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January 27, 2018
S. Callahan, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

Every man
has a nightmare that begins something like this. I
was showering when I noticed a lump in my testicles. The
lump can be painful or not. But if the lump is painful, does it
mean that it is cancerous? Are cancerous lumps in your
testicles always painful?  Or does the presence of pain
actually rule out cancer?

Many Types of Testicular Bumps Are Not Cancerous

The testicles can develop many types of bumps which are not
cancerous. A variocele is one such bump. Variocele are
varicose veins in your scrotum. Like all varicose veins, they
are caused by a leakiness in the vein itself. A variocele is a
mass of varicose veins, which have contorted or massed
together, forming a lump.

Varioceles can be painful. If not treated, the variocele can
drain blood away from the testicles and cause infertility.
About 15% of all men have a variocele, according to the
foundation of the American Urological Association.

You are more likely to develop a variocele on the left side of
the groin. Varicoceles almost always are larger and more
common on the left side. Half of the men with varicoceles
develop them on both sides, according to 2016 study led by
McGill University, Montreal.

Testicular Cancer Can Be Painful If It Grows Large Enough

In and of itself, a cancerous lump ordinarily does not cause
pain, if it is small. When the cancerous mass grows larger, it
can crowd the testicles, pressing against veins and causing

Often, cancerous testicular lumps cause no pain. For that
reason, it is critical to have any bumps on your scrotum
examined by a doctor.

If the bump changes shape or becomes larger, even though
there is no pain, that is an indication that it may be
cancerous. Again, get to a doctor straightaway.

Noncancerous Cysts Called Spermatoceles Are Painless

A spermatocele, also called an epididymal cyst or spermatic
cyst, are fluid-filled sacs that occur above the testicles; They
are usually painless. These cysts typically occur in men over
40. Once believed to be rare, multiple testicular benign cysts
are being found more often because of the availability of
ultrasound, according to a 2013 study from Pusan National
University School of Medicine in South Korea

No one quite knows why men are developing more of these
benign cysts. This study cited other studies which found that
between 8% and 9% of men have these benign cysts.

The South Korean study described the case of a 62 year old
man with chronic epididymitis,  diagnosed after ultrasound.
They found multiple testicular bumps ("testicular hypoechoic
lesions") which were treated with non-steroidal anti-
inflammatory medicine. It didn't work. The doctors then had
to remove the cysts surgically.

Sometimes Benign Cysts Co-exist with Cancerous Ones

Many doctors advocate removing any and all cysts, benign or
not because benign cysts can co-exist with cancerous ones.

Sometimes the cysts can be removed without sacrificing the
testicle. Sometimes the entire testicle is removed.

The Korean study noted that other doctors have reported
success in "enucleation" of the cysts. This is a conservative
approach that spares you from losing a testicle. This
approach is only made possible by the advancements in the
use of more precise ultrasound.

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