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Man Poll Number 1:

If you had to choose a
woman to sleep with other
than your wife or girlfriend,
who would it be?

Top Choices (So far):

Jessica Alba        56%
Eva Mendez        16%
Jessica Biehl        10%
Beyonce                9%
Rihanna                8%

Man Poll Number 2:

Should Eliot Spitzer Have
Resigned for Sleeping With

No        64%
Yes        36%

Man Poll Number 3:

Is Barack Obama manly
enough to be

No                73%
Yes                  26%
Jessica Alba Gallery
Rihanna Gallery

Bad Bed Habits --These Habits Will
Ruin Your Game
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Most men do not realize that they may have bed habits which
turn women off. But here's a big clue that it is a big problem
out there. One study of couples asked men if they sleep
better with women or alone.  89% of men said they sleep
better with women.  Then they asked women the same
question.  Result?  67% of women say they sleep better
alone than with their men.  What's that about!

Here's what's going on.  There are certain sleep habits that
you may have which are turning her off and you don't know
it. The Number One Bad Sleeping Habit of Men?
Article Continues Below

Bad Sleep Habit Number One--Snoring

Snoring.  Men who snore tend to be heavy snorers.
Heavy snoring --the kind that sounds like honking--is not
only bad for your sex appeal,
it has been linked to erectile
dysfunction and, it turns out, its very bad for your health.

study of over 13,000 men found that heavy snorers face
a 67% increased risk of suffering stroke. That's 67%.

And if you think you can't suffer a stroke because you are
under 30 or under 40, think again.

The solution is to make it a priority to find a solution. There
are many
tips that veteran snorers have used to stop honking.

Here are a sample:

1. Tape a tennis ball to your back. It will keep you from
rolling on to your back, a favorite position of heavy snorers

2. Nose strips. There are several brands out there. They work
by opening up your nasal passages.

3. Decrease Foods that provide mucous. Cut down on dairy.

4. Lose weight. This is the most common cause of heavy
snoring. There are
diet plans around, including on this site,
that can help.

Here's a link to a complete list of
tips to stop snoring.

Bad Sleep Habit Number Two--Body Odor

Guys, some of us go to bed by just hopping in-- Do Not Pass
Go. You need to make a pit stop in the john, clean up your
act, before you hit the sheets.  The problem is that body odor
will kill your appeal to women. And remember, you are the
last person in the room to smell your own B.O.

You need to shower at least once a day. By the time you get
home from being out there at the job all day, you need to go
through the car wash again. Quick hit, no problem. Swipe
some deodorant under the pits, and you're set. And while
you're at it, make sure your teeth are white and clean. (Read
more about
foods that destroy your tooth enamel.)

Bad Sleep Habit Number Three--Bad Dental Hygiene

Notice how when you wake up in the morning, your mouth
smells like a sewer. It's because the hundreds of germs you
went to bed with multiply into millions by the time you get
up. By morning, your mouth is a toilet.  

You have to make it a part of your routine to hit the mouth
with a swig of mouth wash, brush your teeth (don't miss
your tongue, that's where most of the germs are) and floss
every day, man.

If you can eliminate these Bad Bed Habits, you will increase
your appeal --or your invitations--by 100%--guaranteed.
Take it to the Bank.

Bad Bed Habit Number Four-- Refusing to Wear a Condom

So she has asked you to wear a condom. You have found
ways to forget she asked. She may put up with this for a
while but, trust us, she won't forget. You're headed for the
ex-boyfriend pile.

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