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January 10, 2017

By Susan  Callahan, Contributing Columnist

On a snowy day in December 2016, a 44-year old man in
Milwaukee was outside shoveling snow. That same day, a
74 year old man in the same city also died while shoveling
snow. These men were just two of hundreds of men who
dropped dead while shoveling snow in just the past two
months.  Why do men drop dead shoveling snow?

For many years now, newscasters and doctors have
warned us of the high risk dangers of having a cardiac
while shoveling snow.  The weight of the snow, coupled
with men and some woman being out of shape when they
take on the heavy labor of shoveling the heavy snow, were
often the reasons given for the phenomenon.

But now scientists think there is another reason --- it's the
cold.  These scientists have discovered that men and
women are more likely to have a heart attack in the winter,
even if they are not exercising at all.

The Weird Ways That Cold Temperatures Affect Your Heart

When you think about it, it should come as no surprise
that cold weather affects your heart. Taken to the
extreme, freezing temperatures will freeze your heart into
a solid block.

But long before your heart becomes a block of ice, it
begins to struggle in cold weather.

In 2010, scientists from the London School of Hygiene and
Tropical Medicine discovered a disturbing fact. During the
winter, the number of heart attacks increase by 2% for
every 1% drop in temperature.

The scientists looked at 84,100 hospital admissions in
England and Wales during the winter.  They then plotted
the rates of death against a take of temperatures. The
direct and stepwise connection between cold temperatures
and death became clear.

Think about what this means. If you live in a state in which
the temperature hits freezing, your risk of dying from a
heart attack will steadily climb as the thermostat dips. You
will remain at an elevated risk for cardiac for as long as teh
cold spell lasts.

How to Lower Your Risk of Having a Heart Attack in Winter

Winter is hard on your body. Besides being shut indoors
because of the cold, you also get less Vitamin D from the
sun, which weakens your immune system. Now, on top of
all that, we learn that the cold itself is thickening our blood
and increasing the workload on our hearts.

What can you do to "winterize" your heart against the
cold? Here are some tips:

Thin Out Your Blood During Winter with an Aspirin

Cold has the same effect on your blood as it has on water.
Cold freezes a river, making it flow slowly if at all, just as  
cold blood does not flow as easily as warm blood.

The thickness of blood is called its "viscosity". Cold blood
has greater viscosity than warm blood.

Cold thickens your blood, making your heart work harder.
The heart works harder trying to "push" the thickened
blood through your arteries to the organs of your core
and to the outer reaches of your feet and fingers.

Aspirin has the opposite effect. It acts as a blood-thinner.

Doctors now advise those with known heart conditions to
take aspirin, especially during the winter, to lighten the
workload of the heart.

Consider taking a baby aspirin (81 mg) on days when the
temperature drops. In the London study, those who took
aspirin had a lower rate of heart attacks.

Drink Warm Liquids During Winter to Stave Off Heart

Water thins out your blood.  Studies have found that those
who stay hydrated are less likely to have heart attacks. In
2001, scientists from Loma Linda conducted a study of the
health records of 8,280 male and 12,017 female Seventh
Day Adventists between the ages of 38 and 100 years.

They separated the participants according to the amount
of water they drank each day. Those at the highest end
drank five or more 8-ounce glasses of water a day on
average. Those at the lowest end drank no more than two
8-ounce glasses of water each day.

Those who drank the most water -- at least 5 glasses per
day -- had 46% fewer heart attacks than those who drank
the least water.  

Because cold is the enemy here, you should drink room
temperature or slightly warm water during the winter.

Other warm drinks also help to heat up your blood and
reduce the workload on your heart. Drink warm cocoa
with skim or reduced fat milk or herbal teas.  

Eat Energy-Producing Soups to Help Avoid Off Heart
Attacks in Winter

Soups will help in two ways. First, hot soups will heat your
blood and reduce viscosity. Second, soups will raise your
metabolism and help your body produce heat to further
heat your blood.

Heart winter stews and soups heat you up.  Try a slow
cooked stew of chicken with zucchinis, onions, carrots and
celery. Add tomato paste as a base if you prefer.

Got no time? There are plenty of commercial soups. Just
choose the low-salt varieties.

Eat Peppers to Heat Up Your Core in the Winter

Peppers raise your metabolism as any eater of hot, Thai
food will attest. Add red hot peppers to your winter diet to
raise your body temperature on those cold, dreary winter
days. (Read more about the
5 hottest peppers in the

Wear a Bed Cap to Retain Heat During Cold Winter's Nights

Night caps are no longer fashionable. But they work. Most
of the heat your body produces escapes from your head.

You can trap this heat and warm up the core of your body
by wearing a wool or cotton night cap.

Keep the Thermostat  High Enough During the Night

Temperatures fall even further during the night. For this
reason, you may notice something which also happens to
me. My
heart rate increases at night during the winter.
This is because your heart is working harder at night.

Make sure that your bedroom does not get too cold during
the night.  If it does, and the cold is not severe enough to
wake you, your poor heart will simply battle on
throughout the night, working much harder than it should,
simply to push your thick blood through your arteries.

You would have made your heart run a marathon as you

You will wake up feeling strangely tired.

Or, you may find that you accidentally oversleep more in

To give your heart a break, bundle up. And keep the
thermostat at least to 68 degrees during the night.

Consider drinking a cup of warm milk about an hour
before you go to sleep.


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Drinking warm drinks such as cocoa can
help reduce your risk for heart attacks in
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