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How to Protect Your Neck from

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June 1, 2014

By L. Carr, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

Chances are, if you are physically active, at some point
your are going to experience neck pain. The neck is
something of a  forgotten hero of your body. Few of us
even think of it until it hurts. Yet the neck does a quiet
heroic job of holding up your head --which at an average
of pounds is considerable heavier than the  neck ---for
over 15 hours a day.  

Neck pain affects an estimated 2.2% of American adults
(over 22 million people) million Americans each year,
according to a 2011 study from Duke University School of

Why You Need a Strong Neck

The muscles of the neck receive very little training.  At
most, some of us do a few limbering up exercises on our
necks before we start a workout.

But here's the thing. Even when the neck is not moving by
twisting your head, it is working ---hard.  The most
important difference between an average athlete and a
superior athlete is their ability to maintain their head in a
balanced position as they contort and twist the rest of
their bodies.

Ever notice how Michael Jordan or Lebron James have
such still heads when they go up for a shot? Or, take a
look at the slow motion of a Roger Federer as he hits the
tennis ball or Tiger Woods as he swings through the arc of
his shot. It's eerie how still their heads are.

Your head is a heavy ball. For men, it averages 57
centimeters in circumference and between 8 to 12 pounds
(4.5 to 5 kg).  Think about it. An infant weighs 7 or 8
pounds.  A small to medium  bowling ball can weigh 6 to
12 pounds. If your head starts to move in an erratic way
as you are trying to swing a golf club, take a jump shot,
toss a football down field or swing a tennis racket, it will
throw off the entire balance of your body. You'll have no
chance of controlling the shot. In a sense, before you try
to conquer that other ball you're bouncing or hitting with
a club, you have to first conquer the balance of that heavy
ball on top of your neck called a head.

That's where your neck comes in. Strong, stable neck
muscles will enable you to keep your head balanced and
still through the entire range of motion of your swing,
jump or throw. It's a big job.

Locked Neck

You may experience neck pain if you exercise incorrectly,
especially lifting weights, or if you hold your neck in an
awkward position as you execute a swing or other
dynamic move. You will experience a wrenching pain if you
hurt your neck while the rest of your body is also in

But you also injure your neck while you sleep.  Locked
neck is a medical condition that can be caused when you
sleep in unusually cold weather or in an awkward position.
With a locked neck, you wake up and discover that your
neck is frozen and you can't move it.

Sometimes, applying a warm compress or hot water bottle
can help to ease a locked neck. Taking ibuprofen or
paracetamol can also help in some cases. But, if the pan
persists, you will need to see a doctor for therapy.

Neck Exercises

Before your neck starts to complain, start a consistent
program of strengthening it.  Here is a simple set of

1. Stand straight in front of a mirror. Turn your neck
slowly to the left until your chin is lined up with your
shoulder. Return to face the mirror.

Then turn your neck to the right.

Easy does it. Remember that your neck does plenty of
work just holding up that bowling ball all day.

2. Stand up straight and look straight ahead. Now, slowly
bend your chin to your chest.  Then slowly lift it back to
the starting point.

3. Stand up straight. Look up slowly at the ceiling as
though there is a light bulb just over your head. Now
return to the starting point.

That's it.

4.  Lateral pull down. The lat pull down works your back,
arms and shoulders. But it also works your trapezoid neck
muscles. Start with 3 sets of 8 with a low weight (8
pounds), performed slowly and with your head looking
straight ahead.

Increase the load gradually each week but never more
than 50% over the previous week.

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Your neck holds up your head, which can weigh as
much as a bowling ball.
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