Taking HGH has been linked to swelling in the legs and
bone disease.

Human Growth Hormones --Top 7 Health
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August 31, 2013
By Max Gruber, Contributing Columnist and Editorial Staff of MangoBoss

Human Growth Hormones or "HGH" is a prescription drug used in
medicines to treat children’s growth disorders as well as adult growth
hormone deficiency. In the United States, HGH is only approved by the
Food and Drug Administration approval for the above two uses and is
therefore is only legally available from a doctor who must provide a
prescription for the you to collect it from the pharmacy.

But that's the ideal.  With images of aging celebrities looking even
younger than they did a decade ago being thrown into the faces of the
general public, it comes as no surprise that there is a thriving black
market for HGH.  But does it work?  The answer may surprise you. The
American Medical Association has stated that
there is no scientific proof
to back up claims of anti-aging hormones and long-term use can in
fact present more health dangers than benefits

Unfortunately, the most common or popular use for HGH are through
non-FDA approved channels.  Many people -- mostly men -- use HGH n
combination with performance enhancing drugs such as anabolic

People obtain HGH injections from doctors who are willing to skirt the
law and prescribe it for off-label purposes or through internet
pharmacies, anti-aging clinics and other websites, none of which are
not approved by the FDA.

Other vulnerable consumers purchase HGH products from what seems
like legitimate companies that advertise on the TV claiming that their pill
or spray will increase the amount of HGH produced in your body. The
infomercials lure consumers by claiming that the product will make
them lose body fat, build muscle, strengthen the immune system and
improve sight and memory.

It is interesting to note that the Federal Trade Commission has found
no reliable evidence that these products have the same effects as
prescription HGH, which always comes in the form of an injection.

Here are the top 7 health dangers you face if you decide to take illegal,
non-prescribed human growth hormones.

Unregulated source = Unregulated Ingredients:

Perhaps the most obvious danger of purchasing HGH from an illegal,
non-FDA approved source is that you can never be 100% sure what
has been included in the pill or spray.

Mick Deats, the ex-head of enforcement of the Medicines and
Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in the United Kingdom, raised
awareness over blindly buying unregulated pharmaceutical products.

Deats argued that dosages could be either too high, too low, have no
pharmaceutical ingredients or, include different ingredients to those
stated. This causes an obvious health danger as the consumer is
putting their body and indeed their health at risk when taking these
products which have no quality control or standard to abide by. The
following more apparent health dangers are linked to if not directly a
result of the unregulated production and supply of HGH.

As a result of excessive use or the inclusion of high doses in
unregulated HGH pills or spray, the consumer may be susceptible to

Clinically known as swelling, abnormal amounts of fluid accumulate in
the tissues of your body. The swelling usually takes place in the feet,
ankles, and legs but has been known to take place in other extremities
such as, the arms and face.

HGH causes water retention. If you have leaking capillaries then your
kidneys have to produce higher than normal levels of sodium and
water, to compensate for the capillary fluid loss. The blood in your
body increases, causing even greater levels of capillary leaks into the
surrounding tissue, resulting in Edema, or swelling, of your extremities.


A unique form of joint pain, Arthralgia, takes what at first seem like the
positive effects of HGH and turns them into negatives. Due to the bone
growth properties of HGH, the bones begin to put strain and stretch the
body’s tissue causing joint pain.

Aside from causing great discomfort, some people take HGH in order to
try and build muscle in search of the portrayed perfect body from TV
and the celebrity world. However, in pursuit of their goal and by using
illegal HGH products, they may not even be able to lift their shopping
bags due to the pain caused by Arthralgias.

Note the irony. Men who take HGH to get stronger may end up actually
decreasing their strength.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

Characterised by pain, numbing or tingling feelings in the hands, Carpal
Tunnel Syndrome is caused by compression of the carpal tunnel nerve
in the wrist. The rise in the speed of tissue repair caused by the growth
hormones may, if the nerve is out of place, pinch it. Irritation of the
median nerve in this manner causes the sensation of tingling and
numbness. Along with other symptoms caused by HGH such as an
increase in body water content and bone mass, HGH can quickly lead to
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Vitamin deficiency is one of the most likely
causes for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome whilst using HGH products.


High blood pressure or Hypertension causes the blood pressure in the
arteries to rise causing the heart to work harder than it would normally
have to in order to circulate the blood. The problem of Hypertension as
a result of HGH can cause other more imminent and dangerous health
issues such as stokes, heart attacks, heart failure and kidney disease.
Even a moderate rise in blood pressure has been associated with
shortened life expectancy.


Although it remains unclear as to whether HGH causes diabetes or
whether it is only detrimental to diabetes sufferers, there has been a
large amount of research into the relation between the two.

What is known is that HGH in excess can cause low blood sugar levels
that can bring about diabetic comas for diabetes sufferers or cause
someone to become diabetic. Low blood sugar levels and diabetes can
cause further medical complications for the user of unregulated HGH.


The abnormal growth of one or both mammary glands in males is
known as
Gynecomastia ---or the slang term "man boobs" ---due to an
excess of prolactin in the blood.

Artificial HGH causes the enlargement of the male breasts due to the
swelling of the breast tissue. Although Gynecomastia is not physically
harmful, it may be an indicator for more serious cases. The growth of
glandular tissue makes the area affected tender and painful and can
cause other issues such as psychological difficulties. More urgent and
serious is the fact that Gynecomastia has been linked to Parkinson's
disease as well as the emergence of brain tumours.

Although excessive Human Growth Hormones use hasn’t been studied
in depth, a study called SAGhE was carried out in Europe to research
the long-term effects of HGH in children. The study found that those
children using growth hormones for medicinal purposes were at a
higher risk of death.

Armed with this information, in 2011 the FDA issued a Safety Alert that
still remains in place today. HGH should only be consumed under the
direction, advice and controlled amounts prescribed by a doctor as you
otherwise put yourself and your health at risk to the above seven

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