door
if you want to raise your testosterone levels, according to
a 1997 report from Penn State University that linked low
testosterone levels with a high consumption of protein in
relation to carbohydrates. A 1987 study by Anderson et al
published in the journal Life Sciences also found men on a
high-carbohydrate diet had significantly higher levels of
testosterone than those on a high-protein diet. This seems
to contradict body-building where loading up on protein
produces strong, ripped muscles but it may be that
professional body-builders are trading physique for low
testosterone levels.

Foods to include… Around eight ounces of lean meat a
day, low-fat milk or fat-free yoghurt, moderate amounts of
pasta, rice, whole wheat bread.

Foods to avoid… All-protein meals, large fatty cuts of
meat, protein shakes and bars.

Good and Bad Fats For Healthy Testosterone Levels

We’ve been told to cut down on fat for a healthy lifestyle
but are all fats bad for your testosterone? Research exists
that flies in the face of guidelines from the American Heart
Association that a low-fat diet could be bad – for your
testosterone levels. You need dietary fat to produce

A 1997 study from Penn State University suggests that
higher testosterone levels are associated with a higher
percentage of fat in the diet, but only when the fat is
either saturated (butter, lard) or monounsaturated (e.g.
from nuts).

A high intake of polyunsaturated fats  in comparison to
saturated and monounsaturated fats resulted in lower
testosterone levels.

For example, you might want to skip canola oil. A 2010
study from Japan entitled “Testosterone-lowering activity
of canola and hydrogenated soybean oil in the stroke-
prone spontaneously hypertensive rat” found canola oil
decreased testosterone levels in rats. So,
monounsaturated fats are the way to go for heart health
and to keep your testosterone levels high.

Foods to include… Nuts, olive oil, peanut butter.

Foods to avoid… Vegetable oils, canola oil, lard, butter.

The Relationship Between Fiber and Low Testosterone

Fiber has many health benefits, but it may not be good for
your testosterone. The 1997 Penn State University study
suggested dietary fiber negatively affected testosterone
levels, but only weakly. Other research supports the
concept that
excess fiber may be bad for your
testosterone levels.

When participants in a 1983 study by Hämäläinen,
Adlercreutz, Puska and Pietinen (“Decrease of serum total
and free testosterone during a low-fat high-fiber diet”)
transferred to a diet lower in fat and significantly higher in
fiber, testosterone decreased.

So tread carefully with a high-fiber diet if you suffer from
low testosterone. We all need fiber in the diet, however, so
don’t cut it out completely.

Food to include… Whole fruit and vegetables, whole grains.

Food to avoid… High-fiber cereals and other products,
fiber supplements.

Soy And Low Testosterone

As a staple of the vegetarian diet and lauded for its
cardiovascular health benefits, soy could negatively affect
your testosterone levels. Soy and soy isoflavones increase
the levels of estrogen in the body and may also lower
testosterone levels.

A 2000 study from Monash University, Clayton, Australia
found women taking soy isoflavones supplements over
three months reported improved menopausal symptoms,
suggesting an increase in estrogen levels.

A 2011 study from Beth Israel Medical Deaconess Center,
Harvard Medical School found one 19-year-old man’s
heavy consumption of soy-based products on a vegan-
style diet resulted in sudden loss of libido, erectile
dysfunction and low levels of testosterone.

Testosterone levels steadily increased with the cessation of
the soy-rich diet. And according to the results of a 2003
study from University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff soy
lowered serum testosterone concentrations in men after
volunteers were fed scones made with soy flour.

Foods to avoid… Soy beans, tofu, soy mince, soy milk, soy

Increase Your Zinc Intake for Higher Testosterone Levels

Research shows zinc is crucial for a healthy reproductive
system and a zinc deficiency is linked to male infertility and
low testosterone.

A 2011 study on mice from Pennsylvania State University
found “compelling evidence that reduced zinc intake may
be associated with infertility in men, perhaps independent
of decreased levels of circulating zinc or testosterone,
which warrants further investigation in human

More conclusively, a 2010 study from Shiraz University of
Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran found 250mg of zinc
supplements a day for six weeks significantly increased
serum levels of testosterone.  (Read more about
affect on testosterone levels).

Foods to include… oysters (two or three deliver your full
day’s supply), shellfish, seafood, nuts, seeds.

Healthy Herbs For High Testosterone

When it comes to testosterone levels, not all herbs are
your friends.

Avoid spearmint. Spearmint tea lowers testosterone,
according to 2 studies. One 2010 study from Eastbourne
District General Hospital, East Sussex, UK where
researchers discovered that two cups of spearmint tea a
lowered testosterone levels. And 2007 research from
Suleyman Demirel University, Isparta, Turkey that
demonstrated two cups of spearmint tea
reduced levels of androgen
in the body.

Why should spearmint act to lower testosterone levels and
why was it tested in the first place? Researchers are
unsure, but anecdotal evidence was brought to the
attention of scientists that the spearmint plant was
responsible for reducing the libido in men in a town in
southwest Turkey, possibly as a result of decreased
androgen levels.

Avoid Licorice. Licorice is also suspected of being a
testosterone-inhibitor, as demonstrated in a 1999 study
from Dr. D. Armanini  and Dr. M. Palermo entitled
“Reduction of serum testosterone in men by licorice.”

Eat Garlic.  On the other hand, garlic was shown to
increase testicular testosterone in rats, according to a
2001 study from Kobe Women's University, Suma-ku,
Kobe, Japan. Dietary supplementation with 100g a day
brought benefits. Although little scientific evidence exists
to support the claim that oat straw (often combined with
saw palmetto) increases the amount of free testosterone
in the blood, many people have reported benefits.

Foods to include…Garlic, oat straw, saw palmetto.

Foods to avoid… Spearmint, licorice.

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