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May 3, 2012

By Stephen Kintz, Contributing Columnist

Generally, men protect their balls. It against the rules to hit
below the belt in boxing. Men wear cups when playing
other sports. They even cringe at Lorena Bobbitt focused
humor. This paternal instinct does more than keep a man's
testes free from danger; it keeps the man fertile. Infertility
in men is difficult to assess, and it is difficult to find
numbers that suggest how common or widespread the
problem is. According to the Center for Disease Control,
there are 7.3 million women between the ages of 15 to 44
in the United States who suffer from infertility. It is
probably safe to assume that about as many men suffer
from infertility. Of course, men need to protect their jewels
from more than testicular trauma to remain fertile.

The Mayo clinic says that the most common causes of
infertility in men are related to sperm quality, genetic
defects, infection, cancer, cancer treatment, structural
problems (like cysts), and environmental factors (like
pesticides or heat exposure). The Mayo Clinic also claims
that general lifestyle issues, related to poor diet and
obesity, might also play a role in infertility. In fact, there is
a growing body of research that suggests sperm motility,
DNA fragmentation, and sperm concentration are affected
by higher BMIs. Since obesity is a growing problem within
the world, it is important to understand how obesity
affects fertility in men.

Shayeb and colleagues from the University of Aberdeen in  
Foresterhill, Scotland published a 2012 study in
"Reproductive Biomed Online" that examined the sperm
quality of 2,035 men in relation to their BMIs. Shayeb and
colleagues found that men with a BMI above 25 were
more likely to have lower sperm concentrations and an
increased number of sperm with deformations. Braga and
colleagues from the Fertility-Assisted Fertilization Centre in
São Paulo, Brazil repeated this conclusion in a 2012 study
published in "Fertility and Sterility." The researchers
looked at sperm motility and concentration in 250 men and
compared these factors of sperm quality against lifestyle
habits and BMI. The researchers found that BMI negatively
affects sperm concentration and motility. The researchers
also found that high alcohol consumption and smoking
lowered sperm quality.

These studies suggests that a higher BMI negatively
impacts sperm quality, and sperm quality is one of the
most common causes of infertility in men. Low sperm
concentration gives the male a less likely chance of
fertilizing the egg. Low sperm motility means that the
sperm might not be able reach the egg. Yet sperm
concentration and motility are not the scariest possible
side effects of a high BMI.

Fariello and colleagues from Sao Paulo Federal University,
Sao Paulo, Brazil published a 2012 study in "BJU
International" that examined sperm DNA integrity and
mitochondrial activity in men with different BMIs. The
researchers found that men with higher BMIs had more
DNA damage in sperm and less mitochondrial activity. Of
course, mitochondria are the energy producer for cells. So
sperms cells with less mitochondrial activity will probably
have less cell functionality and decreased motility. This will
increase the likelihood of infertility. I could only speculate
on the affects of DNA fragmentation within sperm and

However, this issue is far from settled. Eskandar and
colleagues from the King Khalid University in Saudi Arabia
published a 2012 contradictory study in "Advance in
Urology." In the study, the researchers were unable to
find a link between an increased BMI and decreased sperm
quality. Moreover, other researchers, like Ramlau-Hansen
and colleagues, were unable to find a link between BMI
and sperm quality in a 2010 study published in "Fertility
and Sterility."

In a particularly interesting 2010 study published in
"Fertility and Sterility" and conducted by Duits and
colleagues from the Academic Medical Centre in
Amesterdam, Netherlands, researchers examined the
sperm quality of 1,401 sub-fertile men.

Even with a sub-fertile population, the researchers could
not find a link between increased BMI and lower sperm
quality. The researchers argued that while their study
could not determine if sperm quality would improve if the
participants lost weight, earlier studies that demonstrated
a link between increase BMI and lower sperm quality could
not demonstrate a link between an increase BMI and

So the issue is far from settled. However, since obesity
presents with so many other complications, couples
wishing to protect their fertility might wish to error on the
side of caution. Of course, it should be noted that the 2012
study by Friello and colleagues that showed a link between
an increased BMI and lower sperm quality also showed a
link between being on a weight loss diet and lower
impregnation rates.

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