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June 10, 2016
By L. Carr, Contributing Columnist

Gym, spinning class, five-mile runs, tracking your steps on
your fitness app…. did you know there was an easier way to
burn calories? Hundreds of easier ways, in fact. You are
probably doing these simple things without really noticing,
but research has shown that these non-sedentary habits
make a huge difference.

If you wonder why some people seem to stay slim without
going to the gym, it’s all to do with a little-known
phenomenon called "Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

NEAT is the probably the most important factor affecting your
health that you've never heard of. People with NEAT on their
side don’t seem to be doing anything too strenuous but they
are burning more calories throughout the day. What is NEAT?
Can it help you too lose weight without the gym?

What is NEAT?

Non exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) is the energy the
body uses for everything throughout the day outside of

sleeping or eating or sports-type exercise
, says a 2002 study
from the Mayo Clinic, Rochester.

NEAT is the total of all those little movements you do
everyday that you never think of.  You use NEAT energy for
typing at your computer, making a cup of tea, walking to
your car, doing chores, and even fidgeting.

You may not think about it or keep track of NEAT calories...
but your body does. That energy has to come from
somewhere, and it comes from calories – precisely where you
get your energy from if you exercise.

The difference is that these actions that burn calories are
often very small. But the Mayo Clinic says “even trivial
physical activities increase metabolic rate substantially and it
is the cumulative impact of a multitude of exothermic actions
that culminate in an individual's daily NEAT.”

So if your NEAT is high, you are naturally burning more
calories without even trying.

By the way, NEAT is probably a big part of the answer to the
question "why are people getting fatter?"

There was a time when more of us worked on farms or in
other ways with our hands. Then, "progress" happened.

Researchers say “wealth and industrialization appear to
decrease NEAT” while working in the fields or with your
hands raises it. In fact, a 2007 report from the Mayo Clinic
demonstrates that “NEAT varies between two people of
similar size by 2000 kcal day because of people's different
occupations and leisure-time activities.”

If you have a very active job and active leisure time pursuits
rather than a desk job and a TV habit, you will have a higher
NEAT. A 2004 study from the University of Vermont confirms
this and says there is a considerable variation in people’s total
daily energy expenditure and calorie burn depending on
variations in their non-exercise activity.

What Can You Do to Boost Your NEAT?

Think about how you spend your day at work and how you
spend your leisure time. You will probably be surprised to
learn how sedentary you are.

Even spending an hour a day in the gym will not make much
of a difference to your calorie burn if you are inactive the
other 23 hours.

Swapping sedentary habits like watching TV or sitting down
with your phone for
anything a bit more active, and finding
ways to incorporate activity into your day, helps raise your
NEAT and allows you to burn calories without even noticing.

You would be surprised by how much we have automated
and mechanized our lives. Increase your NEAT by doing
things by hand such as washing your dishes or cooking your
dinner from scratch.

Always move briskly when you are moving between places in
the office, go the long way round, fidget,  stand up when you
are making phone calls, watch less television, walk when you
can, and put some effort into doing your housework.

Even laughing burns calories. And what you eat and drink not
only affects how many calories you take in, but how you burn
calories too.

We looked at the scientific ways to increase non exercise
activity thermogenesis and burn calories throughout the day
without trying.

Vary Your Walking Speed to Burn More Calories Without
Really Trying

Simply switching you pace when you walk can help you burn
calories, says a 2015 study from Ohio State University.
Changing your walking speed can help you burn up to 20
percent more calories compared to sticking to a regular pace,
researchers say.  

They also found that up to 8 percent of the calories burned
every day are when you start and stop walking.

When you change pace, stop and start, you need a change in
kinetic energy and that means your legs work harder, which
means you burn more calories because you need more

2. Reprogram Your Cells to Burn Calories

OK, so you can’t actually do this by yourself but it is an
interesting concept and it could show how new drugs could
be developed to combat obesity.

A 2014 study from the University of Southern Denmark
demonstrates the genetic mechanism whereby calorie-storing
white fat cells can actually be reprogrammed to act like
calorie-burning brown fat cells.

When you eat more calories than you use, the white fat builds
up causing obesity. Scientists are working on a way to
genetically reprogram these white fat cells and turn them into
brown fat cells. They have named the new fat cells brite fat
cells – short for brown in white.

Simply Stand Up in the Office to Burn More Calories

Stand up for three hours a day in the office and you burn
more calories and are more likely to lose weight, says a 2013
study from Chester University in the UK.

Lead researcher Dr. Buckley used an old wooden lectern as a
standing desk and worked at it for three hours each day. He
worked out that standing for three hours burned an extra
144 calories a day, which builds up to 30,000 calories a year
for someone with an office job
or 8 pounds of body fat

If you add standing to the weekends, that's 52,560 calories a
year. That's
over 15 pounds of body fat.

Watch Less TV and Burn More Calories Without Trying

Research shows that cutting your TV viewing time in half
burns an average of 120 extra calories a day.

A 2009 study from the University of Vermont in Burlington
demonstrated that adults who weighed above the healthy
range could burn more calories simply by watching less TV.
Researchers looked at 36 adults who filled out reports on
their TV watching and other activities. After monitoring for
three weeks, half the people had their TV hours cut by half
using an electronic locking system.

Those watching less TV significantly increased their energy
expenditure by an average of 119 kcal a day, which is the
same as walking a mile, and there was a greater reduction in
BMI in the group watching less TV.  

Watching television uses up far fewer calories than other
sitting down activities, including reading, writing, and desk

Easy ways to cut down your TV watching time is to delay
turning on the TV by one hour each morning and to turn off
the TV an hour earlier each night. Another way to cut back on
TV time is to deliberately schedule one or two evenings out,
doing something with friends. Bowling, anyone? Anybody up
for some poker, dancing, karaoke?

Play Video Games and Burn Calories?

Is it possible to burn more calories by playing video games?

Yes, but they should be active games, according to a 2008
study from the University of Hong Kong. Researchers found
that when playing an active video game, children were able to
burn four times more calories than when playing a seated

The study looked at the heart rate and calorie burn of 18
children between the ages of 6 and 12. The researchers
concluded that “active gaming formats result in meaningful
increases in energy expenditure compared with the seated
screen environment."

Burn Calories by Going Shopping

If you want to burn calories while doing something fun, go
shopping. A 2004 survey carried out by Woolworths, a UK
chain of stores, revealed that
people burn up to 193 calories
every time they go out shopping and that while
many people
do not see shopping as exercise, they still walk a typical 133
miles of aisles every year.

Drink Coffee and, Yes, It Will Help You Burn More Calories

Caffeine is known to stimulate thermogenesis, the method by
which your body turns your food into energy.

Therefore drinking coffee can boost the number of calories
you burn throughout the day, according to experts.

A 2009 study from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark
found that caffeine had a
significant thermogenic effect.
Researchers tested 12 men and found that caffeine produced
a thermogenic response of 6 percent above average.

But, a word of caution is in order. Don't overdo caffeinated
drinks, especially energy drinks. Over-indulging in energy
drinks can harm your heart.

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