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Cancer Tumors in Men Are Different
from Cancer Tumors in Women

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May 12, 2018
By Susan Callahan, Contributing Columnist

Though we are all born equal, boys and girls really are
different, and not just in the obvious ways. Recently,
scientists discovered a startling, unexpected difference while
looking genetically at cancer tumors. Even cancerous tumors
are different in men and women.

Cancer is in most respects an equal opportunity affliction.
Both men and women get cancer of course but at different
rates. Men are much more likely to get cancer. Over the
course of a lifetime, one out of ever two men will get cancer,
while one out of every three women will get the diagnosis,
according to the American Cancer Society.

In addition to the difference in rates of cancer --- 50% of
men versus 33% of women --- the types of cancer man and
women get are different as well. Men can get prostate cancer,
testicular cancer and penis cancer, while women can get
breast cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer. Both sexes
can get all the other forms of cancer, lung, stomach, thyroid,
colon, brain, liver and pancreatic cancer, to name a few.

But thous men and women can get cancer in different parts
of their bodies and suffer different rates of cancer, no one
until now suspected that the actual cancerous tumors were
different in men and women.

Mysteries Unveiled Now That Cancerous Tumors Have Been
Mapped Genetically

One of the most fundamental changes in science in our
lifetimes has been the mapping of entire sequences of genes,
called a genome. The genome of different cancerous tumors
has now been mapped and the results surprised everyone.

At the genetic level, cancer is caused by mistakes. Switching
one or two out of billions of  genes can allow a tumor to
grow uncontrolled. Most mistakes are attacked and discarded
by our immune system. But others are successful mistakes,
that thrive, duplicate and grow and grow.

Men's Thyroid, Lung, and Liver Cancer Are Different Than
Those of Women

Eight different cancer tumors are different genetically in men
and women. They include lung tumors, bladder, head tumors,
neck,  liver and lung, kidney and thyroid.

What does this mean? The importance of this finding is that
some drug therapies will work differently in men and women.

At the moment, scientists do not know which drug therapies
will act more effectively in men versus women. More studies
are needed.

But the discovery that these tumors have a genetic difference
that is gender-based means that, in the future, doctors will be
able to better tailor a cancer therapy just for you, if you need

Why Do Women Have Higher Cancer  Survival Rates?

Men not only are diagnosed with cancer more often than
women but women have higher survival rates. Previously,
doctors attributed this discrepancy to the fact that men, often
reluctant to go to the doctor, are diagnosed at later stages of
the cancer than women.

Now, the discovery that the actual tumors in men and women
are different adds another possibility. Could it be that women
have higher survival rates from cancer because the cancer
tumor itself is less lethal?

This too will require more research? In the future, scientists
will be able to see whether tumors in women are less able to
find new blood supplies in the body or are less able to
themselves with protective proteins
, like all cancers that
metastasize successfully do.

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Being sedentary raises your risk for cancer,
including penis cancer
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