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July 27, 2014

By L. Carr,  Columnist

Wheat grass. If you believe the PR hype, juicing some of
this young grass into a cup will build your red blood cells,
improve your circulation, protect your body against
inflammation, and even prevent or cure cancer. Is wheat
grass a wonder food or simply a fresh-tasting addition to
your daily juice fix?

American chemist Charles Schnabel, known as “Mr.
Wheatgrass” to admirers, started the wheat grass craze in
the 1930s. Since then there has been a body of scientific
research devoted to investigating the powers of wheat
grass juice for treating disease and preventing certain
health conditions.

Wheat grass -A Brief History

Wheat grass is the grass of a plant called "triticum
aestivum Linn".  About 70% of its chemical composition is
chlorophyll, which accounts for its green color. Wheat
grass also contains a smidgeon of Vitamins A,C and E as
well as 8 amino acids.

Why the appeal of wheat grass? There is a certain amount
of intuitive appeal of wheat grass. The word "grass"
sounds natural and unprocessed.

What exactly is the truth behind the wheat grass hype? Is
wheat grass juice beneficial for your health or are the
claims just clever marketing to get you to pay top dollar
for a fresh cup of green liquid each morning?

1. Wheat Grass Is a Super-Nutritious Food: Maybe

It depends which claims you read – if you want to believe
that one shot of wheat grass juice will give you more
nutrients than 1kg of vegetables (as some literature
suggests) you’re going to be disappointed. According to
the British Dietetic Association wheat grass contains,
pound for pound, as many nutrients as the average
spinach or broccoli plant. If you try to cure a disease like
cancer by cutting out other foods in favor of a wheat
grass-centric diet you will be setting yourself up for
serious health problems, says the American Cancer
Society.  However, wheat grass is nutritious – it contains
vitamin A, C, E, iron, magnesium, and calcium – and is
beneficial as part of a balanced diet.

2. Wheat Grass Helps Treat Ulcerative Colitis: Fact

A small study by The Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine,
The Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa in 2002
showed that people with ulcerative colitis (a condition
characterized by inflammation of the colon) experienced
an improvement in symptoms like diarrhea and rectal
bleeding when they drank 100ml of wheat grass juice
every day for a month.

3. Wheat Grass Treats Blood Disorders: Possibly

Wheat grass juice may be helpful for people suffering from
thalassaemia, a blood disorder, according to a 2004 study
from the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and
Research, Chandigarh, India. When patients drank 100ml
of wheat grass juice a day half of them needed fewer
blood transfusions over the course of three years. The
study was small – 32 patients – and further research is

4. Wheat Grass Helps Red Blood Circulation: Myth

Aficionados of wheat grass claim that because the
chlorophyll in wheat grass and
Hemoglobin, the protein that helps transport oxygen in
blood around your body, are similar then it stands to
reason that drinking a lot of wheat grass juice will enhance
the action of hemoglobin. There is no scientific evidence to
support this claim, according to the American Cancer

5. Wheat Grass Is Good For Treating Foot Conditions: Myth

A cream made from wheat grass was no better at treating
the symptoms of the painful foot condition plantar fasciitis,
according to a 2006 study from La Trobe University,
Bundoora, Australia. Wheat grass was no more effective
than placebo for relieving pain.

6. Wheat Grass Cures Cancer: Myth

The American Cancer Society has been so concerned that
people are choosing to follow the “Wheatgrass Diet”
rather than stick to conventional cancer treatment that it
released guidelines stating that wheat grass is not a
wonder drug or a cure-all, and there is no evidence it can
prevent or cure cancer. Eating wheat grass as part of a
healthy balanced diet is fine, but using it as a cancer cure
is dangerous, according to the organization.

7. Wheat Grass is a Detoxifier: Myth

Some fans of wheat grass juice drink it as part of an
overall body cleanse. But wheat grass has no powers to
detoxify your body. This is a process that is being
undertaken already by your liver, kidneys, and immune
system – drinking wheat grass or any other juice does not
affect this process. Similarly, there is no evidence to
suggest that wheat grass helps prevent high blood
pressure, tooth decay, infection, or anemia.

One study in 2013 from Karunya University in India found
that an extract of wheat grass helped lab rats to better
control their blood sugar, though the design of this study
--and the fact that it was not a human study --means that
we will need to wait before we can recommend wheat
grass as an aid to help control blood sugar or diabetes.

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It's green and it's pretty but wheat
grass health benefits are more myth
than fact.
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