Climacturia -Causes and Top 7 Remedies
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July 24, 2015
By Susan Callahan, Contributing Columnist

Prostate cancer is a difficult enough diagnosis without taking into
account the side effects of treatment. The major side effects – erectile
dysfunction and incontinence – are well-covered but there is one extra
issue that is not often discussed.

Unfortunately no one much talks about climacturia, which leads men to
think they are suffering alone. Climacturia is the leaking of urine at
sexual climax. If you have been able to maintain an active sex life after
prostate surgery but now suffer from this embarrassing problem, you
are probably frustrated and depressed.

Climacturia and other forms of urinary incontinence are common after
surgery or radiation treatment for prostate cancer. But there are
remedies that can help you.

Why Does Prostate Cancer Treatment Cause Climacturia?

Urine is stored in the bladder until you have the urge to pee. When you
do, the muscles in the bladder wall contract and urine flows through
the urethra, which relaxes to let urine through. The prostate gland is
surrounding the urethra and an enlarged gland can cause urinary

When the prostate is removed via surgery or through radiation
treatment, it causes problems with the way the bladder holds urine.
Often changes are made to the bladder’s ability to hold urine, and
leakage happens. Surgery can damage the nerves that help the bladder
work. At certain times, such as during sexual climax, the muscles relax
and already weakened muscles fail to hold in the urine, which is

How Many Men Suffer from Climacturia?

Climacturia is a common problem after prostate surgery but
unfortunately most men suffer alone, embarrassed to talk about the
issue. Climacturia affects half of all men after prostate surgery,
according to a 2006 study from the University of Toronto, Ontario.

Of the men affected in the study, 68 percent said climacturia happened
occasionally, while 21 percent said it was a frequent occurrence or
happened all the time. Fifty-eight percent of men lost just a few drops
while 16 percent lost more than an ounce. Forty-eight percent of men
said it caused them significant distress.

A 2007 study from Weill Medical College of Cornell University says
climacturia affects one fifth of men after surgery for prostate cancer.
The researchers say the “incidence of orgasm associated incontinence
is greater with radical prostatectomy than with radical cystectomy”.

Does Climacturia Lower Sexual Satisfaction?

Some men learn to cope with the condition and it is not regarded as a
serious problem. It is worth remembering that there are no health
problems associated with the urine unless you have a bladder infection.
A 2014 study from the University of Utah found climacturia had “no
significant impact on orgasmic function and satisfaction” for the men
experiencing the problem.

But for others, climacturia can cause significant distress and may be a
reason to avoid sexual intercourse for many men. We looked at recent
scientific research to find out how to treat and remedy what can be a
distressing condition.

A Rubber Penile Ring Helps Prevent Climacturia?

A 2008 study from researchers at the Center For Sexual
Function/Endocrinology at the Lahey Clinic, Peabody, and the Case
Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland found that
38 percent of the men in the review suffered climacturia, and that the
use of a rubber ring at the base of the penis throughout foreplay
helped to relieve the problem.

A 2013 study from Weill Medical College of Cornell University also
found that an adjustable penile loop significantly improved climacturia,
and in half the patients the issue was resolved completely.

Supportive Care for Climacturia

A variety of steps can be taken to minimize the impact of climacturia
and prevent it from happening so often, as well as lowering the volume
of urine expelled when it does occur. Drink fewer fluids before sex, and
use the bathroom right before being intimate.

Check out any medications you are taking that may make climacturia or
incontinence worse, and use condoms. In the 2006 study from the
University of Toronto, Ontario 84 percent of the men emptied their
bladder before intercourse and 11 percent used condoms.

Pelvic Floor Muscle Training Helps Treat Climacturia

Pelvic floor muscle training can help men suffering from climacturia as
well as those experiencing erectile dysfunction after prostate surgery,
according to a 2013 study from KU Leuven, Faculty of Kinesiology and
Rehabilitation Sciences, The Netherlands. Pelvic floor exercises to
strengthen the muscles surrounding the bladder and urethra help to
control the flow of urine and stop leakage during orgasm. (Read more
exercises that improve erectile dysfunction.)

Use of a “Male Sling” to Combat Climacturia

The Urology Centers of Alabama describes a male sling, a synthetic
ribbon that is placed beneath the urethra, which controls the
functioning of the urethra and helps prevent leakage of urine. The
Centers says that results are quite good for men suffering from
persistent incontinence following prostate surgery.

The researchers also claim that “men who have the male sling placed
will almost always completely resolve their climacturia.”

Treat Climacturia with Biofeedback

Biofeedback is a way of using machines to monitor and observe bodily
functions like heart rate and blood pressure that you cannot normally
consciously control. Use of biofeedback equipment allows the user to
achieve conscious control over a process.  Importantly, biofeedback
has been used to reduce incontinence associated with radical
prostatectomy, according to a 2009 study from the University Sapienza
of Rome which showed that “early, noninvasive physical treatment with
biofeedback and pelvic floor electrical stimulation has a significant
positive impact on the early recovery of urinary continence after radical

Using Magnet Therapy for Climacturia

Another means of reducing the incidence of climacturia and
incontinence following prostate surgery could be magnet therapy. The
results of a 2000 study from the University of Tokyo, Japan show one
session of magnetic stimulation significantly cut the incidence of urinary
leakage over the coming week, compared to placebo, in people with
stress incontinence.

The magnetic field produces electric currents that stimulate the nerves
in the pelvic muscles.

Botox for Treating Climacturia?

Botox injected into the bladder can help control incontinence,
according to reports, and could be a possibility when treating
climacturia. A 2015 study from Concord Repatriation General Hospital
and the University of Sydney, Australia demonstrates that Botox helps
reduce urine leakage in men who have had prostate surgery.

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