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Get Rid of Man Boobs
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How do you get rid of man boobs? First, lose any excess fat you have
overall by following a
get lean diet for men.  As for exercises, the best
clue to the sports and work-outs which are most effective at getting rid
of man boobs is to just look at the world class athletes at each sport.    
Golf, the game I die for, is not effective at getting rid of man boobs.

What sports is best at fighting man boobs? Tennis is. Why? Because
when you stroke a tennis ball, you create motion
against the chest with
one arm extended. Golf works your back. Tennis works your chest and
your back in
diagonal motions.  This is a key to getting rid of man
boobs.  Diagonal motions one discrete pec at a time. Golf creates
diagonal motion with both arms, so the muscle across the chest doesn't
get stretched as extremely as with one-hand backhand or a traditional

Here then are the 5 best exercises and sports to get rid of man boobs.

1. Bench presses

2. Push-ups, full military style.

3. Tennis. Like we said, notice no top tennis players have man
boobs.that's because the strokes make you stretch your chest against
diagonally and work different angle on the chest.

4. Gymnastics, the rings and the pummel horse. Of course not
everybody has the skills for these but they work.

5. Boxing and kick-boxing. Same principle as tennis, punches at an
angle work the chest diagonally, which reduces the boobs.

You also have to watch your diet of course. Too much fat and you will
develop deposits around the chest no matter how good your workout


New research has also linked the
use of human growth hormone to the
development of enlarged breasts in men. Read more.

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