Does Drinking Beer Make Male Yeast
Infection Worse?
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September 10, 2011, last updated May 11, 2014
By L. Carr, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

Male yeast infections are an under-reported problem. Yeast infections
in men can cause a host of problems including
itching, burning,
discharge and dry flaking skin on the head of the penis. Not only is
st infection annoying but it can also be transferred during sex. The
causes of such yeast infections -- by which we mean the trigger ---
varied. . But one common belief is that drinking beer contributes to t
problem. Does drinking beer make a male yeast infection worse? Beer is
made from yeast, so, should you completely abstain from beer is you
suffer from yeast problems.

The Yeast That Causes Yeast Infections Is Different from The Yeast in

The yeast that causes yeast infections is candida albicans.  Candida
albicans is a natural resident on the surface of your skin. It is only
problematic when it grows out of  control.  

The yeast used to brew beer is Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This yeast is
found on the skin of grapes and is also used to make wine. Alcohol is
produced by the yeast during fermentation.

Lager beers are made from yet a different yeast, Saccharomyces uvarum
also known as Saccharomyces carlsbergensis.

Can candida albicans incease in number becuase of the presence of
saccharomyces cerevisiae or saccharomyces carlsbergensis?

The answer is no. The only way that one yeast species can boost the
numbers of another yeast species is if one of the species knocked out a
natural predator of the other or if yeast were able to eat other yeast
for food. Neuther happens in nature.

Yeast eat sugar for food, not other yeast.

Yeast do have natural competitors which are certain types of bacteria.
This brings us to one of the most common causes of yeast infections.

Using Antibiotics Actually Can Produce Yeast Infections

Antibiotics kill bacteria. When they do, they eliminate the bacteria as a
competitor of the yeast on the surface of your skin and in your
intestines. When this happens, yeast flourish, begin to dominate the
environment on your skin, and a yeast infection results.

A 2008 study from Wayne State University found that 37% of women
have a yeast infection following a short course of antibiotics. The study,
entitled, "Effect of Antibiotics on Vulvovaginal Candidiasis: A MetroNet
Study ", looked at the effect of giving a short course of antibiotics on
80 women. Following the antibiotics treatment, only those women who
had received antibiotics developed yeast infections while none of the
women in the control group that received no antibiotics developed
yeast infections.

While the study did not include women, we would expect the same
increase in yest infections among men after antibiotic use.

The risk of a yeast infection should not, of course, make you avoid
using prescribed antibiotics. You may need to consult with your doctor
for medication to help control the yeast infection.

The Yeast in Beer Does Not Increase Yeast Infections But the Alcohol

Alcohol is a carbohydrate-rich drink. Yeast feed on carbohydrates, so
drinking any sugary or carbohydrate rich drink can provide candida
albicans with a food source.

But just to be clear -- it's not the yeast in beer that becomes a food
source for candida albicans, it's the sugar.

Lagers can vary in amount of carbohydrates from 10g to 15 g per pint
of liquid. Light beers can have much less, from 3.6g to 10g per pint.
Porters, stouts and Guinness have the most carbohydrates, between 20
per pint.

Drinking these beers can actually lower blood sugar in some people,
because the alcohol negates the effects of the carbohydrates, according
to the
Diabetes Canada.

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Different types of beer contain differing
levels of carbohydrates which can affect
yeast infections