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Man Poll Number 1:

If you had to choose a
woman to sleep with other
than your wife or girlfriend,
who would it be?

Top Choices (So far):

Jessica Alba        56%
Eva Mendez        16%
Jessica Biehl        10%
Beyonce                9%
Rihanna                8%

Man Poll Number 2:

Should Eliot Spitzer Have
Resigned for Sleeping With

No        64%
Yes        36%

Man Poll Number 3:

Is Barack Obama manly
enough to be

No                73%
Yes                  26%
Rihanna Gallery

10 Tips for Better Tasting Sperm
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Do Women Smell Your Testosterone?
December 1, 2008, Last Updated March 29, 2012
By the Editors of MangoBoss

Your sperm is only 10% semen, the little fish that can make a woman
pregnant. The rest of sperm is made up of body fluids including sugar,
protein, minerals and of course water.

A little known fact is that what you eat affects the taste of your sperm.
It is a fact that your sperm's taste can be improved and making your
semen taste better, can be done with a few simple diet changes.

To get sweeter-tasting sperm try these foods:

Celery. Celery and all foods containing chlorophyll have been shown
to sweeten the taste of sperm.

Fibrous Fruits. Fibrous fruits such as strawberries, pineapple,
mangoes, melons (honeydew especially), papaya, grapes, apples and

Apple herbal tea.

Distilled, non-chlorinated water. Avoid "hard" water which has
deposits of lime.

Cinnamon.  Add it to your tea and in the mornings on your oatmeal.
It will sweeten your sperm and reduce your risk of
diabetes, heart disease and erectile dysfunction. Article continues below.

Parsley. Since the ancient Greeks and Romans, men have eaten
parsley to sweeten the breath and body fluids.

Mint leaves. Add some in salads and drink Mint tea.

Red bell peppers. These are high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. They
also sweeten your sperm.

9. Reduce toxins that make your sperm bitter such as tobacco, excess

Reduce red meat. Keep red meat at a minimum not only to improve
sperm taste but also to
reduce  your risk of prostate cancer.

Bonus Tips

11. Blueberries. Blueberries can make your sperm clearer and thinner
and have less of a bitter taste.

Of course, your main concern is to have the best overall sperm quality.
Sperm quality is affected by toxins found in things you touch every day,
scientists have discovered.
Read more.

Now you know about 25%  of what every man needs to know about
sperm health.  Here are more powerful tips:
Low Folate Harms Sperm/
Soy Reduces Sperm Count/ Improve Ejaculation Release / Do Women
Smell Your Testosterone?

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Prostate Cancer Research Institute
American Heart Association
American Society of Hypertension

The American Society of Hypertension (ASH) is the largest US
organization devoted exclusively to hypertension and related
cardiovascular diseases. ASH is committed to alerting physicians, allied
health professionals and the public about new medical options, facts,
research findings and treatment choices designed to reduce the risk of
cardiovascular disease.

American Society of Hypertension (ASH)
116 John St., 24 FL
New York, NY 10038
United States


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