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Does 7 Up Contain Acid?

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March 28, 2018
S. Callahan, Contributing Columnist

7-Up was first introduced to the soft drink consumers over
90 years ago and it is still wildly popular. Since its
introduction by its inventor Charles Leiper Grigg in 1929, the
soda with the funny name has been the subject of plenty of
rumors and urban legends. In fact, maybe the mystery
surrounding 7 -Up is one of the reasons it became so
popular. One legend speculated that Grigg was an albino and
the red dot on the bottle is a symbol of his albino red eyes.
None of that was true.

But other rumors have hit closer to the mark. It is true that 7
Up once contained lithium, a mood stabilizer.

These days, with the popularity of
following an alkaline diet,
many people are wondering if 7-Up is acidic. This is
something we can answer definitively --- yes.

7-Up Cherry Is One of the Most Acidic Sodas on the Market

In 2016, the American Dental Association conducted a study
to determine the acidity of common juices and soft drinks.
They ended up testing 385 beverages.  In the category of
"extremely erosive" sodas,  7-Up Cherry made the list. It has
a PH value of 2.96. To put that into perspective, the PH level
of water is 7.

Cherry 7-UP is not as acidic as Coca-Cola Classic, which has a
PH of 2.37

Plain 7-up, interestingly, is not as erosive as Cherry 7-up. But
that doesn't mean that is not acidic. In fact, Plain 7-up has a
pH value of 3.24, which puts in the "erosive" category of
sodas.  Plain 7-Up's pH of 3.24 makes it slightly less acidic
than Diet Coke (pH of 3.1) and Diet Pepsi (pH of 3.02 ).

By the way, the most acidic soda of all was Coca-cola
Caffeine Free with a pH of 2.34.

How Does Drinking an Acidic Soda Affect Your Health?

The American Dental Association cautions all of us against
drinking acidic beverages, as they are highly erosive to your
tooth enamel.

Drinking highly acidic sodas is unlikely to change your blood
pH, as many alkaline diet advocates claim. Your blood's PH
levels are highly regulated by your body. Any change plus or
minus is offset by compensations automatically.

However, if you are suffering from acid reflux or GERD, you
should not aggravate the problem by adding even more acid
to your stomach.

The biggest health impact of sodas has to do with their sugar
content and flavorings, not their pH levels.  Drinking any f
these sodas regularly can raise your risk fro developing
diabetes, several studies have found.

Is It Possible to Make a Soda Less Acidic By Waiting Until It
Becomes Flat?

Unfortunately, this is an urban legend. Shaking a can of
carbonated soda does not change its pH. The main reason 7-
Up and other sodas is acidic has to do with the levels of
phosphoric acid they contain. Shaking the container will do
nothing to alter the levels of phosphoric acid.

Will Adding Ice Make 7-Up Less Acidic?

Adding ice may make 7-Up less acidic. As the ice melts and
becomes cold water, it changes the pH level of the soda-
water mix. Since plain water's pH is close to 7, the mix will
become less and less acidic as the ice melts. The amount that
ice will change the PH depends on how much ice is in the
glass relative to the amount of soda.

If it's half an half by liquid weight, then, once the ice melts
the soda-water mix ill have a pH close to 5, the average of the
pH of the two beverages.

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Seven Up is very acidic.
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