Foods rich in folate can reduce thigh pain
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Inner Thigh Pain --- Causes and Top 7
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May 20 2017
L. Carr, Contributing Columnist

Inner thigh pain can be a cause of significant discomfort and
inconvenience. It can stop you from enjoying your day or it can even
stop you from moving – inner thigh pain can be severe, or mild,
depending on the cause. And there are many causes of inner thigh
pain, making it quite difficult to decide on the correct natural remedies
for this condition. If you suffer from inner thigh pain is there anything
you can do to relieve the discomfort? Can you get rid of inner thigh
pain without medication?

What Are the Muscles in the Inner Thigh?

Inner thigh pain could be due to a problem with the muscles in the
inner thigh, which could be caused by overuse, injury, or inflammation.
The main muscles in the thighs are the quadriceps, hamstrings, and
adductors. The hamstrings are at the back of the thigh and they help
you to flex the knee and move the hip.

The quadriceps are the muscles in the front of the thigh that help you
extend your knee. And the adductors are the muscles in the inner thigh.
All these muscles provide vital support not only for the knees and hips
but also to assist the entire core of the body. If there is a problem with
the inner thigh muscles it can not only cause pain in the inner thigh but
pain in other parts of the body, too.

Main Causes of Inner Thigh Pain

Therefore, one of the main causes of inner thigh pain is muscular. A
pull or a tear in the abductor muscle can result in inner thigh pain or
groin pain. Running, soccer, and high impact sports make it more likely
you will encounter an abductor muscle problem.

Inner thigh pain may also be caused by a health condition. Inguinal
hernias (hernias in the groin) can be a source of inner thigh pain. A
hernia is also usually distinguished from other sources of thigh pain by
the presence of a bulge or protuberance in the groin area.

Kidney stones may also cause thigh pain, which is likely to be intense
and to come on very quickly. Osteoarthritis is another cause of inner
thigh pain. This is where the joints become inflamed after cartilage
degenerates. And certain health conditions that are more likely to be
experienced by pregnant women, like pubis dysfunction, can cause
inner thigh pain.

Pain in the inner thigh could be the result of surgery, edema, or
sciatica. And one reason why you may be suffering from thigh pain
could be the jeans you wear – very tight jeans or trousers can
compress the nerve that provides sensation to the thigh, resulting in a
numb, painful, or burning sensation.

Is Inner Thigh Pain Dangerous?

Most causes of inner thigh pain are uncomfortable but not life-
threatening. You may experience inner thigh pain as a symptom of
superficial phlebitis, where a vein close to the surface in the thigh
becomes inflamed, causing swelling and pain in the area around the
affected vein.

In rarer cases, pain that covers the entire inner thigh could be the sign
of deep vein thrombosis, which is where a deep vein in the thigh is
inflamed. It is important that this is treated promptly as a clot could get
dislodged from the vein and travel to the lungs, where it can be fatal.

In other rare cases, a cancer could form in the thigh or shin bone. This
is called osteosarcoma and is a form of bone cancer in children.
Symptoms include bone pain that could also be felt as inner thigh pain.
In most cases, however, inner thigh pain can be treated and managed
successfully with natural remedies and lifestyle changes. We looked at
recent scientific research to find out what you can do about inner thigh
pain to relieve the discomfort.

Lose Thigh Fat to Minimize Inner Thigh Pain

You may be experiencing irritation, itchiness and pain when you walk
because you have excess fat on the thighs which causes them to rub
together. One of the obvious solutions to this inner thigh problem is to
lose excess weight and tone the muscles in the thighs, which will keep
them tighter and further apart, thus minimizing chafing and rubbing.

Also, you may find another surprising benefit of losing thigh fat – you
will walk faster. A 2013 study from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
shows that an increase in thigh fat reduces walking speed and mobility
in older adults.

The researchers discovered that decline in walking speed is not only
dependent on muscle mass, but about preventing fat gain in the thighs.
The researchers looked at data from the National Institute on Aging's
Health, Aging, and Body Composition (Health ABC) study and a sample
of 2,306 men and women.

Prevent Blood Clots to Avoid Dangerous Inner Thigh Pain

Blood clots in the legs may be superficial or deep, but both can cause
inner thigh pain and may even result in a more serious outcome if not
treated correctly.

Reducing blood clots in the legs, especially after surgery, is crucial for
maintaining good health and minimizing the chances of pain. A 2010
study from the University of Edinburgh in the UK demonstrates that
using thigh-length rather than knee-high stockings on patients in
hospital can reduce the incidence of blood clots.

The research looked at over 3,000 stroke patients and found that
people fitted with knee-length stockings were 30 percent more likely to
develop blood clots in the legs that lead to deep vein thrombosis than
those fitted with thigh-high stockings.

Avoid Thigh Pain from Sports Injuries with Neuromuscular Warm-Up

Inner thigh pain is often a result of a sports injury, and can be caused
by not warming up the muscles correctly. A 2011 study from the
Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago shows
that sports coaches who make teen girls do a neuromuscular warm-up
before practice reduce the incidence of leg injuries among the athletes.
A total of 1,492 girls and 90 coaches took part.

Neuromuscular training is a procedure involving progressive
strengthening, balance, plyometric exercises where the muscles are
stretched and then contracted repeatedly, and agility exercises.

Prevent Kidney Stones, a Cause of Inner Thigh Pain

Inner thigh pain may sometimes be the result of kidney stones. This
pain may be felt in the inner thighs or also in the groin and it is likely to
be an intense pain that comes on very quickly.

Citrate is one natural remedy that has been shown to be helpful in
preventing kidney stones and reducing pain. Potassium citrate is a form
of citrate supplement and a 1993 study from Creu i S. Pau Universitat
Autonoma, Barcelona, Spain looked at 57 people with a history of
kidney stones. In the study, those given potassium citrate developed
fewer kidney stones than they had previously.

Treat Restless Legs Syndrome to Help Remedy Inner Thigh Pain

When you have restless legs syndrome you experience an intense urge
to move your legs, often resulting in leg pain and cramps which can be
felt in the inner thigh.

Folate is one natural remedy said to help improve the symptoms of
restless legs syndrome. In a 1976 study by MI Botez, 5 to 30 mg of
folate given to 45 patients each day significantly decreased symptoms
of restless legs syndrome, which included thigh pain.  Foods rich in
folate include dark leafy greens, broccoli, asparagus and citrus fruits.

In Women, Inner Thigh Pain Is Common in Pregnancy

Pain in the groin and inner thigh is common in pregnancy when the
ligaments and joints of the pelvis stretch and move as the baby
grows.  This can often result in Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, where
the joint becomes too relaxed leading to pain. Exercises and stretches
can be performed to improve the stability of the pelvis and the back,
which can result in a lessening of the pain.

In addition, pregnant women commonly experience leg cramps which
can send pain to the inner thighs. One 1995 study from Linköping
University Hospital, Sweden of 73 women found that magnesium
supplements helped to lessen the severity of leg cramps in pregnancy,
and was significantly more effective than placebo.

Inner Thigh Pain Can Be Caused by Edema

Pain in the inner thighs may be the result of swelling, edema, or
inflammation due to injury or surgery. To help remedy the condition,
try oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs), which are components of
grape seed and pine bark.

In a 1983 study by J-J Parienti and J Parienti-Amsellem, France, OPCs
improved the rate at which edema disappeared in 50 people following
sports injuries.

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