Eating Raw Garlic Reduces Your Blood
Pressure Almost Immediately
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January 22, 2018

By S. Callahan, Contributing Columnist

Resistant high blood pressure is a growing phenomenon. As the name
suggests, high blood pressure is "resistant" when it does not respond
to the usual lines of treatment.  When you are diagnosed with
hypertension, the first treatment recommended depends on the level of
your hypertension. For all but the mildest cases, medication is
recommended.  If that doesn't work, a second blood pressure
medication is recommended.  However, as we have written about on
this site, taking multiple blood pressure medications, while usually
effective in lowering your hypertension, also can introduce a host of
side effects, from
erectile dysfunction to actually triggering diabetes.

I awoke recently to a blood pressure reading of 138/82. Fortunately, I
am one of those people who takes their blood pressure almost every
day, so I knew what had driven it up. It was an overly enjoyed plates
of steak and fries and chicken wings on vacation.

I also knew how to drive my blood pressure numbers down again; So,
I cut out the salt and heavy meats. Still, after two weeks, my blood
pressure readings remained stubbornly high.

Then, I remembered that I had not been eating as much garlic as I
normally do. To "turbocharge" my return to garlic, I decided to slice
two cloves and eat them raw. To help them g down easier, I ate the
clove slices with an apple.

After Eating Raw Garlic for One Day, My Blood Pressure Dropped 30

The next day, I took my blood pressure again with my home blood
pressure monitor. The result?  104/76.  

The low readings have continued. Here are the readings for the next 6
days after incorporating raw garlic into my daily diet:







Studies Have Proven That Garlic Can Dramatically Lower Blood Pressure

Garlic has been extensively studied for its cardio-protective and
immunity-boosting qualities. Even in ancient Greece, Olympic athletes
were given garlic before their contests to improve performance.

Many studies have confirmed that garlic contains sulfur compounds
which act to dilate your arteries and therefore reduce blood pressure.
These compounds, notably "allicin", are only released when garlic is
crushed such as through mashing with kitchen tools or chewing.

A 2016  study which reviewed existing studies on garlic's effectiveness
on people who already have hypertension. The study, from Australia's
National Institute of Integrative Medicine in Melbourne, confirmed that
garlic reduces systolic (top number) blood pressure by an average of
8.7 to 10.9 points and diastolic (bottom number ) blood pressure from
6.1 to 7.4 points in already hypertensive patients.

This study also noted that previous studies of over 39 trials and 2300
people found that, for individuals with slightly elevated cholesterol,
garlic lowers total and LDL cholesterol by 10% if taken for 2 months.

Garlic boosts immune functions by increasing activity of macrophages,
natural killer cells, T and B cells. The Australian mega-study noted as
well that garlic significantly reduces "the number, duration, and
severity of upper respiratory infections".

Both Aged Garlic and Raw Garlic Are Effective in Lowering Hypertension

Studies have found that both aged and raw garlic are effective in
reducing hypertension, with the weight of authority in favor of aged
garlic's effectiveness.

I have used both aged garlic, in garlic supplements, and of course raw
garlic. Everyone's body is different and some people may have blood
pressure that is more sensitive to aged garlic than raw. But from my
personal experience, raw garlic works faster i reducing blood pressure,
especially when the numbers stay stubbornly high.

To Be Effective, Garlic Has to Make it Past Stomach Acid and Evidence
Is that It Does

For any  medicine to reach your blood stream to do any good, it must
first make it past the acid bath that is your stomach. Garlic obviously
survives the acid bath since it actually reached your intestines and,
there, changes the environment of gut bacteria known as  the

A 2017 study led by St Mary’s University, Twickenham, United
Kingdom, encouraged the eating of garlic and other foods to restore
the beneficial ratios of probiotic bacteria in the intestinal microbiome.

This helps to keep you healthy overall, since the intestinal microbiome
helps to regulate every other system in your body, including your
immune, cardiovascular, metabolic and nervous systems. It also, as a
side benefit, helps you achieve a healthy body weight.

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Eating raw garlic drives blood pressure