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September 19, 2013

By Max Gruber, Contributing Columnist and Editors, Mangoboss

Things are getting weirder by the day.  AIDs, the once-
deadly and now increasingly manageable disease caused
by infection from the HIV virus, is by and large an
avoidable malady. What we know is that  HIV is
transmitted from skin-to-skin contact or contact with the
body fluids of someone who has been infected by the
virus. So far, so good. But the conventional knowledge
can't really protect against any of the far-fetched ways
that we can come into contact with someone else's bodily

But before we take a trip down Weird-but-True Lane, it
bears repeating that you are probably more likely to get hit
by lightning twice in the same spot or win the Lottery than
to contract AIDs through any of these weird ways.  

That said, life never strictly plays by the rules when it
comes  to serious risks. No one can guarantee you that
you won't encounter HIV virus in an unexpected place.
Here are the 7 strangest ways you can encounter the HIV

1.        "
I don’t have a condom so I’ll be safe and stick to
oral sex’"

Guys who think they are "sacrificing" when they forgo
intercourse for oral sex, might want to think again. Oral
sex is not 100% safe when it come sto transmission of
sexual diseases, including HIV.

According to the Department of Health and Human
Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, even
though HIV transmission is lower than that of vaginal or
anal sex, many studies prove that oral sex can be
transmitted through oral sex. What you don’t know when
you receive or give oral sex is whether or not the HIV
positive person has oral ulcers, bleeding gums, genital
sores or other STDs. The only thing that is certain is that
you can get HIV through fellatio, cunnilingus and anilingus.

To be fair, the risk of getting AIDs through oral sex –
especially without ejaculation is  ”extremely low”,
according  to a panel of experts  convened on March 14,
2003 in San Francisco by Dr. Laurence Peiperl , Director of
the Director, University of California in San Francisco
Center for HIV Information.  In this panel of leading
experts in the field, only one case of transmission of AIDs
through oral sex was reported.
But , no matter how farfetched and unlikely, here is a
caution from one of the participants, Dr. Frederick M.
Hecht: “Certainly in our Options study and other studies,
there are clear reports of transmission through anal sex
where there is not ejaculation, so I think pre-ejaculate is
potentially contagious. So that suggests that if oral sex
transmission occurs, it potentially could happen without
ejaculation. Having said that, though, while biologically
plausible, I think it would be very unlikely."

Surely I can't get AIDs from a dentist".

Add this one to the list of legitimate reasons for dental-

As recent as April 2013, an AIDS patient has claimed that
he contracted the virus after having a tooth pulled by an
Oklahoma dentist. Dr. W. Scott Harrington, an Oklahoma
dentist was accused of exposing 7,000 patients to
infection because of unsanitary practices.

When you go to the dentist you just suppose that all the
instruments used will be properly cleaned and sanitised
and in general they are, however, every time you go for a
check, you may be leaving yourself open to the HIV virus
and AIDS.

" I was strolling on the beach one day..."

A nice stroll on the beach could have more in store for you
than you could imagine.

There is nothing better than walking barefoot through the
soft, sand on a warm summer’s day whilst listening to the
calm waves.

That is, until you step on a needle that has just been used
to inject drugs with some of their blood still on the needle.
Your situation worsens as you are told at the hospital that
it seems the drug user was HIV positive, and you think
back to the peace and serenity of the beach and how you
should have paid attention to where you were walking.  
Needle-related injuries, according to the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention can transfer blood and
blood-related viruses such, as HIV. Even though the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim that the
risk of transmission is extremely low and there are no
documented cases of transmission outside of a health care
setting, there always needs to be a first.

4.        Playing sports will keep me fit and healthy
In general this is true, but that is until your opponent or
teammate gets a cut and doesn’t notice it or clean it
properly. An open wound could come into contact with a
cut on your body which could lead to an exchange of
blood between an infected and not-infected sports player.
However, this doesn’t mean you should stop to play sports
altogether, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
states that there is only a small chance of getting HIV
through contact sports.

"I know a good, cheap place you can get a piercing
and tattoo"

This in general is never a good sign, as unlike most
reputable tattoo and piercing parlours, these cheaper
options may not use disposable piercing equipment. As
you search to change your look with a cool tattoo or
piercing although the chances of getting HIV through a
piercing or tattoo are relatively low, there is still a chance.
Just make sure to ask, or try and see if they are opening a
piercing instrument, as if not, you might be walking out of
the parlour with more than just a new tattoo or piercing.

"I left my razor and toothbrush at home, I’ll just
use his, he won’t mind"

Although your friend might not mind, once you are sat in
hospital being told by a doctor that you have contracted
HIV you will wish that you hadn’t used both. When
brushing your teeth or gums, they may begin to bleed and
if not yours then the person who is infected may have
bleeding gums or teeth. Blood and infection can get caught
in the bristles of the brush mixing in to the cuts in your
mouth, allowing the chance for the transmission of HIV.
Sharing shaving razors is also not advised as with a wet
shave, your skin is more likely to have cuts and therefore
is vulnerable to the HIV virus.

According to the Foundation for AIDS Research, amFAR,
every day nearly 7,000 people contract HIV which equates
to nearly 300 every hour. As shown by the above 7
weirdest ways you can get AIDS, the HIV virus and AIDS
disease does not discriminate or care how it is transmitted.
You can never be too careful, and it would be a good idea
if you think before using your friend’s toothbrush or
decided in a moment of madness to get a number of

Another Reason Why Mosquitoes Are Not Your Friends

Mosquitoes survive by drawing blood from humans and
animals. Problems is, they usually don't get enough blood
from one person to meet their needs. So, they travel in
search of Victim Number Two.  But if you are bitten by a
mosquito who is already partially filled with blood from an
HIV carrier, you could be infected too.

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Mosquitoes can transmit many blood-borne
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