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Should Eliot Spitzer Have
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Jessica Alba Leads Man Poll of the
56% of You Choose to  Sleep With
Her If You Had to Sleep with Someone
Other Than Your Wife or Girlfriend
Obama 's  Core Work-Out

Barack Obama's Workout --How
President Obama Stays In Perfect
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December 26, 2008, Last Updated September 12, 2012

By Michael P. Delhomme, Contributing Columnist

As many photos of  have shown, President Barack Obama is
in great shape for an almost 50 year old man.  What is his
workout?  Mangoboss has culled facts from all available
public sources (eye witnesses of reporters, statements of
friends and published interviews)  to ascertain what the  
President’s workout looks like.  

How Often Does President Obama Workout

Obama works out  six days a week.  His workouts usually
starts early in the mornings . Self-described as naturally  "a
skinny kid ", Obama was actually a chubby kid, as photos
attest. Perhaps for that reason, Obama  has become a
devotee of personal fitness, faithfully attending to his
personal fitness before he hits the paperwork.

How Obama Divides Up Cardio and Weights

Obama usually works out for 90 minutes (the same length of
First Lady Michelle Obama's workout), focusing on  both
cardio and strength training.  He spends half his time on
weights and half his time on cardiovascular training. He
warms up and cools down also.

His Gear

Obama works out using standard gear— gray t-shirt, black
running pants, Asics sneakers, white head phones.


For weights, when he’s in Chicago, he uses about 12
machines at a private gym at Regents Park, a luxury
condominium where his friend Michael Signator has an
apartment on the 18th Floor overlooking Lake Michigan.

The machines he uses have not been fully reported but he
uses free weights of 40 pounds for tricep presses. He also
does 80 pound calf raises, stepping up on the high bench.

He does a heavy set rotation of shoulder presses and
dumbbell extensions .

He works his triceps hard, using standing weighted tricep
pulls. He does standing tricep push downs, elbows tight to
his hips, 40 pound weights. He does lying dumbbell presses,
15 pound weights.

The man identified by People magazine as his trainer, Reggie
Love, is a former Duke University basketball player and is
almost always at his side.  

Once when he worked out at the Dupont Circle Washington
Sports Club, he was observed by reporter David Paul Kuhns,
speaking to another trainer, an African American male, who
told Obama his father would be proud of him. Obama
nodded, smile and said “I wish I had time for a trainer”.

When Obama works out he follows a prescribed workout on
a piece of white paper, which Reggie holds.

Cardiovascular Training

For cardio,  Obama hits the stationary bicycle,elliptical
machine treadmill and he plays basketball.  He works at an
intensity that produces a heavy sweat.  

Even Obama's closest friends said they marvel at how he has
maintained his commitment. He went to Regents Park at 9 a.
m. the day after his victory rally in Grant Park, on
Thanksgiving Day and hours before traveling to Washington
for his first tour of the White House. On Friday, Obama
rushed to the gym before boarding a plane for his 12-day
stay in Hawaii. He woke up the next morning on vacation,
went to a gym and exited 45 minutes later in a sweat-
soaked gray shirt.

When he moves into the White House, Obama plans to use
the basketball court, and may even expand the facilities,
according to published sources. Sweet.

The results are clearly worth it. His chest and abs appear far
more chiseled in December (the top photo where he is
wearing shades) than they did just 4 months earlier in
August in the smaller photo. The bigger question reporters
were asking is how some one got that close to snap a photo
of the incoming President. "In our parlance, we would say
he gave it up. That's the expression in the business. That he
gave up the picture," said Frank Griffin, of Bauer Griffin LLC,
the photo agency that snapped the pictures.

Sources: ABCNews, People Magazine, Washington Post,
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