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Embarrassed to Death --- Why
Men Don't Go to the Doctor
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Last updated July 8, 2017, originally published June 26, 2014

By A. Lee, Contributing Columnist

If you think this is going to be another one of those
articles about the machismo of men preventing them from
doing something self-destructive, you're wrong. Machismo
not the reason that men do not go to the doctor, talk to
the doctor or to their wives and partners about their
health. The reason I know? I am not a man and I have the
same problem. No, the reason that men and some women
do not like to talk to their doctors is explained by one
word  ---embarrassment.

But, first, let's look at the usual explanation for men's
avoidance of the doctor. The Cleveland Clinic conducted a
survey in 2016 as a part of the national "MENtion It"
campaign aimed at getting men to discuss their health
problems with their doctors or among themselves. The
campaign was sorely needed. About 53 percent of men
reported that "their health just isn’t something they talk
about. Men are much more likely to discuss current events
(36 percent), sports (32 percent) and their job (32
percent) than their health (7 percent) with their male

If you look behind the topics men choose actually to talk
about, you ail find clues to why they do not discuss health.
It's embarrassment. Men can talk about sports because
doing s does not involve loss of status in someone else's
eyes. Men would not discuss, say, mysterious lumps that
have appeared on their scrotum because doing so would
make them feel that they have lost status in the eyes of the
person hearing thestory.

Embarrassment explains the following tragic situation. This
is a true story.  A 73 year old woman in Texas named
Barbara Quackenbush  appeared recently with her
husband on a
video made by Houston Methodist Hospital.
Barbara sits next to her husband David to tell her story of
waking up one day after having a bladder infection and
not being able to make sense. She was confused,
lightheaded and her heart was racing. Man times before
Barbara had had bladder infections and they had always
gone away.

Well, this time was different. The bladder infection
progressed to full blown sepsis, a condition where bacteria
enters your blood and causes organ failure.  And that is
exactly what happened to Barbara. The sepsis spread
throughout her body. Heavy doses of antibiotics were able
to stop the spread and save her life but not without a
tremendous cost. Barbara lost both her hands to
gangrene. She may lose her feet.  Her life is forever
changed because the bladder infections were not resolved.

A simple problem, left unaddressed, almost cost her her

The reason this story hits home is obvious. All of us
procrastinate. All of us go into a kind of wishful, magical
thinking when we suspect that we have a health problem.
Very few of us face the possibilities head on, become
proactive and get ahead of the problem. Some of us
procrastinate until it is almost too late. Why is this?

Magical Thinking Is One of the Reasons We Avoid the

A basic tenet of human nature is we move toward
experiences that are pleasant and away from experiences
that are unpleasant. We move toward sex and away from
root canals. Simple truth, simple strategy of coping with
the world.

Because of this habit of behavior, we postpone things that
we believe will be negative.  Don't think that person likes
you? You start to avoid them.

The same principle underlies our vulnerability to fall into
the trap of magical thinking about our health. Once you
suspect that you may get bad news, you start to avoid the
potentially negative experience of actually hearing the
news coming out of the mouth of a doctor.

Avoidance of course does not change reality. Whatever
news you are avoiding, whether it is bad or actually good,
is completely unaffected by your decision to avoid learning
it. This is the paradox. Many of us think that avoiding news
makes it go away.  Do you know where this type of
thinking starts?

It starts around the time you are born. Development
sociologists have discovered that children at age Two think
quite differently from children at age 5 or 6, and the
difference is not just that the older children have acquired
more language skills.

No, children who are toddlers lack a particular way to see
the world. There is a famous experiment which goes
something like this. You draw two pictures of a doll, one
which shows the dolls face and the other which shows the
back of the doll, and you sit in front of a two year old and
ask, "which picture shows how I the see the picture?".  
The answer is the  picture which shows the back of the
doll. But mos two or three year olds will not be able to
answer this question correctly. They will not be able to
project how the world looks from someone else's

Likewise, we adults who engage in avoidance thinking are
unable to project that the real world looks quite different
from the world we have imagined. We cannot project
ourselves into that other world. Unable to do so, we cling
to our view of how the world looks from our side, the safe
side, the side without the parade of imagine horrors of
cancer, heart disease and so on. We convince ourselves
that as long as we do not "see" how the outcome might
look different, then in reality it never will look different.

This is not machismo. It's not that simple. Machismo
implies that you are fully aware of the other side and you
choose, based on a feeling of male superiority, that certain
ways of being are "weak", so you engage in wilful
rejection. No, this is not machismo. This is avoidance. This
avoidance can be explained by embarrassment. This
avoidance can be explained by fear.

But it is not the simple "machismo" explanation you see
parroted all over the web.  

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