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Dry Penis -- Causes and Top 10 Natural
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September 10, 2011, last updated May 11, 2014
By L. Carr, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

6. Licorice Cream Can Help Treat a Dry, Itchy Penis

While you’re looking at creams to ease the itch on your penis, consider
licorice cream. A cream made with 1 percent or 2 percent extract of
licorice was found to be more effective at treating eczema in a 2003
study from Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, Sari, Iran than
placebo. The 2 percent cream was even better than the 1 percent.

Can Evening Primrose Oil Help a Dry Penis?

Evening primrose oil is a rich source of the essential fatty acid gamma-
linolenic acid (GLA), as are borage oil and black currant oil. Experts saw
evening primrose oil, taken in capsule form, is useful for treating

Could it also help your dry penis caused by eczema? Maybe.  A 1989
review from the Efamol Research Institute, Woodbridge Meadows,
Guildford, UK did find evening primrose oil reduced the itching
associated with eczema over several months of use, but studies after
this review have failed to find similar benefits.

One 1994 study from the University of Bologna, Italy found marginal
benefits but used very high doses of the supplement. One interesting
2007 study from Wakayama Medical University, Wakayama City, Japan
found undershirts coated with borage oil reduced the symptoms of
eczema in 32 children. The effect has not yet been tested on underwear.

Change Your Soap and Underwear to Prevent Dry Penis

The simple remedies are often the best, and cures for jock itch and dry
penis include switching your soap to a mild, soapless cleanser and
gently washing the skin twice a day. Wear 100 percent cotton
underwear to avoid skin irritation and to keep sweat away from the
skin. Switch your laundry detergent to a specialist detergent for
sensitive skin and skip the fabric softener and bleach.

Keep Your Private Parts Dry to Avoid Penis Itch

You can also cut your risk of a dry and itchy penis, and clear your
symptoms, by drying the genital area thoroughly with a clean towel
after showering and exercising.

Powder helps. You can use un-scented powder to get rid of moisture.
These measures help cut down the risk of bacterial and fungal
infections that thrive in warm, moist areas. If you have athlete’s foot,
treat it before it spreads to the groin and the penis.

Tea Tree Oil Can Help Prevent a Dry Penis

Tea tree oil is shown to be effective at treating athlete’s foot. When you
treat athlete’s foot you are less likely to pass the infection to your groin
area, where it can cause a dry and itchy penis.

A 2002 study from the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown, New
South Wales, Australia tested 158 people with athlete’s foot with a 25
percent tea tree solution, 50 percent tea tree oil solution or placebo.

In the 50% tea tree group, 64 percent of the patients were cured and
in the 25% tea tree group, 55 percent were cured of athlete’s foot –
much better than placebo for getting rid of athlete’s foot that could
cause problems for your penis.

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Creams made from the Oregon grape
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