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Blocked Sinuses? ---Causes and
Top 7 Remedies
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Last updated August 1, 2017, originally published April 29, 2015

By L. Carr, Contributing Columnist

Clogged sinuses may not sound very serious but when you
suffer from this condition for weeks, or experience a
regular recurrence of sinus problems, you know how badly
it affects your life.

Your eyes and face swell, you find it difficult to breathe
through your nose, and you suffer throbbing facial pain or

Sinusitis is a condition where the cavities surrounding the
nasal passages (sinuses) become inflamed and swollen.
Chronic sinusitis or chronic rhinosinusitis is when the
sinuses are clogged and swollen for at least eight weeks,
despite treatment.

Clogged sinuses is one of the most common medical
complaints in the US, according to a study by the
University of Pennsylvania (2010), affecting up to 16  
percent of Americans and accounting for over 13 million
physician visits at a cost of over $6 billion a year. People
with chronic rhinosinusitis even demonstrate worse quality
of life scores than people suffering from back pain, or
congestive heart failure.

Are Blocked Sinuses Serious?

Permanently clogged sinuses is a big deal. But what can
you do if you suffer from a chronic sinus problem? What
causes clogged sinuses, and is there anything you can do
to relieve the discomfort?

What are the Symptoms of Clogged Sinuses?

You’ll know when you’ve got clogged sinuses. You will
probably have a blocked or runny nose along with facial
pain, facial swelling, tenderness in the facial area,
headache, and possibly a high temperature. This is not an
ordinary stuffy nose.

In cases of chronic sinusitis, you have thick yellow or
green mucus draining down the back of your throat from
your nose, and difficulty breathing through a congested
nose. Your sense of smell and taste may be affected, and
you could experience ear pain, cough, sore throat, bad
breath, nausea, and fatigue. You probably won’t have a
fever if your sinuses are clogged for many weeks.

What are the Causes of Blocked Sinuses?  

The most common cause of clogged sinuses is a viral

You’ll probably learn from experience how a cold or flu can
result in sinus infection as the virus spreads from the
upper airways to the sinuses.

If you then develop a secondary bacterial infection the
sinuses become inflamed and you produce thick yellow or
green mucus.

A number of factors put you at increased risk of chronic or
recurrent sinus problems. For example, exposure to
irritants like air pollution, smoke, chemicals, and household
cleaning products.

If you have allergies like asthma or hay fever you are more
likely to have your sinuses always clogged. Narrow nasal
passages from nasal polyps or injury result in more
frequent sinus blockages, as does cystic fibrosis, a genetic

We looked at the latest scientific research to see how you
can ease the pain of chronically clogged sinuses. Here is
what we found:

Get Away from People Who Smoke to Avoid Clogged

If you are exposed to secondhand smoke you have a
higher-than-average risk of developing chronic sinus
disease, according to a 2010 study from Brock University,
St. Catharine's, Ontario, Canada.

The researchers looked at 306 non-smokers who had
chronically clogged sinuses (chronic rhinosinusitis lasting
12 weeks or longer) and looked at their exposure to
secondhand smoke over the last five years.

People with clogged sinuses were more likely than others
to have been exposed to smoke at home (13.4% vs.
9.1%), in public places (90.2% vs. 84.3%), at work
(18.6% vs. 6.9%), and while socializing (51.3% vs.
27.8%). If you are susceptible to clogged sinuses, avoid
cigarette smoke at all costs.

Try a Nasal Saline Drip for Chronic Clogged Sinuses

Nasal irrigation – pouring or rinsing saline solution into
your nose – is a proven treatment option for clogged

A 2007 study from the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear
Hospital in London and the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford,
UK found “evidence that saline is beneficial in the
treatment of the symptoms of chronic rhinosinusitis” when
used as the sole method of treatment. A 2007 study by
researchers at the University of Michigan Health System
also revealed that saline irrigation is more effective, and
cheaper, than the use of saline spray for relieving the
symptoms of clogged sinuses. People using the nasal
irrigation method experienced a 50 percent lower risk of
frequent sinus problems than people using a nasal spray,
researchers reported.  

Microbes Could Hold the Key to Chronic Clogged Sinuses

Patients with chronic rhinosinusitis (long-term blockage of
the sinuses) have a “depleted nasal microbiome,” which
means that there is a significant reduction in bacterial
diversity as well as an overgrowth of one particular type of
bacteria in the nose, according to a 2012 study by the
University of California, San Francisco. The researchers
think that by manipulating these microbial colonies, chronic
sinus problems could be effectively eradicated.

Can Probiotics Help Treat Clogged Sinuses?

Research from a laboratory, Allergy Therapeutics plc., in
West Sussex, UK (2014) suggests that probiotics can help
to treat chronic sinus blockage.

Because many experts believe that chronic sinusitis is
caused by an imbalance of bacteria in the nose, probiotics
can help to increase the ratio of good bacteria to bad, and
may result in symptom improvements.

However, there are no in-depth clinical trials into probiotic
use for the treatment of chronic sinus blockage and more
research is needed.

Clogged Sinuses and Immunodeficiency

Why do some patients fail to respond to conventional
treatments for chronic sinusitis?

Researchers from the Northwestern University Feinberg
School of Medicine, Chicago (2015) believe there is an
underlying immunodeficiency at play.

Several immunodeficiencies are associated with chronic
sinus problems, which should be treated in order to
resolve sinus pain and blockage, according to the
scientists. (
How to boost a weak immune systems? Read

Vitamin C, added to your diet, can help to boost your
immune system. The effects of Vitamin C supplementation
are numerous and have been studied extensively. In a
sense, Vitamin C is a "jack of all trades", able to boost
your immune system and much more. For example, Vitamin
C supplementation was found to perform a general
"rescuing role" in premature aging, according to a 2017
study from the University of Genoa. As the study observed,
"Supplementation of ascorbic acid appeared to halt cell
growth, oxidative stress, telomere attrition,
disorganization of chromatin, and excessive secretion of
inflammatory factors, and extend lifespan.3

Acupuncture for Treating Clogged Sinuses?

Acupuncture to the area surrounding the sinuses is
believed to offer relief and improve symptoms of
congestion and inflammation. However, research into the
subject offers mixed results in terms of success.

A 2005 study from Balder-Klinikken, Oslo, Norway
compares traditional Chinese acupuncture to conventional
treatment for chronic sinusitis and finds only a small
difference between acupuncture and conventional
treatment, which doesn’t amount to a significant

Use Eucalyptus Oil to Help Treat Clogged Sinuses

Cineole, an extract of eucalyptus oil, helps to thin mucus
and is therefore believed to be a valid treatment for
clogged sinuses.

A 2004 study from Klink and Ambulatorium für HNO-
Frankeiten, Clinical Research, Aachen, Germany showed
two 110mg capsules of cineole taken three times a day
helped relieve the symptoms of a viral attack of sinusitis.

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