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Do Women Smell Your
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Last updated May 2, 2017, originally published March 29,

By L. Carr, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

Call it the "call of the wild". Male deer, called bucks, rub their
antlers against the bark of trees, releasing their scent which
attracts a herd of female deer. In our own animal kingdom
we also communicate and understand each other using scent
– often unknowingly.  Are men like bucks? Can we attract a
herd of women by spreading our musky scent in the bar, in
the mall, or in the bedroom?

Fact: men smell differently from women. Is it our
testosterone that makes the difference? Do men with high
testosterone attract more women using the smell of their

Recent scientific research says women do react to the
“sweet” scent of male sweat and the reaction is often
positive. So working up a sweat over whether she is going to
be attracted to you could be the best pre-date warm up ever.
But it’s not strictly speaking the testosterone in your sweat
she’s sniffing. In fact, your musky body odor contains
pheromones, androstenone and androstenol in the case of
men, which are emitted into the air by your hormones. These
pheromones are detected by the female of the species.

What effect does your musky smell have on the women you
meet? Is it true that women prefer the smell of a sweaty, un-
showered man? Is there something about the way you smell
that can turn a woman off or on? We checked out the
evidence for the effect of male sweat on women and came up
with the following information.

Your Sweat Smell Influences Her Choice of Mate

Perhaps love at first sight is more a case of lust at first smell.
The scent of your sweat, and hers, may influence your choice
of partner more than looks, shared interests or opportunity.
Females having a sniff of T-shirts recently worn by men were
more attracted to the scent of those men whose immune
response genes were different from their own. The so-called
“sweaty T-shirt experiment” took place in 1995 at the
Zoologisches Institut, Universitat Bern, Germany. Researchers
say two people with different immune system genes have a
better chance of producing offspring that can fight disease
and survive.

Women Can Tell You Are Aroused by the Smell of Your

It’s not just the obvious signs of lust women pick up on.
Apparently women can tell when you’re interested in them by
the scent of your sweat.

To test this, researchers had men sweat while watching an
education video and while watching an erotic tape. The
results from 2009 research at Rice University, Texas show
different parts of the brain lit up when women sniffed
“normal” sweat and when they smelled the “sexual” sweat.  

Experts suggest the female brain is capable of distinguishing
the smell of a man who’s attracted to her – or, at least, is
thinking about sex.

Your Sweat Smells Bad to Women If You Have an STD

Beware – if you’re not healthy you could be sending women
all the wrong scent signals. Men with an
STD give off an odor
that women find putrid and spoiled, according to 2011
research from scientists at the Institute of Cytology and
Genetics in Novosibirsk, Russia. Men with gonorrhea smelt
disagreeable, according to women, although the smell was
less a full-on stench than an unpleasant smell. The scientists
believe the warning signals are ways humans sniff out
healthy partners like other animals do. (Read more about the
Top 10 STD's and their remedies.)

Your Sweat Smell Alters Women’s Hormones

Just one little whiff of your sweat raises women’s stress
hormones, according to 2007 research from the University of
California, Berkeley. A compound in your sweat raises the
level of cortisol, a stress hormone, in women. But it’s not bad
news – with this rise, researchers reported, women were
more sexually aroused and in a better mood. Their
pressure, breathing and heart rate also rose, and remained
elevated for over an hour.

Pheromones from Your Sweat Could Build New Brain Cells

Did you know the pheromones in your sweat could actually
help develop brain cells in your female partner? This
surprising finding comes from 2007 research on mice at the
University of Calgary's Hotchkiss Brain Institute, Canada.
Experts report that certain areas in the female brain develop
a pheromonal bond with the male – new neurons are formed
in the areas of the female brain that deal with memory and

But building brain cells is only for the alpha males in the pack.
Researchers found non-alpha male mice didn’t elicit the same
response in the females.

Gay Men and Straight Women Respond Differently from
Straight Men to Male Sweat

When gay men smell the pheromones in male sweat their
brains respond similarly to the brains of women (presumably
straight women), according to a 2005 study from the
Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. Straight men
showed different brain activity in the area that deals with
reproductive behavior. Researchers suggest this shows brain
activity and sexual orientation are linked, leading to their
conclusion that people are born gay and not socialized to
become gay.

Your Odor Could Make Her More Attracted to You

It’s true, at least according to some scientists, that male body
odor can make you more attractive in the eyes, or should that
be the nose, of women. A 2008 study from the School of
Biological Sciences, University of Liverpool, UK found
androstadienone in men’s sweat changed women’s judgment
of how attractive a man was. During a speed-dating event,
women rated men more attractive when the women had been
exposed to androstadienone.

It's clear from various studies that a woman's brain does in
fact react to different smells. Scientists in 2010 from Sweden  
conducted a study to see whether women and men react to
the odor of a compound called "androstenol". Androstenol is
a human steroid produced by our bodies.

The study , conducted by the Stockholm Brain Institute,
Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, measured
whether the hypothalamus area of the brains of 16 healthy
heterosexual women can detect androstenol.

After exposing women to four ordinary odors or to
androstenol, the researchers found a clear pattern. Smelling
androstenol turned on the part of the hypothalamus  which
only becomes activated in other animals during mating.

Smelling the four ordinary odors did not activate the sex-
related part of the hypothalamus at all.

A 2012 study led by Dr. Sarah Burke from VU University
Medical Center, in Amsterdam was not able to replicate the
results from the Swedish study. The Amsterdam study found
that "both men and women showed a hypothalamic activation
upon smelling androstadienone. Thus, we were not able to
replicate the earlier reported gender-specific hypothalamic
activation by androstadienone."

Your Sweat Smell Can Make a Women Feel Better

The chemical odors in your sweat can make women feel less
stressed and more relaxed, according to a 2003 study by the
University of Pennsylvania. In the study, women rated their
moods after sniffing the extracts of male sweat that were
applied to their upper lips. There were no signs of sexual
arousal in their ratings but women, who didn’t know they
were smelling male sweat, were happier and felt more

Women Are More Aware of Underarm Odor than Men

It seems you can’t fool a woman with deodorants, sprays and
colognes to make you smell like someone you’re not. When
women are doing the sniffing, it is very hard to mask true
sweat smells, according to 2009 research from the Monell
Chemical Senses Center, Philadelphia. Scientists suggest
women have more invested in a good sense of smell, and are
more attuned to sweaty scents in order to be able to pick up
information that may biologically affect their future children.

Women on the Pill Have Different Reactions to Your Sweat

Women taking the contraceptive pill showed the opposite
preference for men than women not taking the pill in the
1995 “sweaty T-shirt experiment” from Zoologisches Institut,
Universitat Bern, Germany. Those taking the pill preferred the
sweat smell of males who were similar to them in terms of
their immune system genes. Chemicals released by the body
during pregnancy, and the fake “pregnancy” induced by the
hormonal pill, seem to change body odor preferences. This
could be less to do with mate choice and more to do with
finding close relatives for nesting.

We may be members of the animal kingdom but we’re not
animals anymore – we can pick and choose how we react to
other people. We can alter the way we behave in the face of
hormones. Which means women can too. Unluckily – or
luckily – for us, an attractive scent isn’t the only thing women
prize in a mate.

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