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I Smell Like Sulphur --- Causes and
Top 7 Natural Remedies

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Last updated November 27, 2017, originally published
November 1, 2016
By A. Weinberg, Contributing Columnist

It's a terrible sensation: that feeling of sudden
embarrassment  when you realize you've burped or pass gas.
If, then, on top of it, you realize there's no way to hide it
because of the smell: much worse. Sometimes what's causing
that smell is sulphur.  

After your meal, when particular proteins break down in the
digestive tract, it generates hydrogen sulfide gas. Oops. “But,
what could be causing that?” you ask yourself. “I eat
alright,” you say indignantly.  

Well, there are many factors. Everyone's body is different in
how it reacts to what you put into it. You may, indeed, be
eating alright, but if you're on a high-protein diet, a sulphur
response could come up as a reaction. If you're not
moderating the amount of sugar you eat, or are especially
sensitive to sugar, that could also be a factor. Maybe after an
especially big piece of pie or chocolate cake, you notice the
sulphur smell, even though six days of the week you're eating
healthy. Other specific foods to avoid  

include red meat, eggs, canned food, dairy products, garlic,
and onion.  

Although, when it comes to body odor, new research has
found that
women actually like the body odor of men who eat

Of course, it could also be a real health problem. Sometimes
it's due to a gastrointestinal infection, or pesky stomach
microorganisms. There are some more holistic ways to cover
up that unpleasant smell, and some ways to fix it in the
moment. Read on to find out.

1. Drink Peppermint Tea

This is one of my favorite non-caffeinated tea treats. I love
me some peppermint. Luckily, it can also help out with bad
breath and indigestion.

Researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center
found it to be an effective remedy for gas and digestive
disorders. They suggest drinking peppermint tea 4-5 times a
day, between meals. It relaxes the digestive tract.

If tea isn't your thing, you can also find it in tablets.
Peppermint was also discovered to be one of the best
essential oils for bad breath caused by sulphur.

In 2007, M.H. Hur and researchers from Eulji University in
South Korea looked at the effects of two different treatments
on malodour and production of volatile sulphur compounds.
32 patients received three minutes of oral cleaning using an
essential oil solution composed of tea tree, Melaleuca
alternifolia, peppermint, Mentha piperita and lemon on the
first day and Tantum (benzydamine hydrochloride) on the
second day. The essential oil solution turned out to be more

Treat Underlying Illnesses That Can Make You Smell

If it's just bad breath or flatulence, and it's just once in
awhile, chances are you're okay.

But if you find the problem to be chronic, it's worth taking a
look at what's happening.

Sometimes there are stomach bacteria that wiggle on into
your system and make you smell bad and feel awful. One is
called giardia lamblia, one of the most widespread intestinal
protozoan pathogens which causes 100,000 cases of diarrhea
each year.

In 2003, J. Tovar and researchers at the University of London
looked at the behavior of giardia and saw that it contains
mitochondrial remnant organelles that function in iron-
sulphur protein maturation.

Another stomach bug is  helicobacter pylori bacteria, which is
diagnosed with a breath test and easily treated with
antibiotics. It may also be gastroenteritis or something as
serious as an unknown celiac's disease, which is an
intolerance to gluten products. If your sulphuric state is
chronic, consult a doctor to find out what's up.  

Try a High Fiber Diet to Sweeten Body Odor

Sometimes incorporating new elements into your diet can

If your food choices involve mostly protein, as mentioned
above, it could lead to some sulphuric smells.

Balancing your diet with fiber --- such as oats, bran, whole-
grain rice, and some fruits and nuts --- could be the key.

Dr. A. Walti and researchers at the Dental Clinic for the
University of Bern in Switzerland, wanted to know what
effect a high fiber versus low fiber meal would have on

In all, a total of 20 subjects were examined over 2.5 hours,
after the consumption of a high fiber and low fiber mean. The
determination of volatile sulphur compounds were performed
using the malimeter.

What they found was surprising. The high fiber meals in the
study resulted in an at least 2.5 hour reduction of oral

So, if you've got an important interview or social engagement
coming up, you know what to have for lunch first.  

Trade Coffee for Green Tea  

We are a caffeine-dependent society. Some people prefer to
go without it, but if you're like me, you need a little bit every

Luckily, there are lots of different kinds of caffeine to choose
from. Coffee is a classic, but it doesn't do much for your

Chances are, you'll pop a mint afterwards if you have to go
interact with others.

Luckily for you, there's a caffeinated beverage that will help
mellow out that sulphuric smell: green tea.

In 2008, Dr. P. Lodhia and colleagues at the University of
British Columbia conducted a study on halitosis (which is
mainly caused by volatile sulphur compounds produced in the
oral cavity) and food.

Tea polyphenols have been shown to have antimicrobial and
deodorant effects. The study confirmed that immediately after
administration, green tea showed the largest reduction in
sulphur compounds. It's also a nice temporary fix. So, after
that fiber-filled meal, have a cup of green tea.  

Up Your Zinc Intake to Decrease the Stink

Gum is a classic bad breath buster. But, gum with zinc and
magnolia bark extract is apparently even better, where
sulphur is concerned.

Dr. P.F. Porciani and researchers from the Tuscan School of
Dental Medicine in Siena, Italy looked at this gum and a
control one, and its effects on healthy subjects.

In 2012, they conducted their study and recorded sulphur
levels at baseline, after 2 minutes, 10, minutes, 1 hour, and 2

The zinc and magnolia bark gum reduced volatile sulphur
compounds for more than one hour. There have been many
other studies on zinc and its potential for neutralizing bad
breath. It's also just good for you.  

Stay hydrated

This is also simply a smart idea for life. A high water intake
will improve all aspects of your health. The Colgate Oral Care
Resource Center also confirms that lots of water will help
neutralize a sulphurous  mouth and wash bad bacteria away.  

Drink Honey and Lemon

According to Dr. Anand Ashok Buchake, this is a good idea
for when you have stomach pain, along with your volatile
sulphurous  state. It is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and
prevents bacterial growth. Take some lemon juice and one
teaspoon of raw honey, and see if you feel better. You can
dilute it with water if the taste is too intense for you.   

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