Can Vitamin D Cure Erectile Dysfunction?
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Last updated July 1, 2018, originally published March 10, 2015
By Editors of MangoBoss

You know how you always have better sex on vacation? On the beach
or cooling by the pool, taking in rays? Well, it may not have been the
hot girl that triggered the sex?  It may have been the sun.

Recently, you may have heard about a study linking Vitamin D with
erectile dysfunction. Given the headline-driven stories about it, some of
you may have gotten the impression that all your ailing sex life needs is
a few hours under the sun to change everything. Is this true? Can
adding Vitamin D actually reverse ED?  Can Vitamin D save your sex life?

The Milan Study on Vitamin D—What It Really Says

In 2014, Dr. A. Barassi lead a team of researchers at San Paolo Hospital
at the University in Milam to examine the relationship between ED and
Vitamin D.

There were 143 men in this study.  Fifty (50) of the men had severe
ED, 28 had borderline ED and 65 of the men had fully functioning

To measure the functioning level of the penis, the researchers uses a
machine called a “penile echo doppler”. This machine is non-invasive,
like an ultra-sound.  The researchers measured the penis both in the
non-erect flaccid state and, after the man was given a hormone  to
stimulate erections (prostaglandin E-1).

Separately, the researchers also drew blood to measure the men's
Vitamin D levels. And they measured levels of “parathyroid hormone”
because too much or too little of this hormone can affect your Vitamin
D levels.

So far, so good.

To understand what the researchers found after all these tests, you
first have to know a little bit about how your penis works. Specifically,
you need to know something about the arteries of your penis.

Your Penis Arteries Have Crazy Skills

The doctors used the echo doppler machine to find out the health of
the penis artery system. They wanted to detect the presence or
absence of little branched out arteries from the main arteries.

Arteriogenesis is an adaptive growth in response to the narrowing of
your arteries, a process called “stenosis”.  Your arteries can actually
branch out and grow new pathways, when one of your arteries is

This seemingly magical ability is one that humans share with dogs, cats
and guinea pigs.  Other animals don't have this ability.

This arteriogenesis ability a classic “good news /bad news”  
development. The good news is that it means your body is able to find
an alternative. The bad news, of course, is that your original artery is

But, all in all, when it comes to the status of your health, if your doctor
discovers the presence of new arterial offshoots, it's almost always bad
news. Your original arteries are designed to last a lifetime. Only bad
lifestyles can alter the destiny of your arteries. Blocked arteries happen
when plaque builds up along the interior or the artery walls --- like glue
in a water hose – which narrows the artery, making it difficult for liquid
--- your blood – to flow through. As a result, a cascade of things, all
bad, happen. Your blood pressure increases, your heart rate elevates,
and, if you are a man, not enough blood gets to your penis and you
develop erectile dysfunction.

Where Does Vitamin D Fit Into this Picture?

Okay, eating pork chops and fries have clogged your arteries. How can
getting some sun rays change all that?  Well, as you might guess,
Vitamin D is not a complete arsenal against the collection of bad habits
that can lead to clogged penile arteries.  You can't kill a bull with a BB

But, Vitamin D does play a role here. The key is in the role of a gas that
is present throughout your body –nitrous oxide. You are familiar with
nitrous oxide. It is the same gas that some dentists use to relax you in
the dental chair. Sometimes called the “laughing gas”, nitrous oxide is
released in your body and causes your arteries to relax.  Aaaahhhh.
That feels good. And, relaxed arteries are open arteries. And open
arteries allow blood to flow through strongly and freely. And strong,
freely flowing blood flow is what pumps up your penis giving you ---- a

Again, what does Vitamin D have to do with all this? Well, without
Vitamin D, nitrous gas can't be released. It's as simple as that. No
Vitamin D, no nitrous oxide, no erection.

Well, it's not exactly that simple. You can actually produce an erection if
you have sub-optimal levels of Vitamin D, it's just harder to do so.

What the team at Milan found out was that men who have blocked
arteries ---evidenced by their having all those little branched out
secondary arteries which grow after the main artery is blocked – also
are deficient in Vitamin D.

And they found out that men with severe ED had Vitamin D levels that
were 20% lower than men with mild ED. [Update: Vitamin D also
scavenges unstable free oxygen radicals that would otherwise damage
the arteries that deliver blood to your groin area, the same blood flow
that enables erections.]

What Are Normal Levels of Vitamin D?

The average Vitamin D levels of the 143 men in the Milan study was
21.3 ng/dL.  The men with severe ED had levels lower than 20, the
level which is the cut-off for Vitamin D deficiency.   

And maintaining healthy levels of Vitamin D is not just important for
having good erections. Inadequate Vitamin D levels are associated with
cardiovascular problems, bone frailty and just plain old general frailty
as you get older, several studies have confirmed, including a 2011
study from the Univeristy of Zaragoza in Spain (Universidad Zaragoza)
.  This study found a link between Vitamin D deficiency and your risk
for dying from any cause. Get some sun, man.  

What Should You Do? ---Bottom Line

Here's the bottom line. If you are already experiencing erectile
dysfunction, this Milan study does not –repeat does not –say that
getting Vitamin D into your body will reverse ED. Not going to happen.
That will take a life intervention—eating right, adding foods that help
erectile dysfunction , eliminating foods that clog your arteries.  It will
take exercising and improving your general health.  And then, even that
may not clear up the problem if you've let it go too far. We've done
many articles on this subject. At the end of this article, we've included

But, if you are not too far gone, you still have time to benefit from
Vitamin D. That's because your arteries may not be shot.  So, make
sure you get between 20 minutes and half an hour of some sunlight
each day. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere – like me –then you
need to think about Vitamin D3 supplementation, especially during the
endless, gray winters.  

(Read about
foods that raise your risk for erectile dysfunction.)

Now, you know exactly 1/2 of what every man needs to know to
prevent ED. Here are the rest of the tips

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