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Breaking Up --- Why Men Take It

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May 3, 2017
By S. Callahan, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

Everyday, in America, it's breaking up time again. Over 70%
of all couples break up within the first 2 years of a
relationship, a study from Stanford started in 2009 found.  
Time seems to work wonders. With each passing year, the
chance of your breaking up falls by 10% each year, according
to Dr. Michael Rosenfeld, the lead researcher.  After 5 years,
the break-up rate falls to about 20%.  

But if you are not among the lucky ones to make it to 5 years
or if, despite your efforts and dreams, you break up after 5
years, you are entering an important phase of your life.  For
men, breaking up is a very different process psychologically
and socially than it is for women.  Studies have found that
breaking up is just harder for men than women. Why is that?
What is it about men that makes it harder to let go of a

Men Never Really Get Over a Significant Relationship,
Scientists Say

In 2015, researchers at Binghamton University and the
University of London asked people about their feelings after a
break up.  Women rated their pain at 6.84 on a scale of 1 to
10, while men rated their pain somewhat lower at 6.58. But
that pain rating was how they felt right after a break up.

During this initial break up phase, women let their emotions,
grieve and slowly emerge from the break up with acceptance
and emotional health restored.

Men handle things differently. After a break up, they feel
pain, yes, but they have been socialized to get on with the
business at hand of competing for and finding a new mate.

Men, like women, feel pain during this time, yes. But unlike
women, men never really resolve the pain. They just continue
to live with it. Scientists say that, for significant relationships,
men never really get over the break up. Not after a month,
not after a year, not after 20 years. Even after starting a new
relationship, lmen carry somewhere in them the pain of a
woman they have lost.

If the woman was a "catch", a woman of high physical
beauty, intelligence, social stature or wealth, the pain the man
feels deepens with the realization as the years go by that his
chances of finding a replacement are not high. He may in fact
have lost the irreplaceable one.

For women, breaking up is a process shared with friends and
family.  Women exist in a culture which makes it acceptable
for them to share emotions openly with friends and family.
They are encouraged to " cry it out".  Though things are
changing somewhat, men still are discouraged from openly
showing vulnerability. Men still are being raised to never,
ever, ever, ever cry in public.  A vulnerable man is a weak
man, our culture says.  And a weak man, the social logic
dictates, is not a man.

We can save the debate over that social "logic" for another
day. But it is a true reflection of where we are.  It's not true
for every single one of us of course and all of us can point to
this or that celebrity or politician who gets away with crying
but by and large, it is still true that men cannot display
weakness in public without social shaming.

So, the man following a break up remains attached to his
pain, which becomes in some cases a substitute lifelong

Low Grade Depression or High Grade Violence

Unresolved pain can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts.
While both men and women can reach these depths of
despair following a break up, studies show than men are
more likely to act out violently against women or themselves
after a break up.

The realization that a women s going to leave him triggers in
many men feelings of both hopelessness and/or revenge.
What is at the root of these feelings? Why do men become
violent after a break up? Why do they seek to destroy a
women or themselves?

Part of the reason may be that glimpse of the irreplaceable.
This is not a romantic feeling. This is a calculation. A man who
feels a woman cannot be replaced with another woman as
good or better feels not only that he has lost --- he feels like
a "loser".

He has competed for her and he has "won" her affection; if
he allows her to leave through that door, she will transform
him from the ,an who won her, the winner, into the man who
let her make him into a loser.  

This subtle difference is the key. Men feel as though women,
by making a decision to leave, are victimizing them,
committing the act of transforming them from one social
status of winner to a lower social status of loser.

They are completely indifferent to the reality that women
leave for their own reasons. They leave to better their
emotional lives, pr perhaps to
save their lives from infidelity
or emotional starvation or financial instability or to save the
children or a host of other reasons/ Nowhere in that calculus
is the desire to actively do something to change the man's
social status.

For women, leaving is doing something
for themselves, not
doing something
against a man. For a man, leaving is simply
an assault
against him.

He may say "why are you doing this to me?" And internally,
some men answer that question by re-painting the once ideal
woman not as the source of love she once was but as a new
mortal enemy. She is the one who is
taking something from
me that belonged to me, that I won after a competing hard
and ferociously.

This is why breaking up is such a dangerous thing for women
to do. Studies have shown that the period after breaking up
is when a women faces the highest risk in her life of being
killed or harmed.

Psychologists have come to understand that most men need
psychological support to transition out of a relationship in a
healthy way, in a way that will not leave them with a pain that
never goes away or a woman with physical pains inflicted
upon her by the man.

Here is a blueprint to follow if you find yourself at the
receiving end of a break up.

Understand that the New Goal is Acceptance  

When a woman tells you that it's over, the fist reaction is
disbelief. Even if you well understand on an intellectual level
the issues that have led her to this, it will take time to really
take on board the emotional reality that she has made the
decision to leave.

The first goal is to get yourself to a place to understand that
the decision to leave belongs to the one who leaves. It is a
unilateral decision usually, so you will in fact feel stripped of
your vote in the matter.  

But you cannot change her vote by taking away her power to
vote. The power to vote to leave stays with each person in
the relationship throughout the relationship. Neither of you
ever give up that right to vote to leave.  That is part of what
makes the relationship worthwhile. She comes to you by
exercising her free will, she chooses to give you her love and
her years, and you do the same.  Neither of you is forced to
fall in love or to stay.

How do you make it all the way to acceptance of the reality
that she is leaving? One step is to remind yourself of the free
women you fell in love with in the first place. See that woman
again in your mind. See that woman that you competed for.  
It was the power to convince that free woman to come over
to your side that made you feel the conquest. It would not
have felt like a conquest had she not been free. You would
have won nothing.

In this same way, you can remain free from the demons of
revenge if you see that letting her walk way is to confirm that
you never succumbed to the crutch of seeing her as a
"thing", a "belonging".   

Fill the Holes Before They Swallow You Whole  

Stay connected with your hobbies and your friends and
family. Your life is larger than a relationship. Keep it large.

Start to learn a new skill, whether that is a new language,
yoga, sport or meditation.  The trick is to invest as much
energy in improving you as possible. For the better that you
feel about you, the more easily you will be able to understand
that her leaving does not reduce you to nothing.

Be Around Other Women and Enjoy the Visions

Men are visual creatures. Enjoy the sights of other women.
Enjoy the music of their voices; the sounds of their laughter.
Make no emotional demands on them or yourself for awhile
after a break up. Respect your own emotional self and allow
yourself as much time to heal as your body allows itself to
heal a large bone after a bad break.
Your sweat may have amazing powers over women.
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