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July 26, 2018
By S. Callahan, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

Most men by now know that exposing your testicles to heat
can cause temporary drop in sperm counts. It's the reason
that sitting in hot tubs is not a  good idea if you're trying to
get your partner pregnant. But the effects of applying heat to
your testicles has been thought of as a temporary problem,
one that reverses itself once you cool your testicles down.
But is it? Does heat exposure cause lasting damage to your

Even a Little Heat Makes You Sterile

Applying heat to testicles is so effective at lowering sperm
count, that one study has even suggested it as a birth
control. True.

In 1994, French scientists Mieusett and Dujan of the Centre
de Stérilité Masculine, Hôpital La Grave, in Toulouse, France
published an article entitled "The potential of mild testicular
heating as a safe, effective and reversible contraceptive
method for men ".

The doctors cut holes in the men's underwear and passed the
penis and the testes through them and taped them or
attached them non-surgically to the inguinal canal to raise the
testicular temperature by just one or two degrees in men
aged 23 to 34.  The inguinal canal are located just above the
penis between the abs and the thighs.  After 42 menstrual
cycles by the women they were partnered with, only one
woman became pregnant, and that was because the man
stopped having the procedure done.

The  libido and sexual rhythm of the men remained
unaffected by the procedure.

Is Infertility Caused by Heat Reversible?

The infertility caused by daily raising the temperature of the
scrotum was reversible in the French study.

But the temperature increase i that study was only one of
two degrees. Could longer term exposure to higher
temperatures change the testicles or the sperm?

Yes, it can.  A 2008 study found that men whose scrotum was
exposed to heat  suffered DNA damage to their sperm even
up to seven days later.  The study, entitled "A single, mild,
transient scrotal heat stress causes DNA damage, subfertility
and impairs formation of blastocysts in mice" found that lab
animals who were exposed t a single application of heat to
their scrotum suffered DNA damage that lasted a week. The
scientists, from University of Edinburgh, added that the testes
of mice and men share similar anatomy, so there is every
reason to believe that results would be the same for men.

You've Heard This Before But...

The sensitivity of the scrotum and DNA in the sperm to
temperature changes means that, if you are trying to
conceive with your lady, you need to avoid the following:

wearing tight underwear

sitting in hot baths or hot tubs

keeping your cell phone in your pocket

applying heat packs to your groin.

You should, on the other hand, consider cooling your
scrotum with cold showers regularly, especially after a hot

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Raising the temperature of your testicles just one
or two degrees can render you sterile temporarily.
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