Licorice --Top 5 Health Benefits and
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September 20, 2014, last updated May 15, 2015
By  Editorial Staff of MangoBoss

You probably eat more licorice than you think. Licorice root is used as a
sweetener in candy (think of those Twizzlers at the movies), toffee
bars, blackcurrant, popular soft drinks (erk soos in the Middle East),
alcohol (anisette, certain Belgian beers), stimorol chewing gum, licorice-
flavored cough syrups, and even as a sweetener in chewing tobacco. In
the UK, it is found in Pontefract cake.

Licorice has been used as a medicine for many centuries as an herbal
medicine in China and Japan. In ancient Greece, soldiers extracted
licorice from the Glycyrrhiza plant, boiling it and using it as a sweet
drink to quench their thirst.
Today, the Dutch eat more licorice than any
people on Earth.

What are the health benefits of licorice? Can licorice be used safely as
an herbal remedy? Is licorice toxic?

We have pulled together the Top 5 health effects of eating licorice
which you might not have heard of:

Licorice May Lower Testosterone.  Licorice acts to inhibit the
production of sex hormones, particularly testosterone. Licorice so
strongly inhibits the production of testosterone that it is used to treat
the overproduction of testosterone in women with polycystic ovary
syndrome. In this syndrome, women begin to grow facial hair.

Eating licorice helps to suppress the testosterone and reverse the
growth of facial hair. That’s perhaps good news  if you’re a wom
an but
bad for many men. (Read more about everyday
habits that destroy

Licorice Raises Blood Pressure. Licorice lowers potassium levels,
according to several studies, including a 1994 study lead by Dr. M.
Bernardi of the University of Bologna in Italy . Lowering of potassium
occurs after prolonged consumption of over 380 milligrams daily for at
least 4 weeks. Thereafter, the study observed that if participants
stopped taking the licorice, they experienced withdrawal symptoms,
including weight gain.

Licorice Can Help Chronic Hepatitis.  In Japan, doctors have used
licorice to successfully treat chronic hepatitis B. A 1994 study from
Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University in Japan discovered that
Glycyrrhizin, the main active ingredient of  licorice,can be used
intravenously to treat chronic hepatitis B  and that it “improves liver
function with occasional complete recovery from hepatitis.”  

Licorice Can Treat Gastric Ulcers. Eating licorice 20 to 30 minutes
before meals has been found to be an effective  treatment for many  
gastric ulcers, studies have found.

Licorice Can Promote Weight Loss. Eating 3.5 grams of licorice
per day caused weight loss in 15 normal weight subjects, according to
a 2003 study by Dr. Armanini of the University of Padua.

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