Average Bench Press for Men of Different
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April 12, 2009, last updated February 22, 2016 By Editors, MangoBoss

Every guy I know wants to know what he should be lifting or bench
pressing at his weight.  The standards on different depending upon
who you are. Advanced bodybuilders have different standards than
your average guy in a gym.  

We found the standards for advanced bodybuilders and we found the
standards for men who just want to stay fit and be strong.

These standards are from several sources, professional fire-fighter's
charts, bodybuilding books and national gyms. The trick is to find your
weight class, then be realistic about who you are.  Even if you aren't
near the goals here, you're probably still above the national average,
which is 135  bench press for a man at 175 pounds.

Advanced Body Builder:

Body Weight  Full Squat  Bench Press  Deadlift  Standing Press  Barbell Curl
-----------  ----------  -----------  --------  --------------  ------------
105-120        310         260         360          170             70
121-135        340         285         390          190             85
136-155        370         310         420          210            105
156-170        400         335         450          230            120
171-185        430         360         480          250            135
186-205        460         385         510          265            155
206-225        490         410         540          275            175
226-245        520         430         570          285            195
246-Plus       550         440         600           295            205

These are for a one-rep maximum for an advanced bodybuilder.


Beginner's goals should be 60% of the goals of the advanced

Body Weight  Full Squat  Bench Press  Deadlift  Standing Press  Barbell Curl
-----------  ----------  -----------  --------  --------------  ------------
105-120        310         156         216          102            42
121-135        340         171         234          114            51
136-155        370         186         252          126            63
156-170        400         201         270          138            72
171-185        430         216         288          150            81
186-205        460         231         306          159            93
206-225        490         246         324          165            105
226-245        520         258         342          171            117
246-Plus        550         264         360          177            123


All of the above numbers are for "raw" bench presses, meaning they
are performed without aid of "bench shirts". Bench shirts have been
around since they were invented by John Inzer in 1983 to support
your shoulders and deltoids during a bench press.  Most world records
today in bench press are achieved while the athletes wear some version
of a bench shirt.

How Long Should You Rest Between Sets?

Although conventional wisdom is that you should rest at least 1 minute
between sets, scientists have found that you increase your strength in
weight lifting exercises such as bench press if you wait far longer.

A 2009 study by scientists from State University of Rio de Janiero,  
Brazil led by Dr. B.F. de Salles found that men who wait from 3 to 5
minutes between sets increase their muscle strength more than men
who wait inly 1 minute between sets. The weights used in the repetitive
sets were between 50% and 90% of the absolute maximum each man
could lift.

Sources:"Mass" by Robert Kennedy and Dennis B. Weis

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