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Balanitis -- Causes and Cures

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June 17, 2012, last updated April 3, 2013
By Stephen Kintz, Contributing Columnist

If you have ever had balanitis, you know it's not a pretty
sight. According to the National Institutes of Health, balanitis
is an inflammation of the foreskin or head of the penis.

Typically, balanitis presents with a red rash on the foreskin or
head of the penis, a foul smelling discharge, and, sometimes,
pain. Unfortunately for men, balanitis is common in men and
boys, affecting around 11% of the male population. Herzog
and colleagues published a study in 1986 in the “American
Journal of Diseases of Children” that claims uncircumcised
boys (6%) are more prone to balanitis than circumcised boys
(3%). However, it is difficult to determine the number of men
with general balanitis symptoms since balanitis is a symptom
and attributed to numerous causes and ailments.

What causes balanitis? Are there any natural remedies that
prevent or treat balanitis?

Balanitis Causes

As mentioned above, balanitis is more of a symptom caused
by numerous diseases and conditions. Therefore, it has a
myriad of causes. The National Institute of Health claims that
the most common causes are bacterial infection, fungal
infection, skin disease, reactive arthritis, and allergic reaction.
However, many of these causes stem from improper hygiene.
Balanitis can also be caused by diabetes and sexually
transmitted diseases.

There are many different types of balanitis, including balanitis
xerotica obliterans, zoon balanitis, candida balanitis.

It is important to determine the cause of your balanitis before
seeking treatment. Almost all the treatments for balanitis are
specific to the ailment or condition causing it. Therefore, it is
important to speak with your doctor or pharmacist before
starting most of the treatments listed below.

Treatments and Natural Remedies for Balanitis

I have read several websites claiming that garlic, yogurt, tea
oil, calendula, and coconut oil can be used to treat balanitis.
However, I have found no study to back up this information.
It appears the general belief is these items have natural anti-
fungal or anti-bacterial properties, which may be true. Yet
just because something might have anti-fungal properties,
does not mean it can cure a balanitis fungal infection. I
cannot stop you from rubbing garlic on your penis, but there
is not a study claiming garlic helps with balanitis that I have
found. The 10 treatments listed below will probably be more

Good Hygiene Can Prevent Balanitis

Balanitis is generally not a serious condition. If you keep your
penis clean and dry (circumcised or uncircumcised), you
should not have a problem with balanitis. According to
Edwards who published an article in Genitourin Medicine from
Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, UK, balanitis is
generally an infection caused by poor hygiene in
uncircumcised men.

Also, according to the National Health Services in the United
Kingdom, keeping your hands clean and washing your penis
might relieve the symptoms of balanitis, unless it has
blossomed into a full blown infection. (Read more about
to clean your penis.)

Remove Irritants to Get Rid of Balanitis

The National Institute of Health and the National Health
Services in the United Kingdom recommend removing any
irritants that might cause an allergic reaction. This can include
harsh soaps, bubble baths, baby wipes, certain condoms,
latex, and hygiene sprays. It can also include urine. You
should wash your penis if you pee all over it. In most cases of
balanitis because of allergic reaction, the removal of any
irritants will solve the problem and doctor intervention is not

Steroid Creams (corticosteroid) Can Help

Of course, if the irritation continues, you might want to use a
topical steroid cream. You should probably consult with your
doctor or pharmacist before trying a topical steroid cream.
Steroid creams will reduce penis inflammation. Yet if the penis
is not kept clean or the irritant is not removed, the steroid
creams will not cure your balanitis.

The National Health Services in the United Kingdom says that
if symptoms persist for 14 days, you should definitely seek
the help of a doctor. The doctor will be able to prescribe
better steroids (generally, not topical) or determine another
cause for your balanitis.

Anti-Fungal (Clotrimazole)

A Fungal infection is a very common cause of balanitis. If you
have recently had sex, you might have caught a yeast
infection. You might have also contracted a fungal infection
from poor hygiene. If your symptoms persist for several days
with no improvement, you should consult your doctor for
help. If the cause of your infection is fungal in nature, the
National Institute of Health and National Health Services of
the United Kingdom recommend an anti-fungal cream, like

Antibiotics -A Solution in Some Cases of Balanitis

A bacterial infection is also very common. And much like a
fungal infection if your symptoms persist for several days
with no improvement, you should consult your doctor for
help. If the cause of your infection is bacterial in nature, the
National Institute of Health and National Health Services of
the United Kingdom recommend antibiotics, like amoxicillin,
erythromycin, or clarithromycin.

Epsom Salt May Help Balanitis

Epsom salt is not really a treatment. However, the National
Institute of Health claims that Epsom salt can be used to treat
irritation and inflammation. Typically, balanitis patients should
add the salt to a warm bath. However, the soaking treatment
should not be used by people with diabetes, and you might
want to consult a doctor or pharmacist before attempting the
soaking treatment.

Avoid Sugars to Reduce Balanitis

Drivsholm and colleagues published a 2005 study in
Diabetologia from Copenhagen, Kommunehospitalet in
Copenhagen, Denmark that says that balanitis is a common
symptom of men with high levels of glycaemia (or diabetes).
Unfortunately, diabetics are susceptible to many different skin
conditions; fortunately, if diabetics avoid sugars and take
their medication, these skin conditions will often go away.
However, if left untreated, the skin condition can quickly
develop into a bacterial or fungal infection.

Laser Treatment Can Help Balanitis

If your penis inflammation is chronic or the foreskin is too
stiff to properly move for hygienic purposes, your doctor will
properly recommend a surgical treatment. Luckily for men,
Wollina published a 2010 study in the Journal of Cosmetic
and Laser Therapy from the Academic Teaching Hospital
Dresden-Friedrichstadt in Dresden, Germany that claims laser
therapy might be a viable treatment instead surgery.

Wollina treated 20 men for chronic balanitis and found that
laser treatment was not only effective and safe, but the laser
treatment had very few side effects and almost no pain. While
it might seem odd to have a laser on your penis, most men
will probably agree it is better than a scalpel.

Dorsal Slit

If you need surgical intervention because of chronic balanitis
or  stiff foreskin but want to avoid circumcision, you might
want to ask your doctor about a dorsal slit.

A dorsal slit is a small slit on the top of the foreskin that
provides the same relief as circumcisions, but it is less radical
and requires less recovery time. Thiruchelvam and colleagues
published a paper in 2004 in the Journal of the Royal Society
of Medicine about an emergency dorsal slit conducted at
North Hampshire Hospital in Basingstoke, UK. Thiruchelvan
and colleagues favor the dorsal slit because it retains the
foreskin of the patient, but it still allows for the drainage of
pus and the foreskin to be moved to allow proper hygiene.


For most men, however, the National Institute of Health and
National Health Services of the United Kingdom recommend
circumcision for men with chronic balanitis and tight foreskin.
They may also recommend circumcision for men when the
underlying cause of the balanitis (infection, irritant, etc.)
cannot be determined. Generally, before surgery of any kind
is performed or recommended, your doctor should refer you
to a dermatologist. So don’t let you your doctor be cut happy
if you can avoid it.

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