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Does Coca-Cola Cause Impotence?
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April 21, 2012, last updated February 28, 2013

By Stephen Kintz, Contributing Columnist

According to Business Insider, the world drinks 1.7 billion
8 ounce servings of Coca-Cola every day. Coca-Cola’s logo
can be identified by 94 percent of the world’s population.
Coca-Cola is a major cultural phenomenon. Therefore, it is
not surprising that so many folk tales, myths, and rumors
circulate about the frizzy soft drink. In the past, people
imbued the dark drink with a host of healing powers. I
cannot count how many times my great grandmother told
me that Coca-Cola soothed an upset stomach.

In today’s more health conscious world, Coca-Cola’s
healing powers have been replaced with feelings and
rumors that Coca-Cola is secretly destroying the body. One
of the more recent rumors claims that Coca-Cola can cause
impotence. So can drinking too much Coca-Cola cause

Tina Kold Jensen and colleagues in Copenhagen, Denmark
published one of the largest studies on soft drink
consumption and infertility in 2010 in the “American
Journal of Epidemiology.” The researchers examined the
sperm quality of 2,554 Danish men and conducted surveys
to determine the rate of soft drink consumption. The
researchers found that high-intake soda drinkers (who
consume >1 liter a day) had lower sperm concentrations
and quality. Yet the researchers were unable to explain the
results. The researchers were able to determine that
caffeine is an unlikely explanation, but the researchers
were unable to determine if the lower sperm quality came
from a generally unhealthy lifestyle or actual soda

These results are repeated in two studies for women
fertility. One study published in 2012 in “Epidemiology” by
Hatch and colleagues from Boston University in Boston,
Massachusetts examined soft drink consumption rates for
women trying to get pregnant.

The study determined that women who drink more soft
drinks take longer to get pregnant. In the other 2009
study published in “Epidemiology,” Chavarro and
colleagues from Harvard in Boston, Massachusetts
followed 18,555 married women without a history of
infertility attempting to get pregnant. The researchers
surveyed their diets and found that alcohol and caffeine do
not increase the women’s risk for infertility. Yet a high-
intake of soft drinks did increase infertility, but the
researchers were unable to determine if soda itself causes
infertility or is simply correlated with an unhealthy lifestyle.

These studies seem to conclude that it is not soft drinks or
Coca-Cola that leads to impotence or infertility. Instead,
people who drink more than 1 liter of soda a day typically
have unhealthier lifestyles and are more likely to be
overweight; and there does appear to be a strong link
between BMI and sperm quality as reported in a 2012
study from researchers in Sao Pualo Federal University in
Sao Pualo, Brazil. In the study, the researchers divided
305 male patients into different categories of BMI and
examined the patients’ sperm for DNA fragmentation and
motility. The higher BMI group had more DNA
fragmentation and motility, indicating unhealthier sperm.

Of course, it is understandable to be confused by all the
research. There is not a consensus among researchers or
doctors about the health effects of Coca-Cola. Researchers
are not sure if there is something in Coca-Cola that causes
infertility at high doses or if high doses of Coca-Cola
reflect an unhealthier lifestyle that is more likely to cause
infertility. Also, while the studies mentioned above do not
show caffeine affecting sperm quality or fertility, there is
not a consensus in research about caffeine either. Most
likely, caffeine is safe, but some researchers have reported
limited spermicidal effects.

A study that has probably added to the rumors and myths
that surround soft drinks was a 1992 study published in
“Contraception” and conducted by Nwoha at the Obafemi
Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Nigeria. The researcher
wanted to examine the spermicidal effects of different soft
drinks to find a cheap and available contraception method
for poorer countries. While the study had only limited
success, the study can probably make any soda drinker

So it appears that medicine is unsure about the health
effects of soda. Yet if you drink Coca-cola in moderation,
no study has found a link to infertility. More importantly,
moderate soda drinker also consumer less sugar, and less
sugar will definitely have a positive outcome for your


Soft Drinks Lower Amount of Semen

A 2011 study from the Center for Reproductive Medicine,
Zaii Medical Center in  Seoul, Korea has found that men
who drink sodas of any type produce " significantly smaller
volumes of semen".

How much less semen is produced? About 37% less than
men who do not drink sodas.

The study did not identify what quality of sodas influence
semen volume --- is it the carbonation? -- so we are left to
wonder if caffeinated sodas are worse than any soda in
terms of reducing the amount of your semen fluid. ]

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