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Home Remedies for Penis Shaving Bumps
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Last updated June 5, 2017, originally published September 21, 2008
By Editors, Mangoboss

" I shaved my penis 3 days ago, now I have little razor bumps. What
can you apply to help?"  

This is a problem a lot of guys have and no one talks about. You shave
"down there" and two, three days later you get little itchy raised bumps
on your penis or skin burn on your surrounding area.  

Here are some treatments you can do at home that help.

1.  First, apply a cream anti-septic on it if it is inflamed. Use your
favorite kind.  It doesn't matter.  I use Neosporin but that's just me.

2. Chop up a potato, dice it fine.   Chop up a cucumber, again diced
fine. Chop up an inion, diced fine. Pour vinegar into a cup, about half a
cup. Mix in the potato, and the onion.  I know, guys, this sounds like a
salad, But stick with me, it works.  Then warp it all up in a bandage on
your shaft.  In about 2 -3 days,  the bumps should be gone.  Do the
wrap at night after you shower.

3. Method Number 2.  Take the onion, add butter, baking soda and  a
teaspoon of lemon juice.  Apply it as you did the potato, with a

4. Method Number 3.  Buy a bottle of something called Witch Hazel.  
Many stores have their own generic brands. The active ingreadient is
called Hamamelis virginiana (witchhazel) distillate.

Usually, the blend is 86% witchhazel and 14% alcohol.   In Spanish
stores, they call it Maravilla Lotion.  A brand called "Humpreys
Maravilla" has been made for over 150 years since 1854.   

Apply witch hazel directly to the penis shaft with a cotton ball. You'll
need to apply it over several days. You should see immediate relief from
the itching and the raised area should recede in 3 days.  Article
Continues Below

5. Method Number 5.  Remember the cucumber? Dice it up to the
consistency of crushed ice. Add 2 tablespoons of diced onions. Apply
directly to the penis shaft. Leave on with a bandage.  Afterwards, wipe
off and apply another paste of the cucumber. Leave on for at least 2
hours. Wipe. Apply Witchhazel. Leave damp. Let air dry. Repeat.

The bumps should be gone in 3 days.  Once the bumps are gone, do
not shave again your buddy again without first applying shave cream
or butter or something to smooth out the skin first.  Apply Witchhazel
after you shave each time to sooth irritations.


6. Method Number 6. Use aloe vera gel to soothe the skin and reduce
the frequency of shaving bumps. In my experience, witch hazel works
better than aloe. Aloe vera is a traditional remedy for irritated skin
anywhere on your body. You may want to use a warm cloth to open
the pores first. Though aloe vera has been used in many cultures for
hundreds of years to bind wounds and treat burns, there is insufficient
evidence to warrant its use for acute and chronic wounds, according to
a 2012 study from  Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia.

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