Ginseng Helps ED --- The Evidence Keeps
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Last updated May 1, 2017, originally published September 20, 2015
By Editors of MangoBoss, S. Callahan, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

For years now the use of red ginseng as a natural treatment for erectile
has been debated rather fiercely in academic circles. But
with this latest bevy of studies, the argument seems to be swinging
clearly to the side of ginseng.

The history of red ginseng, technically known as "panax ginseng", as a
treatment for erectile dysfunction began thousands of years ago in
China. But the type of ginseng which has been effective in treating ED
is Korean red ginseng.

Korean red ginseng is also known by other names, including ninjin,
ginseng, Ginsengwurzel, hakusan, hakushan, higeninjin,hongshen,
hungseng, hungshen, hunseng, jenseng, jenshen, jinpi, kao-li-seng,
korean ginseng, minjin, nhan sam, ninjin, ninzin, niuhuan, Oriental
ginseng, otane ninjin, renshen, San-pi, shanshen, sheng-sai-seng,
shenshaishanshen,shengshaishen, t’ang-seng, tyosenninzin, yakuyo
ninjin, yakuyo ninzin, yehshan-seng, yuan-seng, and yuanshen.

Seven well-designed studies over the past 20 years have found Korean
red ginseng effective to some degree in improving erectile dysfunction.
Taken together, the studies included 363 men and the men in ranged in
age from 24 to 70 years old.  The amount of ginseng taken was 600 mg
(up to 3 times daily), 900 mg per day or 1000 mg per day and the time
frame during which the men took the ginseng ranged from 4 to 12

In 2008, a joint study conducted a mega-review of all the evidence.
The study was conducted by 3 institutes (led by the Korea Food
Research Institute)  and 2 universities (Peninsula Medical School,
Universities of Oxford and Exeter, UK).

What they found was that men who took Korean red ginseng reported
significant improvements in the ability to achieve erection, about 2.4
times better than men who did nothing and took nothing.

Is Too Much Red Ginseng Dangerous?

Before you decide to overdose on red ginseng, bear in mind that there
are potential side effects.  Among the 363 men studied, 4 of the men
who took red ginseng reported stomach upset, 6  men experienced
headache or insomnia and one reported constipation.

Though these effects are mild, they should not be ignored. You could
be allergic to red ginseng, as well,
which means that your symptoms
could include rash, congestion, rhinitis, eye irritation or shock and
death.  For these reason,
it is always better to take this supplement, if
at all, after consulting with your doctor.

What You Can't Use Korean Red Ginseng For

The World Health Organization recognizes Korean red ginseng as a
traditional medicine useful for treating impotence and it observed that
one study has found that it is helpful for treating diabetes.

But, despite the folklore to the contrary, Korean red ginseng is not a
cure-all. The WHO specifically notes that Korean red ginseng has not
been proven effective in treating a long list of other ailments for which
it is often touted as a cure including liver disease, coughs, fever,
tuberculosis, rheumatism, nervous system disorders, vomiting during
pregnancy, hypothermia, and dyspnea.

Be aware, also, that there are a lot of hybrid products out there being
sold, some  of which contain traces of harmful products or simply
poorly cultivated or harvested red ginseng. In 2014, the US Food and
Drug Administration ("FDA") issued a warning consumers not to buy a
specific red ginseng product called "Ginseng Kianpi Pil"which was being
touted as a cure to stimulate appetite, promote weight gain and relieve
fatigue.  It turned out the supplement contained corticosteroids.

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foods that raise your risk for erectile dysfunction.)

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