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Is Sex a Good Exercise?

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February 3, 2011

By L. Carr, Contributing Columnist

Sex is fun, fabulous and fantastic when it’s done well with
the right person, but could sex also fight the flab? Most of
us regard sex as a pleasurable activity and haven’t
investigated its fitness potential. Sex is undeniably a great
activity in itself, but could getting sweaty beneath the
sheets also form part of your exercise routine? Does hot
and heavy sex help you shed pounds?

An active lifestyle is vital to achieve and maintain good
health and exercise is a crucial component of any weight
loss or weight maintenance program. The Department of
Health and Human Services recommends we all get at least
two-and-a-half hours of moderate aerobic exercise every
week. Examples of moderate aerobic exercise commonly
include brisk walking or swimming. Could sex also be
counted as an aerobic exercise?

Does Sex Burn Calories?

Is exercise an exercise or is it an activity? . According to a
2006 study by Thorsten Reffelmann and Robert A Kloner
at the University of Southern California, The Heart
Institute “sexual intercourse can be regarded as physical
activity resulting in increased blood pressure and heart
rate, which is not decisively different from other physical
exercise in daily life.”

In order to work out if sex can be justifiably counted as
exercise, not just activity, we need to know how many
calories we’re burning when we get intimate. Estimates
vary depending on who you ask – not surprising as we’re
all doing it differently! Calorie Lab says one hour of
vigorous sexual activity burns 34 calories for a 150 lb
person. According to other sources, it’s a lot more – 30
minutes of sex burns 85 calories or more.

What does this compare to? 30 minutes of playing catch in
the garden with a football also burns 85 calories, as does a
game of croquet. The 2006 study from the University of
Southern California, The Heart Institute found healthy
males reached 2.5–3.3 on the scale of the metabolic
equivalent of energy expenditure (MET) during sexual
stimulation and orgasm, with some measuring 5.4 METs.  
Not bad. That’s the equivalent of briskly climbing two
flights of stairs or digging in the garden.

According to a 2007 study from the University of Medicine
and Dentistry of New Jersey, Robert Wood Johnson
Medical School, sexual activity gave the same exercise
benefits as moderate physical exercise on the treadmill.

The study looked at 19 men and 13 women who were
tested on the treadmill according to the maximal Bruce
protocol treadmill stress test and then self-monitored their
heart rate and blood pressure during intercourse. For the
men, their average maximum heart rate and systolic blood
pressure were 72 percent and 80 percent of the
measurements during treadmill activity and for the women
64 percent and 75 percent.  

Exercise That Fits Your Daily Life

The number of calories burned when you’re getting frisky
may not sound many compared to 300 calories for a half-
hour high-impact aerobics session.

But, be honest, how appealing is a high-impact aerobics
session compared to a romantic evening with your
boyfriend? Perhaps not surprisingly, patients in the Robert
Wood Johnson Medical School spent a much shorter time
on the treadmill than they did on their sex sessions.

No matter how many calories you could burn in the gym,
you burn none if you never go. Calories burned through
sex add up. Think about it – if you enjoyed 21 hour-long
sex sessions you could burn 3,570 calories and lose a
pound in weight.

Research shows that exercise is best when it’s spread
throughout the week – it’s ideal if you can squeeze in 20
or 30 minutes of physical activity into your day. Could sex
be the perfect fit? Of course, the more time you spend
doing it, the better workout you get. You could also use
shorter sex sessions as a bonus calorie-burner in among
your other exercise activities.

Does Sexual Position Matter ?

Presumably swinging from the ceiling or using some other
vigorous technique provides a better workout than the
missionary position, right?

A 1984 study by Bohlen, Held, Sanderson and Patterson
RP looked at heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen
uptake during four sexual activities.

In every case, stimulation through orgasm generated
modest effort. But sex with the man on top raised the
heart rate and blood pressure more than ‘wife on top’ and
non-coital activities.

However, a 1976 study from Nemec, Mansfield, and
Kennedy looked at the effects of the man’s position during
sexual intercourse on heart rate and blood pressure. They
didn’t find any significant difference between heart rate
and blood pressure in the two positions, man on top and
man on bottom.

If traditional positions don’t vary much in terms of calories
burned, look at the fitness benefits from another angle.

The Department of Health and Human Services also
includes strength training exercise in the ideal fitness mix.
Sex can help your flexibility and tone your muscles. Sex in
general requires a degree of core strength and certain
positions build on this aspect of fitness.

The missionary position builds core strength through the
thrusting required, and the doggy-style position is even
better for the woman as she needs to stabilize herself on
all fours and work the quads and glutes.

A standing position builds arm and leg muscle strength.
The arch – where the woman rests on her shoulders while
levering her lower body upwards using her legs – works
the core muscles, the thighs and the glutes. Don’t forget to
squeeze those buttocks when you’re having sex and you
can get yourself a real good butt workout without leaving
your bed.  

Should You Skip the Gym and Dive into Bed?

Is sex dangerous for a person with heart problems? Many
people worry about the effect of sexual effort on an older
person or someone at risk of heart attack. Debate has
ensued concerning the danger of sex to a cardiovascular
patient – is there a risk to the heart through sexual

A review of literature by the University of Southern
California, The Heart Institute, 2006 found only around
0.6 percent of sudden cardiac deaths may be related to
sexual activity (Muller et al 1996; DeBusk 2000; Jackson
2000; Ueno 2000), but there is a link. 2002 research from
Ebrahim, May, Shlomo, McCarron, Frankel, Yarnell, and
Davey Smith (Sexual intercourse and risk of ischaemic
stroke and coronary heart disease: the Caerphilly study)
found frequency of sex was not linked with stroke risk in
the 914 men taking part in the 20-year study.

Sex could actually imrove your bad heart. Having sex at
least twice a week cut the risk of a fatal heart attack by
half for men. Taking regular physical activity outside of the
bedroom and making your diet heart-friendly further
reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke (Stein 1977;
DeBusk 1996).

When walking briskly for 20 minutes, three times a week
has been shown to give cardiovascular and fitness benefits
there’s no reason why an active sex life can’t also help you
along the path to fitness. If you vary positions and put the
effort in, you could be gaining the benefit of exercise and
intimacy. Getting hot and sweaty behind closed doors – a
whole lot more fun than the treadmill.

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