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September 30, 2007, last updated January 16, 2013
By the Editors of MangoBoss

Losing some hair up top? You are not alone. Fifty percent  (50%) of
men suffer receding hair lines or male pattern baldness (also called
androgenic alopecia) before age 50 and almost sixty seven percent
(67%) of men will have hair loss at some point. In most of these men,
balding begins early, for some as early as 17 or 18 years of age.  

Both heredity and diet and lifestyle seem to play a part in producing
baldness. Of course genes play a role in deciding which men go bald.
The gene for baldness comes from your mother’s side of the family,
and if your grandfather on your mother’s side is bald and the men on
her side of the family are bald, the cards are stacked against you.  

But here’s the latest news. Genes are not—repeat not—the whole story
of whether you will go bald. Your diet may also determine whether you
will suffer from baldness. High fat diets contribute to the increase of
DHT(Dihydrotestosterone), a type of testosterone which has been
found to cause hair loss.   

Although not all of the research has been conclusive, there does appear
to be  link between baldness and diet.  Societies that consumed
relatively low-fat diets ---such as pre-World War II Japan ---
experienced almost no pattern baldness.  But post-World War II
Japanese men have started to experience higher and higher levels of
pattern baldness as their society consumes more Western-style fatty
diets.   Article Continues Below.

In fact, one study by a leading manufacturer of men's wigs in Japan,
the Anderans Co. Ltd, found that baldness and thinning hair has
skyrocketed with the increasing popularity of Western fatty foods like
hamburgers and fries.  Anderans  found that the percentage of balding
men increased  almost 200% in less than 20 years, from 6.2 million
men in 1987 (8.1%) to 11.4 million men just 17 years later.   

Bottom line: Your genes are not the whole story when it comes to male
pattern baldness. What you eat and how you live may contribute to
baldness as much as genetics.  


In fact, there is a growing body of evidence linking your body's ability
to metabolize food --in particular sugar --- to your likelihood of going
bald prematurely.  Studies have looked at the hormonal profile of men
who go bald prematurely.

After testing a range of hormones in these men, scientists discovered
something startling. The hormonal profile of prematurely balding men is
quite similar to the hormonal profile of women who have a disease
called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). As a 2004 study from the
Institute of Endocrinology in the Czech Republic noted "The hormonal
pattern of a substantial number of men with premature balding
resembles in some respects the hormonal pattern of women with
polycystic ovary syndrome".

Women with PCOS grow hair on their faces. Most importantly, PCOS is
a condition that occurs because of an insulin impairment. Insulin
impairment is improved when you lower the amount of refined
carbohydrates (sugar, white flour) in your diet and increase the
am9ount of vegetables and lean meats you eat.]

Baldness: Facts and Myths  

Myth:  Asian men can’t go bald:
There are some racial differences in the incidence of male pattern
baldness. The highest rates are found among Caucasians, followed by
Afro-Caribbeans. Chinese and Japanese men have the lowest rates. For
some unknown reason, this form of hair loss is does not occur among
Native Americans.   

Myth: Bald Men Are More Virile

Virility, defined as high sex drive and the ability to father children, is
not related at all to baldness. Native American men do not go bald and
Asians and many Africans have low incidences of baldness but can
produce high rates of pregnancy. The best known myth about baldness
is that bald men are more virile. Dating from the centuries when
castrated men –eunuchs—were enlisted to work as palace guards,
people have observed that eunuchs do not go bald.  But the connection
between baldness and virility is not direct, guys. Baldness is caused by

But, as we have described, the type of testosterone that causes
baldness is a sex hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The body
naturally converts testosterone to DHT. DHT in men is what stimulates
your hair to grow on your face and  your body, and it also stimulates
your prostate gland and has been linked to heart disease.  In the
largest study on male pattern baldness, 3942 were examined by
researchers compiling The National Health and Nutrition Examination
Study. Their results?  Severe hair loss and heart disease are

The most recent research has found that what really makes you bald is
not that you have DHT—all men do—but that your scalp is super-
sensitive to DHT.  This is why even though you can get shiny bald on
top, you can still grow a beard.

Fact:  Baldness Runs in Families

Male pattern baldness runs in the family. If your grandfather, father or
brothers went bald early, the chances are that you will too. The
strongest influence is on the mother's side: if your maternal
grandfather went bald, that's probably a better indicator that you will
too than if your father's father lost his hair. The gene for baldness is
located on what is called the androgene receptor on the X
chromosomes fro your mother,  comes from your mother’s side of the

Myth:  Too Much Testosterone Makes You Bald  

Here, the answer appears to be mostly “no”. Recent studies suggest
that male pattern baldness results from an over-sensitivity of scalp hair
follicles to DHT, rather than raised levels of either sex hormone in the

What Works-- Lifestyle and Diet  As we have seen above, there is a
direct connection between high fat diets and increased incidence of
male patteren baldness.  
Diets low in saturated fat, and diets high in
soy, have been linked with decreased levels of baldness. Obesity has
been linked to increased baldness. Populations where men are at their
ideal weight (Asia, Scandanavia, others)  do not have as high rates of
baldness as countries with higher rates of obesity (America, United
Kingdom, others)

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Men Who Eat Western Fatty Diets Have Higher Risk of Prostate Cancer
Quick Fact: The county of
Qidong in China has the lowest
recorded prostate cancer
incidence rate, 0.5 per 100,000
men. By comparison, Sweden
has a rate of 55.3 per 100,000
men and the U.S. has a rate of
102.1 per 100,000
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