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Do Vasectomies Cause Prostate
? -- What Science Says

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August 30, 2017
By Susan Callahan, Contributing Columnist

For many years, men considering vasectomies have been
confronted by a persistent worry --- do vasectomies raise
your risk for prostate cancer?  There have been studies which
suggest that vasectomies do raise the risk for prostate cancer
slightly. But now those studies have been called into
question. The latest important study to look at the issue is
reassuring. Which studies should you believe Just how much
is prostate cancer risk raised by vasectomies according to the
older studies.  Are there things you can do to lower your risk
fro prostate cancer if you've had a vasectomy?

Vasectomies Are a Pretty Common Procedure

An estimated  20% of American men over the age of 35 have
had vasectomies, according to a 1994 Consumer Report on
Health.  In Canada and the United Kingdom, vasectomies are
twice as common as female sterilization, according to the
Brookings Institute.

In 1993, two large Harvard studies found that there is a
slight increase in prostate cancer among men who have had

The 1993 studies looked at the health records of almost
25,000 men who had undergone vasectomy and compared
them with the health records of about 50,000 men who had
not undergone vasectomies.

For those men who had undergone vasectomy two decades
or more earlier, the study found that they had a 60% higher
rate of diagnosis of prostate cancer when compared with
men who had not undergone vasectomies.

These studies were well-designed and respected. But their
findings could be explained.  Consumer Report on Health Re
speculated, for example, that the higher prostate cancer rate
found in 1993 Harvard studies might reflect better and earlier
detection of prostate cancer among men who had ad

A New Study Puts The Prostate Cancer Concerns to Rest

were almost twice as likely as their unsterilized counterparts
to have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Overall, the
rate of such diagnoses was about 60% higher among the
men who had been sterilized

A 1997 Study from Europe Put the Risk of Prostate Cancer in

In 1997, Dr. Stuart W. McDonald of the University of Glasgow
in Scotland put the risk of prostate cancer among men with
vasectomies in perspective.

He observed that, no matter which study you examine,
prostate cancer is basically a disease of elderly men.  

If you focus on this group, of men from age 65 to 74, you
will find that only about 3 men out of  1000 in the UK develop
prostate cancer in a year.

Of these 3 men, one will die.  So, the mortality rate due to
prostate cancer even among elderly men is  1 out of 1000.

Now, if you assume that a vasectomy increases the risk for
prostate cancer by a astounding amount, say 100%, this
would mean that only 6 men per 1000, aged 65–74, would  
develop prostate cancer each year.

Now, if you compare this risk with the risk of dying from any
other cause ---accidents, heart disease, other cancers --- you
will see that the prostate cancer risk is lower.

In fact, as Dr. McDonald stated your "chances of dying from
another cause during the course of a year at this age are five
times greater."

A New Study in 2017 Is the Latest One to Give Even More

In 2017, a study led by Dr. Eric Jacob of the American Cancer
Society tried to resolve and to reconcile the previous studies
on prostate cancer risk among men who had undergone

The 2017 study is a mega study, basing its findings on a
review of the health records collected over a 30-year period
of some 1.2 million American men. At the start of the study,
none of the men had prostate cancer.  From this larger set,
they narrowed their focus to 363,726 men.  They discovered
that, if you compare the rate of prostate cancer among men
who had had vasectomies with those who had not, there was
no statistically significant difference between the two groups.

Looking at another subset of men of 66,542, they were able
to conclude that vasectomies not only do not increase your
risk for prostate cancer but they also do not increase your
risk for the more deadly "high grade" prostate cancer.

How to Lower Your Risk for Prostate Cancer Whether or Not
You Have a Vasectomy

To lower your risk fro prostate cancer, lifestyle patterns help.

Studies have found a strong correlation between eating
high in fat and prostate cancer

You are equally likely to develop prostate cancer whether you
smoke or not. But smokers are more likely to develop the
type of prostate cancer that metastasizes and kills.

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for prostate cancer with or without a vasectomy
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