Diets and Workouts

Diets and Food Information

5 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Carbs

7 Foods That Can Help You Ace an Exam

The 7 Foods That Can Ruin Your Health Fast

Brazil Nuts Protect Your Brain from Mercury Poisoning

Chives Boosts Your Immune System and More

Ideal Weight for Men of Different Heights-- The Official Chart

Get Lean Diet

Alkaline Diet --Pros and Cons

Can the Alkaline Diet Really Heal You? - A look at the Evidence

Alkaline Diet Helps Fight Diabetes

Add Muscle Diet

BCAA's -Do They Really Improve Your Strength?

Beer -Top 7 Health Benefits

Boron -The Mineral Your Prostate Needs

Capers Reverse Negative Effects of Eating Red Meat

Coca Cola or Pepsi - Which Is Worse for Your Health?

Coffee - Is It Bad for Your Kidneys?

Exercising Actually Grows New Brain Cells

Food Can't Touch Other Food - What This Says About You

How Fast Can an Average Man Run?

How Long Can an Average Man Hold a Plank?

How to Gain Lean Muscle Mass-What to Eat  and What Not to Eat

How Many Push-ups Can an Average Man Do?

How Many Squats Can an Average Man Do?

Nuts Can Lower Your Risk of Dying By 20%

Olive Oil -- Is Too Much Bad for You?

Bench Press Average-- How You Stack Up

Creatine Side Effects -A Comprehensive Review

Test Enanthate -Benefits and Dangers to Your Health

Fatty Diet Linked to Prostate Cancer

10 Super foods for Men

Does 7-Up Contain Acid?

Edible Cactus Lowers Cholesterol

Foods That Make You Sleepy

Foods That Make You Depressed-Top 7

How to Keep Your Bones Strong - 7 Tips

Kava -  7 Surprising Health Dangers

Normal Height for Men

Macadamia Nuts -Top 7 Health Benefits

Muscles Need Sleep

Male Baldness --Why You May Want to Drop That Hamburger

Like Spicy Food? -Here's What It Says About You

Mysterious Health Benefits of Drinking High Bicarbonate Water

Natural Cleanses for Your Brain - Top 7

Need a Mood Boost? - Eat More Fermented Foods

Nutella -A Secret Weapon for Training Success

Orange Peels  Help Protect Your Lungs and Respiratory Infections

Raw Honey and Cinnamon - Hype, Hoax or Healthy?

Reasons I Gain Weight - Causes and Top 7 Natural Remedies

Sesame Seeds - 7 Ways They Boost Men's Health

Should You Eat Chicken Livers Every Week?- 7 Good Reasons

Spermadine in Foods Can Extend Your Life and Fight Food Allergies

Too Much Zinc in Your Diet Raises Risk for Prostate Cancer

Vitamins B12 and B6 Raise a Man's Risk of Lung Cancer by 400%

Walnuts Boost Sperm Quality and Fight Prostate Cancer

Weird Craving for Salt -What Does It Mean?

What to Eat to Recover from a Workout

Which Whole Grain Is Best for Men's Health?

Yerba Mate Tea Helps You to Lose Weight


Celebrity Workouts

Golf Exercises -The Top 10

Tiger Woods Workout

7 Ways to Burn Calories Without Exercise

How Many Push-ups Can an Average Man Do?

How Many Pull-ups Can an Average Man Do?

Muscle Soreness - Top 10 Natural Remedies

Can I Workout Even If I Have High Blood Pressure?

Stretching Can Boost Athletic Performance by 79%

Stretching Makes Your Arteries Less Stiff Too

Top 7 Natural Exercise Performance Enhancements

Top 7 Mobile Apps to Transform Your Health


Arm Rotation Workout

Why Does My Left Arm Feel So Weak?-Causes and Remedies


7 Best Exercises to Prevent Back Injury

How to Bulk Up Your Back

How to Improve Your Dead Lift


Why Do My Legs Feel Weak?-Causes and Cures

Want to Live Longer - Increase Your Leg Strength

Your Calf Muscles Are the Key to Staying Young-7 Reasons


Caviar Fights Depression


Shoulder Training Tips

Staying Active and Healthy --- General

Constipation -It's a Man's Problem

Losing 7% of Your Body Weight Drops Diabetes Risk by 60%

Why Is Your Heart Rate Too Slow-Causes and Top 10 Natural Remedies

Use Your Lunch Hour to Beat High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure and Viagra -Is It Safe?

Kale is the New Spinach

Men with High Blood Pressure -Top 7 Signs

Rice and Beans Reduce Your Risk for Prostate Cancer

Sex After Heart Attack-Why and Why Not

Exercise Reverses Feelings of Hopelessness in Men

Get Rid of Man Boobs

Blood Pressure-What It Means

Foods That Reduce Blood Pressure

Low Folate Harms Sperm

Penis Shaving Bumps-Home Remedies

Yoga That Improves Erectile Performance

Yoga Workouts You Can Do At Your Desk

Better Tasting Sperm

Foods That Strengthen Erectile Performance

Soy Foods Reduce Sperm Count-New Study

Foods That Make You Bald

Stop Snoring-Tips That Work

Waist-to-Hip The New Number That Counts

Should I Exercise Before or After Eating?

Tiger's Core Work-Out

Six Pack Abs The Work-outs That Work

Lose 10 lbs-Simple  Diet
Prostate Cancer Linked to Fatty Diet

Low Folate Harms Sperm-New Study

Exercises That Improve Erectile Function

Muscle Soreness- Top 10 Natural Remedies

Muscle Spasms-Causes and Top 10 Natural Remedies

Men Who Prefer Masturbation
Health Benefits of Masturbation

Whey versus Creatine -Which One is Better?
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Taking Creatine?-Don't Mix It with
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Bigorexia -When Guys Build Freakishly
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Bulking Up Fast -Top 5 Health Dangers

How Extreme Exercise Can Damage
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How to Add Bulk to Your Back-Top 10

How to Improve Your Dead Lift

Know Your Lifetime Limit of Knee
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Not Working Out-You're Losing More
Muscle Mass Than You Think

Push-ups Work as Well as Bench
Press in Increasing Strength

Vegans Build Muscle More Easily Than
Men Using Whey Protein

Diseases Affecting Weight

Why Am I Losing Weight Without

Myolitis -Muscle Inflammation

Why Do My Calves Hurt?

Why Can't I Straighten My Back?

Why Do My Fingers Keep Locking Up?

Why Is My Back Stiff When I Stand Up?

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