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Last updated April 7, 2017, originally published November 4, 2015

By Susan Callahan,  Columnist

Pry open the blood vessels of most of us and you won’t
find much Vitamin C there. Up to 17% of  Americans are
Vitamin C deficient, according to a 2004 study led by Dr.
Jeffrey Hampl of Arizona State University. The minimum
daily recommended amount of Vitamin C for men is 90
mg/day, higher than the 75 mg  women need daily, in part
because men need Vitamin C to maintain high semen
quality. But this recommended amount is itself somewhat
controversial because many scientists now advocate higher
daily amounts for optimal health, especially for those of us
who smoke.

What is indisputable is that Vitamin C, also known as
ascorbic acid, is needed to synthesize collagen, the tissue
that forms the “scaffolding” that holds the connective
tissues of your body together.

Without Vitamin C, your skin sags because you cannot
replenish collagen.  

Without Vitamin C, you would also develop a disease called
“scurvy”, the disease which once affected sailors in the
16th and 17th centuries on long voyages and which still
occurs in undeveloped nations. in would develop scurvy,
which causes painful bleeding inside your joints, swollen
gums and shortness of breath.

Vitamin C was perhaps the first “mega-star” vitamin
among scientists. Double Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling,
in fact, touted Vitamin C as a cure-all, for ailments from
stroke to cancer.  That hype, no over-hype created a
backlash of downplaying Vitamin C’s usefulness.  Now,
perhaps the pendulum finally has stopped swinging from
pro to con and back again, and the scientific community
has settled on what is a clearer, dispassionate view of
Vitamin C.  

We have taken a look at the current state of Vitamin C
research and discovered that Vitamin C indeed has some
pretty radical and  
proven benefits for men.  

Vitamin C Lowers Risk of Prostate Cancer

Vitamin C lowers the risk of prostate cancer, several
studies have found. In fact, for every 150 mg of Vitamin C
you have each day, you lower your risk of prostate cancer
by almost 10%, according to a 2015 mega-study from
Dalian University of Technology in China . The scientists
point out, however, that the benefits were only shown
when  Vitamin C was consumed from food, not

How do you get 150 mg of Vitamin C from food? A small
orange has 51 mg; a medium bell pepper (green, red,
orange, yellow) has 95 mg; a kiwi has 64 mg; a single
strawberry has 7.1 mg; an onion has 8.1 mg.

Vitamin C Protects Testosterone from Being Damaged By

Stress damages testosterone production and lowers
testosterone levels, several studies have found.  But
adding Vitamin C to your diet can protect testosterone
levels from stress-related damage, a study has suggested.
This 2008 study, from the Army Medical College,
Rawalpindi, Pakistan, studied the effects of stress on lab
rats. The lab rats were restrained for 6 hours and their
blood sample later taken.

The samples indicated a sharp increase in the stress
hormones , nor-epinephrine, and a sharp decrease in
testosterone levels.

However, those rats that were given a combination of
Vitamin C and alpha tocopherol (Vitamin E) did not
experience the drop in
testosterone levels.

Of course, rats and humans are different, so we will need
more studies before we can rely on this finding.

Vitamin C May Reduce Symptoms of Herpes

Vitamin C helps to reduce the occurrence of lesions from
herpes simplex.  In a 2009 from the Universidad Autonoma
del Estado de Mexico, researchers examined 48 males and
females with active herpes simplex 1 lesions.  

The researchers set out to test the effectiveness of a
combination of pine cone lignin and Vitamin C on herpes
simplex 1. This is the virus that causes cold sores typically
found on the mouth but which also can be transmitted to
your genital area as well.  

Remarkably, the patients who started the treatment of
lignan plus Vitamin c within 48 hours of noticing symptoms
did not develop the herpes lesions.  Even those who
started the treatments after 48 hours saw their lesions
clear up  faster than normal.


Vitamin C also appears to lower the amount of histamine in
your body, and thus can fight seasonal allergies

Vitamin C Lowers Your Risk for Heart Disease

If you are a man with no history of heart disease, drinking
more juice rich in Vitamin C could help to keep you
heart disease in the future.

Vitamin C, even more than fresh fruits and vegetables,
lowers the levels of dysfunction in your arteries and levels
of inflammation that set the stage for heart disease, a
2004 study has found.

That study, led by doctors from Royal Free and University
College Medical School, London  and the Royal Infirmary,
U.K., examined 3,258 men between the ages of 60 and

After measuring the amount of Vitamin C the men
consumed, and the levels of inflammation (measured by C-
reactive protein) and stiffening of the arteries (measured
by tissue plasminogen activator, t-PA), they discovered
that men who had the highest levels of Vitamin C in their
blood had 44% lower risk for heart disease compared to
men who had the lowest amount of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C Improves Sperm Ability to Move and Swim and
Total Sperm Count

Your little fish can’t impregnate a woman if they can’t
swim fast and far, a quality called “sperm motility”.  

Vitamin C helps to improve sperm motility, according to a
2006 study from Dubai Specialized Medical Center &
Research Labs. The study examined 13 infertile men
between the ages of 25 and 35. The men were given  who
took 1000 mg of Vitamin C twice daily for 2 months. At the
end of two weeks, sperm motility had increased by 100%
(from 31.2 to 60.1).

Sperm count also increased after the Vitamin C boost, from
14.3 million to 32.8 million/mL, an increase of 130% in
just 2 months.

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Vitamin C helps to increase sperm
count in infertile men, scientists
have found.
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