Yes, Blueberries Help Cure Erectile
---But So Do Cherries
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July 1, 2018
By Editors of MangoBoss

You have , by now, seen the screaming headlines that breathlessly
herald the new cure for erectile dysfunction ---blueberries. Here is a

"Erectile Dysfunction? - Maybe Some Blueberries Can Help" -
Washington Post

"Blueberries fix erectile dysfunction: Harvard study " -

"Can Blueberries Help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction"

The basis of all this optimism is a Harvard study in the January 2016
edition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The conclusion of
the Harvard study is often misquoted. The study did not find that
blueberries cured erectile dysfunction.

The study was jointly conducted by researchers from the University of
East Anglia in the UK and Harvard University. The researchers examined
the health records of 25,096 men who had been enrolled in a health
study in 2000. Every 4 years, the men reported the degree, if any, of
erectile dysfunction they were experiencing.

At the end of the study, some 35% of men had developed erectile
dysfunction.  Comparing the health records of those who developed
erectile dysfunction with those who did not, the researchers concluded
that consuming 3 or more servings of foods rich in flavonoids
(anthocyanins, flavones and flavanones and  rich foods such as
blueberries) could reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction by 10%.

That's 10% -- a long way from 100%. Nor were the positive results
limited to blueberries, a fact lost among the hoopla. "When we looked
at specific fruits, the greatest benefits were from berries, [which
contain] flavonoids called anthocyanins that are responsible for that
lovely blue-red colour you get in berries and in aubergines."

Aubergines is the French word for eggplants and is commonly used to
refer to eggplants in the UK also.

Of course, a headline teasing that delicious sweet "blueberries cure
erectile dysfunction" sounds a lot more enticing that "Eating eggplants
help decrease your risk of getting erectile dysfunction by 10%", so we
can understand the choice of hyperbolic hype over fact.

There Are Over 500 Anthocyanins

A 2010 study by Anderson and Jordheim from the University of Bergen
in Norway identified over 650 individual anthocyanins.

Of these 650 anthocyanins, six occur most often in plants:pelargonidin,
cyanidin, peonidin, delphinidin, petunidin and malvidin.

Every plant that has a color of blue, purple or reddish blue has
anthocyanins -- think grapes and cherries for example --- but not every
anthocyanin will help improve erectile dysfunction.

The anthocyanins that work do two things --- they lower the amount of
damaging unstable free radical molecules in your body and they dilate
your blood vessels by increasing the amount of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide
is the same gas that dentists use to relax you. In years past, it was
called "laughing gas".

Blueberries Help to Lower The Risk of ED in Those Who Don't Already
Have ED

The Harvard study is misinterpreted in another important way. The
35.6% of men who developed erectile dysfunction did not already have
erectile dysfunction.  In these men, eating foods with higher flavonoid
content helped, arguably, to lower their risk of developing ED for the
first time.

The study said nothing about the effectiveness of blueberries or other
flavonoid rich food to reverse erectile dysfunction
in men who already
have the condition

This is why, if you already have ED, going out and buying buckets of
blueberries may be a delicious waste of money.

Cherries have Different Anthocyanins That May Be More Powerful Than

The anthocyanins in cherries are rutinosides. A 2001 study from
Michigan State University found that tart cherries and Montmorency
cherries contain " cyanidin-3-glucosylrutinoside (1), cyanidin-3-
rutinoside (2), cyanidin-3-glucoside (3) and their aglycone, cyanidin
(4), have exhibited in vitro antioxidant and cyclooxygenase inhibitory
activities comparable to those of commercial products ".

Other studies have found that the anti-inflammatory strength of
cherries is equal to commercially available ibuprofen.

(Read about
foods that raise your risk for erectile dysfunction.)

Now, you know exactly 1/2 of what every man needs to know to
prevent ED. Here are the rest of the tips

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