Caviar Is Not Just for the Rich - 7 Ways
Eating Caviar Improves Your Health
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September 17, 2016
By A. Weinberg,  Featured Columnist

Caviar. It's the fanciest thing you can do next to eating a plate of
snails. But, what is it?

Some people might get grossed out at the idea. Others might shine with
curiosity. The truth is, it's a little pile of fish eggs. And no, it's not
something the modern hipsters recently came up with.

Caviar has been the tried and true snack of the posh since way back in
the day. The Greek and Roman elite were known to savor this delicacy.

Caviar was similar to wine, in the sense that in the middle ages, the
finest caviar was reserved for monarchy. Modern consumers still seek
out “reserve caviar”, the best of the best.

Truth be told, though, even through all that talk of elite, caviar is a little
more accessible nowadays. As advances in aquaculture have increased,
prices have decreased. So, the modern middle-classer can still get a
little of this scrumptious snack.

Apart from being yummy, although an acquired taste, caviar basically
has superpowers for the human body. It is like prozac, viagra, and a
cure for the common cold all wrapped up in one. And more than that.
Take a peek at what caviar can do for you, besides make you feel fancy,
that is.

Caviar Fights Depression

Chowing down on omega-3 rich fish, such as caviar, could make your
mental state more stable.

If you struggle with bipolar disorder, you should especially take note. A
1999 study by Andrew Stoll from the Pharmacology research lab at
Mclean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts delivered promising results.

He and researchers gave 30 patients with bipolar disorder either 10
grams of omega-3 fish oil capsules per day (equivalent to 30 cans of
tuna—wow!) or placebo olive oil capsules.

All test subjects had experienced bipolar episodes within the previous
year, and 22/30 of them were on medication. (Bipolarity is defined as
episodes of depression, alternating with mania, a state where people
are so high on life/energetic that they can't even sleep.)

Four months later, half the patients with the placebo had relapsed into
depression, while only 2/15 of the people taking fish oil supplements

Omega-3s are also great for garden variety depression or for those
who are relatively stable emotionally, but want to feel a bit better. The
active ingredient in the omega 3 fatty acid in caviar is eicosanoids,
which presents in two chemical compounds. Black caviar has
approximately 1,000 milligrams of both EPA and DHA per one-ounce
serving, and adults need only 1500 milligrams. So eat a little caviar, and
you're covered.

Caviar is Good for Your Skin

Yep, caviar also works for you aesthetically. In 2012, F. Marotta from
the Regenera Res Group for Aging intervention in Milan, Italy, tested a
new product called LD-1227, composed of a caviar-derived
homogenate added with coenzyme Q10) (COQ10)) selenium
component, on aged human skin.

He and researchers mainly wanted to know its effect on mitochondria
function. They took dermal fibroblasts obtained from healthy donors
over 70 years old, and treated it with LD-1227.

All results were positive: While the ATP level decreased in aged skin
samples, this was reversed. There was also collagen type I synthesis.

Hopefully, soon there will be caviar products you can not only put in
your mouth, but also on your face. Fishy beauty.

Caviar Boosts Your Immune System

Caviar has a bunch of vital nutrients, all which will keep your body's
defenses strong.

Vitamin A and vitamin C play especially important roles for fighting off
the common cold and other sicknesses.

Vitamin A supports the growth of all cells, and, according to a 2016
report from C.F. Almeida at the University of Melbourne, Australia, it
also tames pathogenic T cells.

Black caviar contains 257 international units of vitamin A.

Caviar does not contain Vitamin C, however. Vitamin C is an important
nutrient antioxidant. B. Asmir Aslani from the Payame Noor University
in Tehran, Iran, reminds us that the immune system is vulnerable to
oxidant and antioxidant balance.

Caviar Prevents Cancer with Selenium and Vitamin E

Selenium and vitamin C are two other important antioxidants. These are
the truly powerful ones. They can protect cells from damage caused by
free radicals.

Emily Delacey, a registered dietician from Central Washington University
and aids prevention specialist, confirms that the same free radicals that
can lead to cancer and heart disease are staved off by our friends
selenium and vitamin C.

Caviar Scares Off Heart Disease

Remember how we talked about how awesome omega-3 fatty acids

Well, not only do they help you in remaining mentally stable, they also
keep your heart happy.

The American Heart Association recommends one gram (1000
milligrams) of omega fatty acid per day, for a healthy heart.

A single tablespoon of caviar contains more than that. So get your hor
d'oeuvres on. This is the good kind of fat: they are highly unsaturated,
and are linked to reducing blood clotting in arteries and protecting
arteries from build up. This can all cause a reduction in the risk of heart
attacks, strokes, and blocked blood vessels, as well as possibly lower
blood pressure.

Caviar Makes Your Stomach Hangover-proof While Fighting Off

The ingredient necessary for both of these things is none other than
acetylcholine. In a 2016 study performed by F.T. Moreira at the
Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal, Alzheimer's disease was
associated with a marked drop in acetylcholine, a key neurotransmitter.

Acetylcholine is necessary for memory retention, but it also has the cool
superpower of lining the stomach and increasing the body's tolerance
to alcohol.

So, basically, caviar is the perfect party food. Maybe that's why they
have it at fancy cocktail events.

Caviar Wakes Up Your Love Life, Improves Erectile Dysfunction

The L-arginine in caviar is a great vascular dilator. And we all know
what that means: increased blood flow, or should we say, increased
love flow. Yep, caviar is  a great aphrodisiac and it fights erectile

Here are some weird statistics: According to a 2013 report by Sabna
Kotta at Hamdard Nagar in New Delhi, India, 52% of men in the Boston
area between the ages of 40 and 70 report some kind of erectile
dysfunction. Ouch, North American dudes. Have some caviar. Oddly
enough, airlines purchase 50% of the world's caviar to serve to first
class passengers. I'm just going to let you connect those dots statistics
any way your creativity sees fit.

Caviar Warnings

Caviar should really be taken in small portions. Luckily, usually a small
portion gives you all the benefits listed above. It has a lot of cholesterol
and salt, so if you are a person who has to watch out for this, just have
one little bite on a cracker. Even if not, a few portions of caviar hor
d'oeuvres should be enough for anyone.  

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