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How to Tell if You Have Blocked
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May 20, 2014

By A. Lee, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

Blocked arteries of course prevent the flow of oxygen-rich
blood to your heart and brain, which can cause a heart
attack or stroke. Heart  disease is the number one cause of
death in men in the UK. Blocked arteries account for 1 out
of 5 of all deaths of men in the UK, according to a report
by Dr. Anna Herrey, a cardiologist with the Royal Free
Hospital in London. And in the U.S., heart disease accounts
for 1 out of 4 deaths, according to the Centers for Disease

But most men do not know how to tell when they are
having symptoms of artery blockage. Myocardial ischemia
is the technical name for interruption of the flow of blood
to your heart, usually caused by plaque blocking your

Signs of Artery Blockage

There are two types of pains which can indicate that the
arteries to your heart are blocked.

The first type is “stable angina” and you only experience it
when you exercise.  This pain happens when you exercise
because your body is demanding greater blood flow.  . The
increased volume of blood can’t squeeze through the pipes
which are partially blocked by plaque and as a result, you
feel the squeeze.  

With stable angina, you will feel either a tightness in your
chest or a pain. The pain sometimes will radiate to your
jaw or your left arm. Some men feel the pain in their necks.

Other symptoms include being out of breath very easily.
So, to sum up, stable angina occurs with exercise, you get
out of breath, and you feel pain as you increase exercise

The other type of blockage is “unstable angina” This pain
sometimes happens when you are resting and when you
are exercising. This type of angina feels like “the Big One”.
You feel worse and worse. You sweat buckets, you feel
nauseous, you are in pain. You need a doctor –now. Call
emergency services.

If you are diabetic or elderly, your symptoms may be quite
different. You are short of breath or you may have simple
nausea or your pain my radiate to either your left or your
right arm. Again, call emergency services.

Stress and Not Brushing Your Teeth Makes It Worse

We all know that stress can cause a coronary. In Greece,
for example, the number of coronary attacks has increased
by 12.8% since 2008, when that country started
experiencing a financial crisis, according to the European
Society of Cardiology.

But does stress actually increase the blockage of your
arteries too? Sort of. Stress releases stress hormones
which, if they are excessive and prolonged, can cause
“inflammation” throughout your body.  

Inflammation triggers an inflammatory response which
may make your body react to protect itself, much like the
body’s immune system protects you against foreign germs
and viruses.  So, too much stress can trigger this alarm
which calls out the body’s firemen to try to put out the
inflammatory fire.  

The problem is, that part of the firehouse response makes
your arteries more receptive to retaining the cholesterol
“glue” that passes through when you eat too much fatty
food.  That gook eventually can harden  -- calcify— into
plaques which can block your arteries.  

Other inflammatory triggers? Anything that introduces
bacteria into your blood stream.  Not brushing your teeth
for example, and letting that bacteria pour down your
throat into your blood stream can set off the firehouse
alarms of inflammation.  

Also, oral sex can introduce bacteria into your blood

So, whatever you do out there, guys, protect your blood
against bacteria. It could save you from a heart attack one

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Chest pain during exercise can indicate stable
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