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Scent of a Woman --How Her
Smells Affect You

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January 30, 2012, last updated March 31, 2013
By Charlie Higgins, Contributing Columnist

Any guy likes his female partner to smell at least as good if
not better than him, a fact women are well aware of.
Personal fragrances, which go by alternate names like
perfumes, deodorants, scents and essences, make up a
booming industry that shows no signs of slowing down.
These days the average woman will spend roughly $4,500
during her lifetime on perfume alone, according to the Daily

But what effect do these mellifluous, synthetic odors have on
a man’s short-term and long-term health? What price are
guys paying to have their ladies smell like a candle shop 24
hours a day?

Natural Odors And You

All human beings produce natural odors, some of which are
more pleasant than others.

With the exception of a few odors that serve as indicators of
bodily malfunction or illness, these smells are harmless and
are a sign of good health.  In fact body odor was not
considered a major turnoff culturally until advertisers created
the term “B.O” during the 1920s and began selling synthetic
deodorants to combat the stench.

Many researchers believe that there is a relationship between
physical attractiveness and body odor, that a woman’s
natural scent makes men go crazy, at least on a subconscious
level. These recognizable odors are accompanied by
pheromones, those airborne, odorless chemicals produced by
the body that contribute to sexual attraction according to
many scientists.

Artificial fragrances mask the natural feminine odor, replacing
it with something dreamed up in a laboratory by cosmetics
manufacturers. What would Charles Darwin say about this
most unnatural trend?

Personal Fragrances: Silent Killers?

While the manufacturers of personal fragrances claim these
products are entirely safe for the women who use them and
the men who breathe them every day, a lot of evidence
suggests otherwise. The University of Illinois’s McKinley
Health Center lists strong odors produced by perfumes and
hair sprays among things that aggravate asthma and related

Hair sprays are particularly noxious and can affect your
health over time. According to the FDA, daily hair spay use
among women can cause precancerous lung changes. These
sprays contain silicone, which can damage your eyes.

Feminine Hygiene Deodorants

While the use of deodorants and perfumes is generally seen
as harmless by women’s health experts, most agree that
feminine hygiene deodorants designed to improve a woman’s
“intimate odors” are totally bogus.

These sprays often contain talc contaminated with asbestos
and can cause skin irritation and other problems. These
chemicals are certainly not good for the guys exposed them
either. With proper diet, exercise and personal hygiene
habits, these deodorants are entirely unnecessary.

Certain Types of Perfumes Affect Your Testosterone

Did you know that certain types of perfume a women wears
affect your testosterone levels? In 2007, a study from Nara
University of Education in Japan tested the effect on men and
women of 3 different types of odors: musk, floral and rose.

The smells were tested on a group of 8 men and a separate
group of 8 women.  

The study found that, in men,
exposure to musk decreases

Exposure to floral smells increased testosterone
.  No changes
were noted for men exposed to the smell of rose.

And in women, the results were the opposite. Exposure to
musk increases the natural levels of testosterone in women
(yes, they have small amounts of testosterone) while
exposure to florals and rose decreased their testosterone


Some Perfumes and Hair Sprays and Gels Damage Male
Testes and Reproductive Systems

One of the least-talked about effects of women's beauty
products on men happens to young males inside the womb
when they are exposed to these products. The troublesome
ingredient in these products is called "phthalate".

Pthalates are found in a gigantic number of products,
especially beauty products. Several studies have found that
products which contain pthalates disrupt the hormone
systems of men and actually damage the normal development
of the testes in infant males.

One such study was conducted in 2008 by the Reproductive
Toxicology Division of the United States Environmental
Protection Agency. That study tested 6 of these pthalates,
which I will list so you will know what to look for on the
ingredients list of your lady's beauty products (perfumes and
deodorants and hair gels and anything else she uses on her
body that you can smell of come in contact with):

The list tested was benzyl butyl pthalate (BBP), dibutyle
pthalate (DBP), DEHP, diethyl phthalate (DEP), diisobutyl
phthalate (DiBP), and dipentyl phthalate (DPP).

Another study in 2002, by Jane Houlihan and Charlotte Brody
of the respected Environmental Working Group, went even
further and named the brands that contain these
controversial chemicals.  

As the study warned,  "
The same phthalates that cause
permanent harm of the male reproductive system in
laboratory studiesare also found in hair spray, deodorant,
and fragrances – bigname products like Revlon, Calvin Klein,
Christian Dior, an dProcter & Gamble. The laboratory found
phthalates in PantenePro V “Healthy Hold” and Aqua Net hair
sprays, Arrid and Degree deodorants, and fragrances like
Poison by Christian Dior and Coty’s Healing Garden Pure Joy
Body Treatment, to name just a few."]

What’s a Guy To Do?

The bottom line: women who bathe regularly and take care of
themselves tend to smell good, regardless of the chemicals
that spray all over their bodies.

While there’s always going to be room for debate about the
safety of these products, why take the risk? Talk to your
significant other and tell her how much you enjoy her natural
smell and how you prefer it over that expensive perfume. You’
ll be doing yourself and her a favor.  

If that doesn't work, protect yourself by at least knowing
which of the products she uses --or that you yourself might
use --- which have pthalates or other chemicals which can
cause you a world of health problems if you're exposed to
them too much.

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