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The Mango Diet for Erectile Health
The Right Way to Eat for Erectile Health

In America and Europe, an estimated 50 million men
suffer from partial or total erectile dysfunction (ED),
defined as the inability to maintain an erection sufficiently
hard or of sufficient duration to complete sexual

Over the past 30 years, reported cases of ED have been
steadily rising. What's going on?  And why are the
incidences of ED not rising in other parts of the world?

We believe the answer lies in a simple truth. ED can not
be "cured" by simply taking a pill. ED is not a symptom
of a sexual problem. Why? Because ED is a symptom, we
believe, of a health problem.  

ED is caused by the same factors which cause heart
disease, disbetes and stroke.  Why?  The penis becomes
erect when blood flow is supplied to the penile area,
causing the shaft to become stiff.

It's all about the arteries. The pipes. Keep your pipes
clear and you keep the blood flowing to the penis, and you
have strong, enduring erections.

What Is It In Mangoes That Helps ED?

Mangoes and other foods contain quercetin, a compound
which has been shown in studies to improve the body's
ability to metabolize sugars. Mangoes, onions and other
foods rich in quercetin work on a group of cell receptors
called to lower the inflammation in the body which is a
precursor condition to arterial diseases such as
arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), heart disease
and diabetes. These special cell receptors called
"peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors" or PPARs
are activated when the quercetin enters the intestines and
interacts with bacteria found naturally in all healthy colons.
A second compound found in mangoes and a range of
other fruits is called norathyriol, a by-product of
mangiferin that is found in a range of fruits and traditional
antidiabetic herbs.

Once inside your intestines, the bacteria which live
naturally in your guts convert mangiferin into norathyriol.  
After the mangiferin is converted into norathyriol, it has an
even more potent effect on the PPARs cell receptors,
creating an intense health benefit on your cholesterol and
combating gut-bloating metabolic syndrome that
contributes to ED.  PPARs are also being investigated for
potential benefit in combating colon cancer.

But Aren't Mangoes High in Sugar?

Yes, and because mangoes are high in natural sugars, you
should balance them in your meal plans if you need to
control sugar intake, we substitute other
high-quercetin-rich and norathyriol-rich foods. We also
emphasize natural spices such as cinnamon, cumin and
curry in unusual combinations to increase the body's
ability to fight off metabolic syndrome that has led to an
epidemic of  pot guts and unreliable erections.
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