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Constipation --- It's a Man's
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Last updated July 8, 2017, originally published June 26, 2014

By A. Lee, Contributing Columnist

Americans are constipated. Up to 27.1% of us suffer from
“functional constipation” (also called chronic idiopathic
constipation, meaning we are so backed up, it prevents us
from carrying on with our daily lives.

Symptoms of functional constipation are straining, passing
hard stools, feeling that you cannot void completely (as
though something is stuck up there), having a sensation of
an anal obstruction that makes you manually move your
body to try to release your bowels and defecating 3 times
or fewer a week. Sound familiar?

Constipation drives 7.95 million of us into the emergency
room or doctor’s office each year, estimates from a 2008
Mayo Clinic study show. The study, entitled, “Ambulatory
Care for Constipation 1993 to 2004”, discovered that the
rates of chronic constipation in the U.S. have almost
doubled in just a decade.  

And men suffer from higher rates of constipation than
women. Six percent of all women meet the current
guidelines for consumption of fiber. But only 3% of men
meet this target. Let’s put a frame around that picture --
97% of all men in American do not get enough fiber.
This is a national emergency. We are human animals. One
of our basic functions is to defecate every day. And 97%
of us can’t do that.

The remedy for functional constipation is well-known —
eat more fiber. Estimates are that if men would eat just 9
grams more fiber a day, we could save the U.S. economy
$12.7 billion annually in related hospitalization and other
care costs.

How Much Fiber Should Men Eat?

Men under the age of 50 should get 38 grams of fiber a
day. Men over 51 should get 31 grams of fiber a day.
These recommendations are from the Institute of Medicine,
a part of the National Academies of Science in the U.S.
By contrast, women, who generally weight less than men,
should get 25 grams of fiber a day and women over 51
should get 21 grams a day.

5 Ways to Add More Fiber to Your Diet

 Eat High Fiber Cereal.

Breakfast is your first crack at adding fiber to your diet.
Choose a high fiber cereal. Choose natural grains such as
oats, wheat or rye. Read the labels of the cereal you
choose. Aim for one with 3 or more grams of fiber per
serving.  Twice a week, choose oatmeal as a breakfast

[Editor's Note:

Those who are gluten-sensitive or gluten-intolerant should
of course not eat cereal made from wheat, rye or barley
grains. Eating these cereals if you are gluten-sensitive,
gluten-intolerant or someone with Celiac disease, can
cause punctures in the walls of your intestines, a condition
known as "leaky gut syndrome".  Leakage of food particles
from your gut to your blood stream or body cavity can
lead to inflammation and food allergies. The reason is that
once outside your intestines, these food particles can
trigger an immune attack response, because your body
sees them as invaders, and develops antibodies to fight the
supposed invaders, leading to the development of food

Top Cereal with Nuts.

Add a handful of your favorite nuts to your cereal. Nuts
are naturally high in fiber. For example, a cup of walnuts
have 5 grams of fiber. A cup of almonds have a whopping
11 grams of fiber. Of course, because nuts also are high in
calories –over 500 for that same cup of walnuts – sprinkle  
only 3 to 6 on your cereal.

Add Blueberries to Your Cereal.

That bowl of cereal is looking pretty full already but you
should still add more. Sprinkle a handful of blueberries on
your cereal. Blueberries have 3.6 grams of fiber per cup.
In contract, strawberries have negligible amounts of
dietary fiber.

Greens Are Your Friend at Lunch.

Make sure you have a large greens packed salad at lunch.
If salads are not an option, choose a sandwich with whole
grain bread, lettuce and tomato slices.

Brown Rice and Broccoli for Dinner.

Brown rice has 3.1 grams of fiber per cup. Beans average
1 to 2 grams of fiber, depending on the type.  Broccoli has
3.8 grams of fiber per cup. O, a side of brown rice and
broccoli can add up to 7 grams of fiber to your daily diet.

A Caution About Going too Fast with Fiber

If you are like most men, you have a low fiber or no-fiber
diet. Adding too much fiber too fast can cause bloating and
intestinal distress. The best guide is to change one meal a
week, in terms of boosting fiber. The first wee, change
breakfast. The second week, change lunch also. By the
third week, you will have changed all three meals,
breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Foods to Avoid If You Are Constipated

If you are suffering from chronic constipation, you should
avoid refined carbohydrates such as white bread, white
crackers, crunchy snacks in general, white rice and red

You should especially avoid red meat. Red meat takes a
heavy toll on your intestines. It can take up to 2 days for
your bowels to digest a meal of red meat. By contrast,
green vegetables typically empty out within 2 hours. Get
the picture?

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Add almonds as a snack to boost fiber in
your diet.
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