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Beer and Prostate Cancer -- What
Are the Facts?

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January 30, 2012, last updated May 28, 2014
By Stephen Kintz, Contributing Columnist

Prostate cancer is widespread. The American Cancer Society
estimates that 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate
cancer in the United States, with over 240,000 new cases in
2012. Most of these men will be 40 or over. Prostate cancer is
deadly. The American Cancer Society expects prostate cancer
to take the lives of over 30,000 men in the United States this
year alone. This death toll makes prostate cancer the second
leading cause of cancer death in American men.

Compounding the problem for doctors and patients is the fact
that little is known about the potential causes of prostate

So is enjoying your nightly beer putting you at greater risk
for prostate cancer?

In a study published in 2009, Zhihong Gond and colleagues
from the University of California, San Francisco found a link
between beer consumption and an increased risk for prostate

The researchers examined the alcohol consumption of 10,920
men over a 7-year period. The men were surveyed on the
type, amount, and rate of alcohol consumption along with
other bio-metrical and personal data. The researchers were
not able to find a link between wine or spirit consumption
and an increased risk of prostate cancer --- just beer .

However, you might want to pass on throwing away your
cases of beer and taking a vow of whiskey-only. You
definitely should wait on that vow of temperance. The study
had some limitations.

Zhihong Gond and colleagues claimed the study was
inconclusive. It was the first study to demonstrate a link
between alcohol consumption and prostate cancer. There
have been other studies on the same issue, but none of these
studies was able to demonstrate a significant link. This was a
small, focused study. Therefore, while it can demonstrate a
possible link, further research is required to establish that link
as medically relevant.  


The results of the University of California study linking beer
consumption with prostate cancer risk have indeed been
confirmed by a later study.

In 2012, a study from researchers from  the Department of
Population Health Research, Alberta Health Services-Cancer
Care in Canada examined 947 men with stage T2 or later
stage prostate cancer. Looking at the participants lifetime
consumption of various alcohols, the team discovered that
those men who were the heaviest drinkers of beer had a
78% higher risk of prostate cancer than the men who drank
the least amount of beer over their lifetimes.]

Of course, alcohol consumption is linked to a myriad of other
cancers, so it seems reasonable to assume that alcohol would
be linked to prostate cancer. The America Cancer Society has
suggested that alcohol might be carcinogenic and suppress
DNA repair.

Why? What is the connection between alcohol and cancer in
general? Alcohol also slows a person’s metabolism, which
allows other carcinogens to stay in the body longer. This is
why smoking and heavy alcohol use is so dangerous.

Yet while these properties of alcohol explain why the
digestive track and liver are highly susceptible to the harmful
effects of alcohol, none of these reasons explains how alcohol
causes cancer in the prostate.

Furthermore, there is no difference between the alcohol in
beer, spirits, and wine. So the researchers were unable to
explain why beer was linked to prostate cancer but not spirits
or wine.

More importantly, the researchers were unable to find a link
between prostate cancer and light-to-moderate drinking.
There was not even a link between occasional heavy drinking
and prostate cancer. This is a very important fact for anyone
who enjoys the occasional drink. In fact, the researchers only
found a link when the individual drank 4 or more beers on 5
or more days of the week, which is some seriously heavy
alcohol consumption.

This level of alcohol consumption appears to be the important
issue. While the link between alcohol and prostate cancer is
undetermined, there is a well-established link between an
unhealthy lifestyle (obesity, unhealthy diet, etc.) and an
increased risk for cancer. Heavy drinking can lead to
numerous side effects, such as obesity, hormone imbalance,
heart failure, insomnia, liver disease, etc. Many of these side
effects are a part of an unhealthy lifestyle that can lead to an
increase risk for cancer. If you really want to lower your risk
for prostate cancer, you should not avoid alcohol (unless you
drink heavily), but instead, you should exercise and eat

There are two caveats. Alcohol has been shown to reduce the
effectiveness of some cancer-fighting drugs. So if you have
prostate cancer, you should talk with your doctor. Also, if you
already have a high risk for prostate cancer, you might want
to alter your drinking habits until the link is disproved.

Read more about red peppers and other
foods that fight
prostate cancer.

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Beer has been singled out by some reports for its
possible link to prostate cancer.
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