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Exercises that Improve Erectile
Game Plan for Erectile Health

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June 1, 2009, last updated June 10, 2014

By Editors, MangoBoss

The main cause of erectile dysfunction is blood flow. That's
a fact lost in much of the hyped-up literature about sexual
aids. Pure and simple, your circulatory system-- arteries,
vessels and heart-- control your sexual stamina, the
strength and duration of your erection, and significantly
affect the overall fitness needed to perform even basic
sexual positions.

Are there exercises that can specifically improve sexual
performance? Do so-called PC muscle exercises work? The
surprising answer is yes. Most people have heard by now
about the Kegel exercises that improve a woman's vaginal
tightness, but few men know that their own sexual
performance is greatly enhanced by specific exercises.

The Importance of the Core--Ab Workouts

The abdominal muscles actually consist of six muscle
groups. Together they form your core --the trunk of your
body responsible for stabilizing your spine, holding in your
internal organs and supporting you during the range of
most sexual positions. If they get too weak, you will not
be able to sustain the physical vigor needed to complete
more than a minimal time having sex. In a nutshell, you
need a strong core to thrust and pump. Article continues

Back and Spine

The muscles of your back are supported in large part by
your abdomen (which is why so many desk-bound men
have lower back pain, their abs can't support the back
adequately. But you need a strong back also. Your back
muscles stabilize your spine during the range of motions
performed during sex. Every time you twist, lift her even a
little off the horizontal plane or mount a woman from
above in the classic missionary position, you are using
your back muscles. (Read more about
exercises to
strengthen your back.)

You also are engaging your abs because you are
maintaining a classic "plank" move.

Pelvic Floor Exercises –Proven to Help Erectile Dysfunction

Pelvic floor exercises work to improve erectile dysfunction.
Your pelvic floor muscles are what supports your stomach
and abdomen contents. These muscles also help to keep
you from urinating on yourself or defecating on yourself
and they are very active when you're having sexual
intercourse. These are the muscles that contract
rhythmically during orgasm in both men and women. In
men, these muscles are responsible for pushing out your

A 2005 study from The Somerset Nuffield Hospital in
Taunton, UK examined 55 men who had experienced
erectile dysfunction for at least 6 months.  Half the men
were given pelvic floor exercises to do with biofeedback
and lifestyle changes (diet, etc). The second group only
followed lifestyle changes.

After just 3 months, some of the men showed
improvement—they had regained partial erectile function.  

But the real change came after 6 months of these
exercises. After 6 months, 40% of the men who had
performed pelvic floor exercises had  “ regained normal
erectile function”.  

As for the remaining 60%, 35.5% improved somewhat
and 24.5% failed to improve at all.  

In sum, 75.5% of men who did pelvic floor exercises for 6
months showed partial or full recovery of erectile
function.  So, It’s clear that pelvic floor exercises can
greatly help improve erectile dysfunction in many men.

We list pelvic floor exercises, among others, below.

The Best Exercises for Improving Blood Flow to the Penis
and Pelvic Area

Lying Pump

This yoga exercise improves blood circulation throughout
your pelvis, and helps strengthen your back and core.

Lie down and press the small of your back into the floor.
Doing this allows you to use your abdominal muscles
without straining your lower back.

Raise your right leg slowly while breathing in. Keep your
back flat on the floor and let the rest of your body remain

Move your leg very slowly. No quick movements. Hold for
5 breaths. Lower your leg very slowly as you breathe out.

Repeat the same exercise on your left side. Then alternate
legs, repeating the exercise 5 to 10 times.  Sounds easy?
It's a killer exercise if you do it right--slowly.

Basically, this is a weight lifting exercise. You should do no
more than 10 sets on your heavy-lifting days and 5 sets on
your light-lifting days.


Squats are by far the best thigh and hip exercise bar
none.  Do them with your back straight. Use a mirror.

Squats not only build muscle mass in your thighs and
buttocks, which of course make lifting her easier, but as
they build muscle, they increase the demand for blood
from your heart throughout the day.

As a result, your groin receives more of the energy-rich
blood you need to maintain an erection.

Core Training

Here, the basic Six Pack Abs work-out will trim and lay
muscle on your core.

The key to your core workout is
plank, plank, and more
.  Why should the plank be a major part of your core
training? Because, as we mentioned above, you basically
are doing a plank if you're having sex in the missionary

There are two type of planks. The easier type is
maintaining a plank while resting on your hands. This type
of plank engages your shoulders to assist your core
muscles in stabilizing your spine throughout the plank hold.

The harder type of plank is maintaining the plank while
resting on your forearms. This type of plank places
maximum demands on your core to stabilize your back
throughout the hold.

Aim to do a forearm rest plank hod for a minute. Build up
to 2 minutes or more per hold. Do 6 holds every day.


Any cardio that is intense and sustaine enough to keep you
sweating for an hour will do. Strive for 4-6 times a week.

Here is why these exercises increase erectile function.
Muscle requires 8 times mire energy to sustain itself than
fat. Muscle "demands" energy from the body to sustain
itself. That is why you lose weight when you lay on
muscle. It becomes a calories-burning machine. Now,
when you add muscle to your core, or back or thighs with
the 3 exercises above, these areas of yor body will demand
more energy from your body. The only way the body has
to deliver that energy is by sending blood to the area
demanding energy. Your blood cells come packages with
the energy they have obtained form the food you've eaten.
Blood is the train that delivers the energy where it is
needed. When the blood train makes a stop at the abs or
the thighs or the back, it also drops off extra blood to the
area nearest them--- your groin. Your groin is right at the
apex-- above the thighs that squats strengthen, below the
core abs and back.   As a result, you will find that you
maintain a low-grade arousal
through-out the day as you become more fit.

To be more detailed, an erection occurs when the brain is
sexually stimulated and demands blood. The Blood train
then delivers blood, engorging your penis and making it
bone hard. If your delivery system is broken down --rusty
train tracks from too much cholesterol or plaque blocking
the flow of blood, you cannot maintain an erection. It is a
physical impossibility. That is the reason men who have
heart disease often report erectile dysfunction prior to
their attacks.

In fact, according to one study cited by the Mayo Clinic,
64% of men who have had heart attacks first experience
erectile dysfunction. Many experts believe that if you have
never been diagnosed with heart disease, you should
regard erectile dysfunction as a wake up call. It may be the
first sign that you have developed heart disease.

The reason stems from your arteries. Eating too much
fatty food and not exercising can lead to a stiffening of
your arteries. This is the condition called artherosclerosis.  
If atherosclerosis has made the coronary arteries that
carry blood to and from your heart narrow and stiff,
chances are that arteries elsewhere have also been
clogged, such as those responsible for supplying blood to
your penis to create an erection.   

Atherosclerosis-- clogged and stiff arteries-- can prevent
enough blood flow from reaching your heart, legs, brain
and penis. When atherosclerosis affects blood flow to your
penis, the blood can't sufficiently fill the penis, preventing
you from having or sustaining a hard-enough erection.

Here's the bottom line.  The same factors that raise your
risk of developing coronary disease also increase your
chances of erectile dysfunction.
 Because the arteries
supplying your penis are smaller than the ones to your
heart, symptoms may first show up as erectile
dysfunction.  It's all about the pipes.

Risk factors for cardiovascular disease and can contribute
to erectile dysfunction include:

Smoking. Smoking cigarettes raises your risk of developing
atherosclerosis. If you light up, you are
twice as likely to
develop erectile dysfunction.

Diabetes. Men with Type I or Type II diabetes have more
problems getting and maintaining an erection. The reason,
again, is mostly because diabetes damages the blood
vessels that supply the penis.

Obesity. If you are overweight, you are more likely to have
erectile dysfunction than men who are fit.

High cholesterol. A high level of low-density lipoprotein
(LDL, "lousy" or "bad") cholesterol contributes to
atherosclerosis which, as we have seen, increases the
likelihood of erectile dysfunction.

High blood pressure. Over time,
high blood pressure
damages the lining of your arteries and accelerates the
process of atherosclerosis — which can lead to
cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction.

Exercise Your PC Muscle.  Exercising the PC muscle
(pubococcygeus muscle) that stretches from your pelvis to
your tailbone does help in improving sexual performance.
This is the same muscle that helps you hold in your urine.

These type of exercises where you pretend to "hold your
urine" are called Kegel exercises.  You should exercise it no
more than 10 to 20 sets at a time to avoid strain.

Do Pelvic Floor Exercises. As we discussed above, doing
pelvic floor exercises has helped 75% of men improve
erectile dysfunction and 40% of men regain full erectile

Again, here you should practice holding in your urine to
the count of 10.

You should also try to hold in your stomach, pretending as
if you are trying to pin your belly button to your back. Try
holding in your stomach to the count of 10 once every

7. Power Posing. New research has found that just
standing or sitting in certain poses for longer than 2
minutes a day boosts testosterone by 20%, which in turn
can, in some cases, improve erectile performance. The
power poses are

-standing like Superman, with your hands on your hips.

-Raising your arms in victory, making your body look like a
Big X

-Sitting with your legs spread wide open and your hands
behind your hand, in the classic "relaxed boss" pose.  
(Read more about
power posing.)

Game Plan for Erectile Health:

1. Do the Exercises Above that Improve Blood Flow to the
Groin Apex.
2. Eat Right. There are foods that help to support erectile
3. Add cardio at least 4 times a week. The cardio must be
intense and sustained enough to work up a good sweat.
4. Plank it Up. Do planks at least 4 times a week.

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