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Man Poll Number 1:

If you had to choose a
woman to sleep with other
than your wife or girlfriend,
who would it be?

Top Choices (So far):

Jessica Alba        56%
Eva Mendez        16%
Jessica Biehl        10%
Beyonce                9%
Rihanna                8%

Man Poll Number 2:

Should Eliot Spitzer Have
Resigned for Sleeping With

No        64%
Yes        36%

Man Poll Number 3:

Is Barack Obama manly
enough to be

No                73%
Yes                  26%

Next Week's Poll:
Meeting Women-Have You Ever Met
a Woman Through the Internet?

Jessica Alba Leads Man Poll of the
Month--56% of You Choose to  Sleep With
Jessica Alba Gallery
Rihanna Gallery
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If You Had to Sleep with a Woman Other Than Your
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